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Jun 17, 2019
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Hello Hallyuplussers and welcome to this week's (much delayed) edition of In Case You Missed It! Apologies for the delay, I spent the weekend trying (and failing) to get my computer fixed. This week, we saw even more artists announce their intentions to return with new music soon. We also recieved the exciting news that three GFRIEND members, Umji, Eunha & SinB, would be re-debuting in a three-member group together following GFRIEND's recent disbandment. Meanwhile, HYBE's upcoming girl group will reportedly not be including ex-IZ*ONE member, Kim Minju as a part of the group; following her decision to pursue a career as an actress instead. Now let's see that and more in this week's updates!



#1- we begin this week with a slew of new comeback announcements! We'll see the return of Ailee, CN BLUE & DAVICHI this October! Then, ONEUS will be making their return with new new music the following month in November, while Chancellor, MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN, BiS & ZOC Will be returning at a later date. BiS & ZOC will officially be releasing a joint single, 'Katsurei Girl / BEGGiNG' this November. MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN will be returning with a new single, 'KiNO WA MODORANAi" / "KOi NO FURUSUiNGU' along with new uniforms. These new uniforms are stated to be inspired by Bjork. What are your thoughts on their new outfits? Lastly, former IZ*ONE member, Choi Yena has announced that she'll be delaying her solo debut until the first half of 2022. Her company has cited a busy schdeule as the reson for the delays. Yuehua Entertainment has also announced that EVERGLOW will be making another comeback in the second half of 2021, while they also intend to finally let Hyungseop & Euiwoong see the light of day when TEMPEST make their debut later this year. We can't wait!

#2- Now moving on and
WEi has revealed their official colours and fandom logo this week! The group has announced three official colours: Pantone 297C, Pantone 281C & Pantone 7679C. Do you think these colours match the group? Also, what are your thoughts on their new fandom logo?

#3- We also recieved news that South Korean actor,
Yoo Teo had tested positive for Covid-19 following a trip to the United States. We hope he recovers soon. While on the topic of coronavirus, it was later discovered that actor Choi Jinhyuk had officially been caught by authorities for violating the 'level 4 social distancing regulations'. He later apologised for his actions. We hope that everyone, regardless of their level of fame, can abide by covid-19 guidelines to the best of their abilities.

#1- We saw an influx of concert announcements beginning on Tuesday! TWICE will begin thir new tour with a three-day concert at KSPO Dome between December 24 - December 26 in Seoul. Also holding a concert in December will be VERIVERY. Who will be having their very first US Tour, '2021 VERIVERY 1st TOUR IN THE US' from the 5th of December until the 20th of December. Then, Sunmi will be holding an online concert , 'GOOD GIRL GONE MAD' later this month on the 30th of October. While, ONEUS will return to performances when they bring us their 'ONEUS THEATRE' concert, 'BLOOD MOON' the following month in November. WINNER's Kang Seungyoon & Song Mino will also be performing for us at their very own scheduled concerts this November, as YG PALM STAGE has announced that the two group members will be holding solo offline and online concerts in November! WINNER's Mino will be holding his solo performance at Seoul Olympic Park's Olympic Hall on the 19th of November, while Kang Seungyoon will be performing at the same location two days later on the 21st of November. We can't wait! While still on the topic of performances, MBC has officially announced the first line-up for their 'World Is One 2021' charity concert! WEi, LOONA, STAYC, ITZY, STRAY KIDS & more have been added to the line-up. Ayaka Sasaki of Momoiro Clover Z's annual music festival, 'AYAKARNIVAL 2021' has announced its official line-up! Up Up Girls, HKT48, EMPiRE, Ayaka Sasaki & more have been added to the performance list. Which concert are you looking forward to the most?

#2- We also recieved some news related to charity donations this week!
Kim Sejeong helped out the Community Chest of Korea by donating KRW 20 million. Meanwhile, BTS' official UNICEF donations have now officially surpassed KRW 4 billion total! We thank them both for their generousity.

