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Hello again Hallyuplussers and welcome to another week's worth of News, Releases, Charts and more in this week's In Case You Missed It! As the year prepares to wind down over the next few weeks, the comeback announcements just keep increasing in an ever-increasing last-ditch effort to land that prized end of year festival performance in their hands. We can only hope that our biases will continue to bless us with even more great music and performances during the final few months of 2020, and hope that they will continue to do so in 2021 as well. With that said, let's jump into the article!


#1- It was announced that GOT7 will be making their comeback with "Breath of Love: Last Piece" on November 30th; the group will also be releasing a pre-release on November 23rd! Later on, Super Junior will be making their comeback in December with their 10th studio album The Renaissance. We are looking forward to both of these releases!

#2- Hyeme of rookie girl group BLACK SWAN was accused of scamming a man of 50 million won. According to the victim's formal complaint, he gave the idol a large sum of money after she expressed that her family was going through financial difficulties; he added that she never repaid him for said money and cut him off.

#3- RSVP Entertainment released an official statement stating that OnlyOneOf's Mill will be taking an indefinite break from all activities due to the violation of a group rule. The vague statement leaves a lot of room for speculation, how do you feel about it?

#4- Oricon Style has released the results of the '14th Ideal Face Chosen by Women' ranking; which was an online poll held from October 11th to 14th with 500 female participants ranging from their teens to fifties. Actress Kitagawa Keiko came in first place for the second consecutive year, making it her sixth time total making the Top 10 of the list. In addition, following the birth of her first child in September, she is the only mother to make the list since Matsushima Nanako in 2009! Click the linked thread for the full ranking.

#5- International superstars BTS won four awards at the '2020 MTV Europe Music Awards'; the awards included Best Song, Best Group, Biggest Fans, and Best Virtual Live! We congratulate the group and their fans on the wins!

#6- VICTON's leader Kang Seungsik has officially opened his own Instagram account! Make sure to check out the linked thread so you follow him!

#1- Now music releases, we start with the announcement that TVXQ's Changmin will be releasing a new single though SM Station titled "All That Love" on November 13th! Next month, IZ*ONE will be making their third comeback of the year! It's been shared their album is in its final stages of completion. We are looking forward to these future releases!

#2- Following the accusation that BLACK SWAN's Hyeme scammed a man of thousands of dollars, the idol has officially left her group. According to the group's company DR Music, Hyeme had always planned to leave the group following the promotion of their debut track, and they will be taking legal action against the accuser. It's also been revealed by Sukan Bunshun that Yamashita Tomoshisa left Jonny's Office at the end of October; he was originally set to stay with the company until March of 2021 but due to a movie opportunity he departed earlier. How do you feel about both departures?

#3- Unfortunately, JYP confirmed that Twice's Jihyo and Kang Daniel have broken up after a year due to busy schedules. Are you sad to hear this news?

#4- Sadly, GFRIEND's Eunha will be taking a three-day rest from group activities after being diagnosed with an inflamed cornea. We hope she rests well and has a speedy recovery!

#5- In celebration of her 20th anniversary BoA released a special music documentary titled "202020 BoA" on November 12th; the documentary is currently available on V LIVE's Beyond LIVE and SMTOWN's YouTube channel! Have you watched her documentary yet?

#6- It has been confirmed that Gong Yoo will be appearing on TVN's 'You Quiz on the Block'; however, the official date of the broadcast has not been released. Are you looking forward to his appearance?

#7- Boy group CIX will be holding their first concert "Rebel" on December 12th and 13th; it will be held in person but socially distanced. Continuing the theme of concerts, Big Hit Labels will be holding a joint '2021 New Years' Eve Live presented by Weverse' on December 31st; it's been confirmed that NU'EST and rookie boy group ENHYPEN will be in attendance! Will you be attending either event?

