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Hello once again Hallyuplussers! We are back to break down all of this week's news, events, releases and more for this weeks' ICYMI!


#1- Maroo Entertainment has announced that they will be debuting their new 9-member boy group, GHOST9 on the 23rd of September with the album "Pre Episode 1: Door".

#2- It has been announced that Nu'est's
Baekho has become the newest face of the hair care line, THE WOOD. Meanwhile, SNSD's Yoona has gained another endorsement as the new face of the beauty brand Estée Lauder. We congratulate them on these new and exciting opportunities!

D-CRUNCH has announced that they will be promoting as eight for the foreseeable future as it has been revealed that Hyunwoo has injured his back. We wish him a speedy recovery

#4- It has been announced that
Wang Feifei has signed a new contract with Avex China. We look forward to her future activities!

#5- It has been shared that SES
Bada has given birth to her daughter. We congratulate her on the new addition to the family!

#6- UKISS'
Hoon has received an early discharge from the Korean Marine Corps owing to the military's COVID-19 protocols.

#1- It was announced that Weeekly will be making their first comeback since debut this October with a new album! Meanwhile, there were two groups announced to be debuting, Black Eyed Pilseung's new girl group "HIGH-UP" set to debut later in 2020 & Co-ed group "CHECKMATE" announced to debut later this month. We can't wait!

#2- It been announced that
NU'EST joined the WEVERSE platform becoming the 6th group to join the platform and the second PLEDIS group following SEVENTEEN to join. Will you be joining the platform to keep up with the group?

#3- It was confirmed that SNSD's Sunny, YoonA, Yuri & Taeyeon have all
re-signed their contracts with SM Entertainment. We hope to see even more great things from them!

#4- It has been revealed that Oh My Girl's Yooa, Hong Hyun-hee, Soyou & Yubin will be guesting on the TV Chosun program, "
PPONG SCHOOL". Will you be tuning in to see them?

#5- The NETFLIX original series, "
Silent Sea" has announced its cast with Bae Doona, Gong Yoo & Lee Joon set to star in the drama. Will you be adding this to your to-watch list?

#6- The
Melon Music Awards has announced that they will continue ahead with their awards show despite the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. What are your thoughts on this?

#7- It has been announced that
Takamatsu Hitomi will return to =LOVE following a one-year hiatus. We welcome her back with open arms!

#1- IU has announced that she is currently preparing her upcoming full album, which she plans to release before the end of the year. Fantagio Entertainment have announced plans for Weki Meki to make their comeback later this year after the company amicably resolved their lawsuits regarding overall company management. Meanwhile, in J-pop news, Mameshiba no Taigun has announced that they will be releasing their 1st major single, "AAA" along with their title tracks, "Koi no Kakeru ABCDEFG" on the 7th of October. It was also announced that ARASHI's upcoming single, "Whenever You Call", which is set to drop on September 18th will feature lyrics written by Bruno Mars. We can't wait!

fromis_9 have decided to entertain us even more as all the members have created their personal Instagram accounts to share several aspects regarding their daily lives with us this week! Make sure to follow them now!

#3- NETFLIX has announced that they will be releasing a new documentary about
BLACKPINK on the 14th of October. The documentary will be titled "BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky" and will go on to show several aspects of BLACKPINK's pre-debut days to the present day.

#4- SM Entertainment along with Jongno Haneul Education has launched
SM Institute, which is described as "a global arts education institution for K-POP and pop culture talent development". Meanwhile, SS501's Heo Youngsaeng has opened his own agency, YS Company.

#5- It has been revealed that
MU:CON ONLINE 2020 will be held online from September 23rd to 26th and will include performances from over 70 acts. We can't wait!

#6- The former CEO of YG Entertainment,
Yang Hyunsuk has admitted to all accusations of illegal overseas gambling.

BtoB's Minhyuk was discharged from mandatory military service early on the 12th of September due to the impact of COVID-19. We welcome him back and thank him for his service.

Wu Xuanyi was announced as the newest spokesperson for Boitown 冰希黎 Perfume. We congratulate her on this new and exciting opportunity!

#1- It has been confirmed that XUM will be making their debut on the 24th of September. Meanwhile, the virtual idol agency, "hololive" has announced the debut of its English speaking group, "Hololive Myth".

#2- Following the postponement of
Hyuna's upcoming comeback, the artist has updated her fans on her health and apologized for the delay in release. Meanwhile, it was announced that fromis_9's Seoyeon will be sitting out of the groups' upcoming album promotions due to a leg injury. Due to this, the group will temporarily promote as eight. We wish them both a speedy recovery.

SBS Super Concert ON:TACT has announced its concert lineup. AB6IX, ITZY, MAMAMOO & more are set to perform. Will you be tuning in?

#1- It has been announced that Chungha will be releasing a collaboration with Danish singer Christopher on the 23rd of September. Meanwhile, Yoo Seungwoo will be releasing a new single on the 15th of September.