#1- We recieved even more news related to comebacks this Wednesday! Numerous artists will be returning this October! Jessi will drop her upcoming collaboration single with the Street Woman Fighter contestants on the 12 of October, while Rothy, DREAMNOTE, CL & INFINITE's Nam Woohyun will also be coming back! Rothy will return with a new single on the 14th of October, DREAMNOTE will release their 4th single album, 'Dreams Alive' on the 26th, Nam Woohyun will return on the 19th of October with his new release, 'With', while CL will return with her full-length album, 'ALPHA' on the 20th of October. We also recieved comeback announcements for Laboum, WJSN Chocome & BiSH's AYUNi D. Laboum will be making their return for the first time as four members this November, WJSN Chocome will be making their comeback by the end of the year, while AYUNi D will be making her debut as 'Aomushi' with '103号'. We can't wait!

#2- Now, we've also recieved news related to contract negotiations this week! GFRIEND's
Eunha, SinB & Umji had some exciting news to share with us this week! The three have signed a contract with BPM Entertainment and plan to promote as a three-member group. Meanwhile, Huh Gak has officially left Play M Entertainment after 11 years with the company. Then, it was announced that Tomoko Kanazawa will be graduating from Juice=Juice on the 24th of November. We wish them all the best of luck.

#3- Moving onto sponsorships and brand deals.
Im Yoona will be joining Miu Miu as their newest brand ambassador. Meanwhile, 2PM's Junho has been officially selected as the advertising model for Paperbag's 'Minus Shake'. Then, Eunha, SinB & Umji will be making their first public appearance as runwaway models at the 2022 S/S seoul Fashion Week. Congrats!

#4- EXID's
Solji will be joining the staff of Young-in Arts & Science University. The EXID member will be teaching in the Practical Music & Arts Department from the 1st of September.

#5- The Boyz will be heading their very own healing travel reality progam, '
THE BOYZ TIME-OUT' from the 14th of October. While on the topic of THE BOYZ, New & Q have been selected as radio DJ's for KBS Cool FM's 'STATION Z'. Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN will be guesting on the JTBC program, 'Knowing Bros'. Will you be tuning into any of these shows?

#1- 'World of My 17' Season 2 has announced it's lead cast! Choi Yena, Yu Seonho, Weeekly's Jihan & Lee Wonjung will be joining the cast. Meanwhile, Kwon Yuri will be joining the MBC girl group audition program, 'My Teenage Girl', as a homeroom teacher.

#2- Some new social media accounts have been opened this week!
iKON is the newest artist to be joining the SNS platform BLIP, while STAYC will be joining DearU Bubble on the 13th of October. Will you be following any of their new social media accounts?

#3- It's been reported that Kim Minju has turned down HYBE's offer to join their upcoming girl group and will instead be pursuing acting under UrbanWorks Entertainment. We wish her the best of luck!

#1- Our final slew of news related to upcoming releases came on Friday! 2AM will reportedly be releasing a double title track to celebrate their first comeback in over half a decade. Their title track is set to be produced by long-time collaborative producers 'Hitman' Bang Shiyuk & J.Y Park of BigHit & JYP Entertainment respectively. Meanwhile, NCT127 & IU are both preparing to release new music this October. NCT127 will release their repackaged album, 'Favorite' on the 25th of October, while IU will release her newest digital single, 'Strawberry Moon' on the 19th of October. Now moving onto Japanese releases and HKT48 has announced that they will be dropping their second full album this December! While on the topic of HKT48, Yuki Kashiwagi, who is one of the members of their main sister group, AKB48 has announced that she will be creating and producing a new group under WACK. It is understtod that the group will be created via a public popularity election with members to be chosen from each of the current WACK group. The final group is set to release seven singles under the company and will hold a joint-concert, 'Kashiwagi Yuki Nari no WACK EXHiBiTiON AND SELECT 7' where the results of the election will be announced, We can't wait!

#2- It's been announced that SEVENTEEN's Seunkwan & Mingyu will be appearing on the tvN variety, 'Amazing Saturday'. Will you be checking them out on the variety?

#3- Following ZN's recent departure from Laboum, it's been announced that she'll be
promoting under her real name, Jihye for all activities moving forward. We look forward to all of her upcoming activities!

#4- Great news for Wonder Girls
Lim this week! It's been revealed that she and her husband are expecting their first baby together. We congratulate them on their future addition to their family!

#1- ONEWE will be launching a new set of merch very soon! The group will be launching the 'ONEWE Hongdae Let's Play Special Kit' mini block set. This is a special collaboration between 'Rock in Korea' & 'Basraq' for th e'Content Planning & Development in Connection with Hallyu' project. Will you be getting a copy of this set?