#1- Now some exciting news for EXO-L everywhere, Kai will be making his long-awaited solo debut on November 30th with an album, containing 6 songs! Adding to the excitement, VICTON will be coming back with their first full album titled VOICE: The Future is Now on December 1st! We are looking forward to listening to some amazing music!

#2- Unfortunately, BOL4's Ahn Jiyoung had to halt activities due to anxiety and poor health. According to an official statement from her company Shofar Music, the artist has been receiving treatment but sadly her symptoms have intensified recently making it harder to continue promotions. We wish her a healthy and safe recovery.

#3- Seventeen will not be taking part in Big Hit Labels New Years' Eve concert due to schedule conflict. We are extremely sad to hear this news but are looking forward to what they could have in store in its place.

#4- As for the world of television, WEi's Kim Yohan is confirmed to play the male lead in KBS' upcoming drama "School 2021"; it was originally scheduled for 2020 but was pushed back due to difficulties. GOT7's Jackson, Jinyoung, BamBam, and Yugyeom were reported to have recorded for KBS2's 'Idol on Quiz'; this particular episode will be the first without MC Jung Hyung Don. We can not wait to watch both shows!

#5- Huh Chanmi has opened three official Chinese SNS accounts, which include the platforms Weibo, Bilibili, and Xiaohongshu! Check out the linked thread for her new accounts and make sure to follow her!

#1- Thursday began with some great news! It was announced that DIA will be making their comeback this upcoming January and will include the participation of Chaeyeon, who recently sat out from their previous release. Meanwhile, we learned that Oh My Girl's YooA & (G)I-DLE's Miyeon will be joining the OST lineup for the tvN drama, "Tale of the Nine-Tailed", while EVERGLOW has revealed that they'll be releasing their 1st OST for the MBC drama, "The Spies Who Loved Me". We can't wait!

#2- 8D Entertainment, home to OnlyOneOf has announced that they have changed their name from RSVP to 8D Entertainment and that they will be working with 8D Creative & Jaden Jeong on a "subscription-based girl group" set to debut next year which will include joint-ventures between Japan & China.

#3- This week Dalcomsoft announced that they had finished development and were preparing to launch SuperStarFNC soon. The game will feature music by all FNC acts.

#4- The Kpop fandom platform 'UNIVERSE' welcomed two new acts to its platform this week! IZ*ONE announced on Thursday that they had joined, whereas MONSTA X joined the following day. Will you be signing up for this fun new platform?

#5- Great news for fans of SECRET NUMBER! The group recently opened its brand new TikTok account earlier this week. Make sure to follow them today so you don't miss out on a single video!

#6-The 2020 SBS Entertainment Awards have announced the MC's for their upcoming ceremony. It has been revealed that ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo will be joining Shin Dongyup to host the awards show. Will you be tuning in to see them live?

#7-Yongin, Gyeonggi Province has announced that they have appointed BtoB's Seo Eunkwang as their newest goodwill ambassador. We congratulate him on this new and exciting opportunity!

#8- Sadly, MAMAMOO's Wheein missed out on some of the groups' schedules on Thursday after she was taken to the hospital following pain in her back and neck. We hope she feels better soon.

#9- Thursday also marked the announcement of NMB48's Yokono Sumire's first upcoming photobook, "Anata no Yokono", which is set to be released on the 16th of December. Will you be purchasing a copy?

#1- Jung Yujin, formerly of The Ark has announced that she'll be making her solo comeback on the 16th of November with a brand new mini-album! Meanwhile, just when we thought that we couldn't get any more excited for this month's upcoming releases, Dreamcatcher decided to drop the announcement that they'd be coming back on the 20th of November with a new Japanese single, "No More". We are counting the days!

#2- Some interesting news came to light this week after it was revealed that
LØREN, who recently debuted under Fire Exit Music/THE BLACK LABEL with the single "Empty Trash" was the son of Naver founder Lee Hae-jin. What are your thoughts on this?