#2- The 2020 ISAC
MC's for the E-Sports competition has been announced! With Hong Jinyoung & SUPER JUNIOR's Shindong set to host! Meanwhile, WayV will be releasing a brand new reality show, "WayVision: A to Z Made By WayV" on the 21st of September through the platform, Seezn. We can't wait!

BLACKPINK have been chosen as the newest endorsement models for PEPSI in the Asia-Pacific region. We congratulate them on this exciting opportunity!

#4- It has been announced that the first military court trial for
Seungri will be taking place on the 16th.

#1- It has been revealed that Yeonwoo, formerly of MOMOLAND, has opened a personal YouTube account. Have you subscribed to her channel yet?

#2- Three former members of
HINAPIA, Gyeongwon, Yaebin & Minkyeung, will be hosting a fan date "HAPPY DAY PARTY" on the 18th of October.

#1- It has been announced that Golden Child will be having a comeback this October. Meanwhile, Niji no Conquistador will be releasing a new single next February.


Taemin has made his long-awaited comeback with the First Act of his full-length album "Never Gonna Dance Again". Following the pre-release single "2 Kids" that the singer released a few weeks ago, the main single of this first act is titled "Criminal", a track that places his charismatic vocal over a pulsing dance beat which feels like an upgraded version of 2017’s "Move". The verses are slinky and atmospheric, but the song is really anchored by the chorus. It is a brilliant melody, spiralling with a hypnotic structure that perfectly complements the layers of synth underneath. It is not a bombastic refrain but grows more forceful and compelling with each repetition. The song's climax is superb, as additional vocal tics and ad-libs forge a playful arrangement and Taemin’s delivery becomes stronger. One of the ways the MV sells the song is through the choreography and the props used. Taemin dances the first minute of the choreography with his hands tied up, singing, “I don’t hate how your words make my feet entangled and dance”. It all comes together to create a thrilling, fully realized comeback that sees Taemin at the top of his game.

AKB48 Team SH is back with another great single, this time with their rendition of AKB48's 2011 hit, "Kaze wa Fuiteriru". AKB48 Team SH was founded following the departure of SNH48 from the AKS associated AKB48 sister group label following a contractual dispute and creative differences. The group has only been around for 2 years at most and thus, has failed to gain much traction as SNH48 still occupies the market that AKB48 was catered towards but hopefully after a few more releases and further individual activities the group may just gain some much-needed popularity. One of the most distinctive differences that the Team SH version has compared to the original Japanese version is that it is a lot airier than the original and has become slightly more muted compared to the rock-inspired instrumental that can be found in the 2011 AKB48 version. The release of "Kaze wa Fuiteiru" serves as the return of the CHUANG2020 AKB48 Team SH members back to the group after serving as contestants for the survival show -- namely Liu Nian, Zhu Ling, Wang Yuduo & Wan Fangzhuo -- and welcomes them back in a fantastic fashion! The music video for "Kaze wa Fuiteiru" is displayed in a way that has become synonymous with Team SH following their previous releases. Gui Chuchu serves as the centre for this release as the group gives their all in their performance as pure white angelic deities that will likely take your breath away from the first frame!

Oh My Girl’s Yooa has made her solo debut with the mini-album "Bon Voyage" and the title track of the same name. Yooa is widely regarded as being a bundle of charisma, with a well-rounded set of skills as a performer. This is a rare K-pop single that takes its time, placing just as much emphasis on silence and space as it does on hooks and drops. The percolating synth that underpins the verses is minimalist yet effective, shining ample spotlight on her vocals. Most of the production drops out for the pre-chorus and we are left hanging in the air for a longer-than-expected segment. This provides a great springboard for "Bon Voyage’s" chant-heavy chorus, which resounds with a robust delivery that makes for a satisfying centerpiece. Overall, YooA struck the perfect balance by including her group’s distinct musical color, while curating an entirely new palette of her own. Everything from the sound to the concept, styling to cinematography is reminiscent of OMG’s infamous fairytale landscape and still, the whole solo debut is also catered towards having Yooa shine with her own talents. The rest of the mini-album is pretty solid as well and flows in a cohesive manner with standout tracks such as "Abracadabra" & "Diver".

Kim Namjoo has become the third member of Apink to officially have a solo debut following the release of her first single album "Bird". The single is co-written by Soyeon of (G)I-DLE and tackles the theme of rebirth, which is showcased both in the lyrics of the song as well as the symbolism in the accompanying music video. Namjoo does well with this track’s moombahton concept as her voice works perfectly here and despite it being performance-oriented, she manages to let her versatility let her shine as she easily switches from a light and airy vibe to a much grittier tone. In the music video, Namjoo wears white in the beginning to represent innocence and a newly born bird. As the video progresses, we get different evolutions of the ‘bird’, which represents the many phases we have in our lifetime. Finally, just before the final chorus kicks in, we see her in her final ‘bird’ form, which is evidently quite elegant and mature, thus representing her ‘rebirth’.