#1- The boy group brand reputation rankings was released this week! BTS took the top spot for another week in a row, while NCT & SEVENTEEN helped to round out the top 3! Then later, the girl group reputation rankings was also released! BLACKPINK took the top spot this week, while aespa & Girls Generation placed 2nd & 3rd respectively.

#2- It's been announced that JO1's Kinjo Sukai will be
temporarily halting his activities with the group due to an adjustment disorder. We wish him well & hope to see him soon.



Aespa returned with 'Savage' this week. Which is their first comeback in four months. 'Savage' is everything one would expect from the SM established concept of virtual idols. However, when compared to their previous releases, 'Black Mamba' & 'Next Level', this is a slight decline in the quality one would expect from aespa. The song itself tackles the issues of online harrassment and striking back at your tormenters presented with a 'savage' and cut-throat attitude. However, the composition and overall direction of this single, while conceptually accurate, just feels slightly too over the top and noisy. Nevertheless, I felt like this release was somewhat of a mixed bag. The group stayed true to their initial concept of 'virtual idols' -- seen through the technological emphasis in both the instrumentals and the music video direction -- while also providing a song that put forward a meaningful message. Regardless, we're looking forward to seeing just what aespa bring to the table in their future releases and can't wait to see their performances of the single throughout their promotional period!



#1- aespa's newest title track 'Savage' has reached 50 million views in just two days after its release! Prior to their comeback, their mini album (the same name as the title track) surpassed 400K in pre-orders- congrats to the group and we look forward to seeing their growing achievements!

#2-ITZY's their latest album 'CRAZY IN LOVE' debuted at #11 on this week's Billboard 200! Including 'CRAZY IN LOVE', ITZY has surpassed 1.2 million copies sold on Gaon with all of their albums, and they're now a million seller group- huge congrats!

#3-Gaon's monthly charts were released this week and here are the huge milestones: TWICE have surpassed 6.5 million copies sold on Gaon and 10 million copies sold overall, and NCT 127's 'STICKER' has officially become the best-selling album in SM Entertainment history with over 2.27 million copies sold!

#4-Here are this week's amazing Spotify achievements: BLACKPINK debut song 'Boombayaah' has surpassed 300 million streams, IZ*ONE's debut song 'La Vie en Rose' has surpassed 100 million streams, EVERGLOW's 'Hush' has now surpassed 100 million total streams, and ROSÉ's solo song 'Gone' has surpassed 100 million streams! Huge congrats to all artists!

#5- ENHYPEN have recorded 910,000 pre orders for their upcoming album 'DIMENSION : DILEMMA'! It's twice the number of pre orders from their previous album; we look forward to seeing their ever growing numbers in sales. Anticipate their comeback this coming week!

#6-'Eternal Sunshine' became the fastest music video from ATEEZ to reach 10 million Youtube views (in just 24 hours)! ATEEZ now is the first and only 4th generation boy group that has 4 MV’s surpass 10M+ views in the first 24 hours of release- congrats!

#7- BLACKPINK Lisa's exclusive performance video for 'Money' has surpassed 100 million views on Youtube! Congrats to Lisa and the BLINKs worldwide!




The Content+ Team gave us one update this week!

ARandomFan hosted another user interview! Baymax was the lucky staff member to be interviewed this week! Be sure to check out their interview


The Translations Team updated us with one article translation. Lurkette gave us a translation of a profile piece on music producer & representative director of WACK Watanabe Junnosuke in 2014 (part 1).



Hallyu+ is actively recruiting for staff. If you want to contribute to the forum's growth and join our amazing team, don't hesitate and apply now!
We are searching for new members for the following teams GFX, Translations and SM Team - Press Division.

This brings us to the end of another update. Apologies for the delay, we'll see you again on Sunday for another edition of In Case You Missed It!

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It's time to threaten the computer that it won't get its sweet, sweet electricity next time it pulls a stunt like this :tea2:

Thanks for the updates :heartublob: And Youngjae fits the blue really nicely :poggers:


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Jun 16, 2019
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In kwangya...again.
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Thank you for the updates!!!:heartublob:

I love Savage (the song and the album) so i'm glad aespa is slaying everywhere!!!!:partydogo:

NCT 127 is slaying too, i can't wait for the repackage!!:hehe:


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Thanks for the update!! I recently started watching a few seventeen variety shows so I am happy that they are guesting on knowing bros again.
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