#3- New rookie boy group,
WEi has announced that they will be holding their first fan meeting, "2020 WEi ONLINE FAN MEETING [WE:HIGH]" on the 28th of November. Speaking of online concerts, The Boyz will be holding a fan-concert between December 4 – 5 titled, "THE FILM FESTIVAL". The concert will be held both online and offline. Are you as excited as we are that in-person concerts will be returning soon?

#4- SNSD's Yoona wasn't satisfied with one Instagram account that she's decided to make a second one! This account will act as her professional studio account that will update fans on her upcoming works and schedules, as well as promote the projects that the idol-actress will be participating in. We can't wait!

#5- We have a slew of news in the variety circuit! Weeekly's Jihan & LOONA's Olivia Hye begin our news when they were the first guests for the 1theK "
Blind Date" series on Friday. Later, we learned that Boa will be releasing a new reality show on Naver TV in celebration of the artist's 20th Anniversary since debut. we just know it'll be great!

#6- The 2020 KBS Gayo Daechukje has sadly
announced that its 2020 festival will be held without an audience on the 18th of December. The SBS Gayo Daejeon also announced that they would be holding their ceremony in Daegu on Christmas Day. Meanwhile, the KAMP "Dear Tomorrow" online concert has announced its full line-up! Those attending will include acts such as A.C.E; BVNDIT; MOMOLAND; Ghost9; AleXa & more. Will you be tuning in to see any of these concerts?

#7- Oricon has announced their 2020 "
12th ideal faces chosen by men" ranking for another year, Takenouchi Yukata took the top spot, while Sato Takeru, Tamaki Hiroshi & Dean Fujioka rounded out the top four. What do you think? Are Japanese men's tastes up to your standards?

Arashi has announced that they will be holding a live stream concert on New Year's Eve. Meanwhile, it has been shared that Johnnys & Associates is considering cancelling the Johnny's Countdown event this year. What are your thoughts on this?

#9- Former Dempagumi.inc member,
Mogami Moga has announced that she is pregnant but has revealed that she has no plans to get married.

#1- Some surprising news this weekend, it was announced that Minzy will be debuting in the Philippines later this month with a Tagalog version of her single, "Lovely", she has also signed with the Filipino management company, VIVA, in preparation for her upcoming release. Meanwhile, Nogizaka46 has announced that they will be releasing their 26th single in late January. We can't wait!

The Boyz have become the latest Kpop group to be joining the "UNIVERSE" after they announced that they had joined the social media platform on Saturday. Kang Daniel also joined the platform the following day. Have your bias groups joined this popular SNS platform yet?

#3- A brand new survival show is gearing up to premiere soon! PSY & J.Y Park have invited contestants to audition for their latest collaboration survival show, "
Loud". Also, BigHit has announced that they will be holding a teen Hip-Hop competition, "HIT IT 8 HIP HOP COMPETITION".

#1- SNH48's Team SII has a brand new captain, and it is none other than everyone's favourite tiny person Duan Yixuan! Do you think DDD will be a great captain for the group going forward?

#2- We welcomed SHINee's Minho back from the Marines on Sunday following his discharge from mandatory military service. We also welcomed back
INFINITE's Dongwoo later in the day. We welcome them back with open arms!

#3- The November girl group member brand rankings were released this week! BLACKPINK's Jennie took the top spot for November with MAMAMOO's Hwasa & BLACKPINK's Lisa rounding out the top three positions. Did your bias manage to rank this month?

#4- It was announced that ATEEZ's Mingi is taking a break from the group to recover from his anxiety. We hope to see him again soon.

#4- Akira Kubodera, known for acting in the love action editions of Sailor Moon & Kamen Rider has
died from currently unknown causes. We hope he rests in peace and that his family & friends have the support they need during this time.


GFRIEND is back after four months with "MAGO" from their third full album 回:Walpurgis Night, thus bringing an end to the magic "回" trilogy. The group continues with the retro sound found in July's "Apple", but has decided to amp it up a couple of notches; this time focusing on crafting the perfect disco track. We are led into the song with an addictive synth, that soon gains more instrumentation including subtle hints of stunted guitar and a deep thumping beat that creates driving energy throughout the song. The chorus comes in two equally addictive parts, first with powerful vocals proclaiming 'my life is waiting for you' and 'my heart is beating for you' followed by the catchy repetition of 'mago'. This is when the euphoric disco instrumentational is put on full display, making it the highlight of the song. Overall "MAGO" is a fun song that you'll be replaying for days. The song's carefree nature perfectly suits its lyrics, as the girls sing about no longer caring what others think; letting go for a night of fun and dancing (even adding a reference to a witch's broom is a running theme throughout the trilogy). In addition, the music video adds to the disco vibe with the presence of a giant disco ball and the clothing/styles of the time. As for the album, the retro theme is not present throughout it but it is diverse with many enjoyable songs; some personal favorites are "GRWM" and "Better Me"!

Highly anticipated girl group STAYC made their debut with "SO BAD" from their single album Star To A Youth Culture. The group jumps on the retro trend with their spunky twist, taking vocals with attitude and layering them over a groovy '80s synth. We can hear hitmaker duo Black Eyed Pilseung's influence and signature sound all over the track, from the extremely catchy chorus to the bubbly instrumental openers. The verses utilize the member's unique vocal tones to create distinctive sections create momentum until we hit the chorus. The chorus somehow adds more energy to the already fast pace song, by adding an upbeat and rapid synth. This paired with the members' emotive vocals expressing how badly they want someone, creates a fun and catchy chorus. "SO BAD" is a song that never slows down and maintains its addictive energy from beginning to end; mostly in part thanks to its driving electronic instrumental and compelling vocals. As for the other single from the album titled "Like This", it takes on a more laid-back and deep house sound; relying on a heavy bassline and a chorus that's just as catchy as "SO BAD"s. Both tracks are absolute earworm and make a great start to what we hope will be an otherworldly discography!

Sakurazaka46 has officially released their debut single titled “Nobody’s Fault”, following their rebranding from previous name Keyakizaka46. This particular track was partially released on October 13th marking their debut, but we’ve now been blessed with a full audio and music video! The newly debuted group continues with their signature dark and powerful sound in this new release despite major changes. We open with intense and lively clapping-like percussion, which sets the mood for the rest of the song. “Nobody’s Fault” incorporates many instruments that drive the song’s commanding nature, such as strong and in your face brass and spirited acoustic guitar. The lyrics are heavy-hitting, saying that one shouldn't shift blame onto others when it falls on themselves instead; it also shares that if you want something to change you should be the one to make it, don't wait on someone else to. "Nobody's Fault" is the perfect start to the group's rebirth, and we can not wait for what else is in store for them.

Taemin has returned once again with a fantastic banger! This time with the release of his third album, Never Gonna Dance Again: Act II and its accompanying title track, "IDEA". In this track, Taemin continues with his hard-hitting orchestral theme and proves to us yet again, that when it comes to male soloists in Kpop, Taemin is one of the best! Interestingly, the killing part of "IDEA" is not even sung by Taemin himself, but by his labelmate Boa --who just recently celebrated her 20th debut anniversary, -- to bring a sense of mystery to the track. We see that Taemin, despite giving up the killing part of the track, makes up for this loss through the performance & the accompanying music video where he gives us a performance that only Taemin is capable of displaying. Giving us an amazing performance, while also blessing us with another great song that showcases all of Taemin's strengths, both as a dancer as well as a vocalist!

Morning Musume '20 has released the single "Evidence of Innocence" ahead of their single album release on December 16th, coming 10 months after their 68th single album in January. They continue with their electronic dance style but with a slightly more refined and subdued sound compared to tracks like "Lovepedia" and "Relationships. No way way". We are brought into the song with a catchy and light synth that is soon swapped out for a darker dubstep-like beat. Fortunately, they return with an even groovier instrumental, steadily building up the song's momentum until we reach the chorus. During the chorus, the instrumental explodes in a variety of electronic sounds, but it is rooted in the members' short and abrupt vocals giving it some melody. These vocals also help to create a memorable and catchy chorus. Later in the song, we are once again met with the darker dubstep beat from earlier during a dance break down; but it is a welcomed surprise that adds some variation to the track. "Evidence of Innocence" is a release that should make you want to get up and dance, so if you're looking for some fun put this track on!

Despite just recently coming back with a new release, TWICE is already back with a Japanese release! "BETTER" is a refreshing EDM-based song that talks about being "BETTER" together than apart and like all other TWICE songs, is addictive right from the start! The song begins with an addictive instrumental loop, later developing into a stunning pre-chorus that just might be more addictive than even the chorus of the track itself! TWICE is often a group that doesn't succeed when it comes to rapping within their tracks, but "BETTER" delivers on this part, where the rap sections don't feel too out of place and compliment the composition of the track. All in all, "BETTER" is a great addition to TWICE's Japanese discography & will keep you coming back for more TWICE in the future!


#1- GFriend's newest title track 'MAGO' debuted at #1 on Bugs and #11 on Melon! Don't forget to listen to this bop!

#2- Rookie group STAYC's debut single, 'So Bad' debuted #17 on Bugs and #51 on Genie, and becomes the first female rookie to enter Genie Realtime Chart! They're also the best charting 2020 rookie group on Melon Daily Chart. Congrats on their great debut!

#3- Another week of many Youtube record milestones made for the following hit songs! Blackpink's 'Kill This Love' has surpassed 1.1 billion views, BTS's 'Dope' has surpassed 600 million views, and Stray Kids 'Miroh' has surpassed 100 million views! Congrats to all the groups.

#4- For this year's releases, the following youtube record milestones were made! NCT U's 'Make A Wish (Birthday Song)' has surpassed 100 million views, and Oh My Girl's 'Nonstop' and Jessi's 'Nununana' have both reached 50 million view milestones!

#5- Ateez surpasses 1 million followers on Spotify! Have you had a chance to follow them yet?

#6- Twice surpasses a whopping 2 billion streams on Spotify and becomes the fastest Korean group to do so! Congrats to the ladies for another new record!


The Hallyu+ Dead By Hallyuween event came to a close on Monday. Ultimately, it was Stannie who took the top prize as the overall winner. Congrats! And we hope to see everyone again for our next event!

Shop+ fans, our Shop+ team worked hard again this week to bring even more great items to display alongside your sets. Make sure to purchase them ASAP!

The Translations Team was busy again this week!

Our Japanese Translator, Lurkette brought us three new translations! MOONCHILD's "Escape", ≠ME's "P.I.C" & Iginari Tohoku San's "Love Is Here".


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We are searching for new members for the following teams GFX, Public Relations - Video & Outreach Divisions & Translations.

That brings us to the end of the article for another week. We hope to see you again at the same time next week! If there was anything that piqued your interest be sure to sound off in the comments to let us know!

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PROOFREAD BY @heidzee!
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Thanks again for the update as always. :)

Just one suggestion for future updates. It would be great if the names of the people in the main image were shown below it. I don't usually recognise all the faces, so it would be helpful to learn who they are. Thanks!
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Thanks again for the update as always. :)

Just one suggestion for future updates. It would be great if the names of the people in the main image were shown below it. I don't usually recognise all the faces, so it would be helpful to learn who they are. Thanks!
oh, that's a great suggestion!
I think I'll put them at the bottom of the page under the GFX/Proofreader credits in the future

These were this week's featured artists btw:
- Morita Hikaru (Sakurazaka46)
- Yamashita Tomohisa
- Yuju (GFRIEND)
- Seonghwa (ATEEZ)
- Isa (STAYC)