Mamamoo has released a special single “Wanna Be Myself” which is a tie-in with sportswear brand Andar. The song uses disco as a jumping-off point but modernizes the genre with energy more suited to 2020. This includes the kind of hazy synths and this often-heard arrangement is complimented by the inspired addition of strings. This element brings a needed drama to the verses. The high point is definitely the chorus, which pulses on slinky percussion, airy vocals, and descending swoops of disco strings. There is a brightness to this hook that never feels cloying or over-the-top. It’s effortlessly cool in the way that much of Mamamoo’s discography is, but still allows for some personality to poke through. Overall, the song eclipses its standing as an advertisement and comes across as a satisfying Mamamoo track in its own right.

BonBon Girls 303 are back with a fantastic song with an even better hook. After giving us two songs in one with "BONBON GIRLS" the group is finally back with an even better song seeming to have finally found their own in the form of "Ahead of A Super Warning". If there is one thing that WAJIJIWA consistently succeeds at with their female groups it would be fantastic relatable lyrics. As "Ahead of A Super Warning" is no different. It talks of the toxic behaviour of haters on the internet, insulting and demeaning any little misstep that a celebrity might make, which has become a heated topic recently following the recent government crackdown on cyberbullying and labelmates Xiao Zhan's consistent barrage of hate and criticism along with the internet haters and always wanting your top pick to get the #1 spot, which was precisely seen in the survival show that the group was formed under, CHUANG2020. BonBon Girls 303 -- and by extension WJJW -- have been attempting to slowly erode the toxic solo stan behaviour that was seen within their first girl group, Rocket Girls 101 (see Sunnee's fans being on bad terms with essentially every other single fan any member of HJSN) to varied success rates.

Miwa has returned with the full music video for "Daitian" after releasing the short PV a few weeks ago. "Daitian" is an eccentric electronic-rock dominated single that will make you feel like deleting all of your songs on your phone only to replace them with an infinite loop of "Daitian". The music video for "Daitian" is just as colourful and eccentric as the single. It perfectly represents this authors' current feelings of being locked inside indefinitely only to try and attempt to entertain oneself with only LED screens for entertainment. Maybe today's the day that I ditch playing Star Wars on PS4 for the 100th time to create a one-person concert in my bedroom just like she has!

As part of Amoeba Culture’s 15th-anniversary project, "Then to Now", HA:TFELT has released a new single titled "La Luna", a track that embraces a faux-reggae beat tied in with some Latin vibes and gives her plenty of room to channel her charms. It never once strays from its framework, continuously steered by its mid-tempo groove. In the music video, Yeeun runs away from home with her toy bunny, which soon comes to life. The duo then gets into an epic, interstellar romance, driving up into space in a retro convertible before an accident forced Yeeun to flee back to Earth, leaving her lover forever. The song is inoffensively catchy and is definitely one that’s worthy of earning a spot on any slow jams playlist.

"24H" is the title track of Seventeen’s second Japanese mini-album of the same name which was recently released. It follows on the same track as the previously released single "Fallin’ Flower" and uses that track’s energy as a jumping-off point. But "24H" pushes us in even stronger directions and borrows from many of their preferred sounds while managing to tie everything together in a taut, forward-moving package. Its greatest success lies in its ability to shift and grow as it goes on. Rather than circle back to the same elements over and over, "24H" unfolds like a musical story. Opening with an insistent kick and gentle acoustic guitar, the first verse snowballs as more instrumental elements are brought in. From here, the chorus enlists chugging guitar to lend the refrain a great sense of drive. The second verse holds on to some of this rhythm, but it isn’t until we reach the bridge that "24H" reveals its trump card. We move through an aggressive, chanted segment to a brief moment of open space before the chorus returns with even more rhythmic bite.


#1. BTS' "Dynamite" has spent a second week as the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The track garnered 17.5 million U.S. streams and 182,000 downloads sold in the week ending September 3rd. This makes it the first song to have sold over 180,000 downloads in its first two weeks of release since Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling!" in 2016. The group has also surpassed 25 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the highest peak for a Korean act on the streaming platform.

#2. BLACKPINK's "Ice Cream" - their collaboration single with Selena Gomez -
debuted at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This makes it the group's highest-charting song of their career as well as making them the first all-female group to earn three top 40 hits on the chart since Fifth Harmony in 2015/16. They also had two milestone achievements on YouTube as their 2020 music videos "Ice Cream" and "How You Like That" surpassed 200 million and 500 million views on the platform respectively.

#3. SEVENTEEN's 2nd Japanese mini-album "24H" surpassed
450,000 copies in pre-orders prior to its release. The mini-album went on to debut at #1 on the Oricon Daily Chart on its first day selling 193,829 copies, more than doubling the sales of their first mini-album "We Make You" that sold 95,000 copies on its first day. This also took them over the 1 million sales mark in Japan for their Japanese discography (not including DVDs).

#4. There have been plenty of achievements for groups from JYP Entertainment this week. DAY6 had two music videos surpassing 10 million views on YouTube as both "
I Like You" and "What Can I Do" surpassed this milestone. ITZY's latest mini-album "Not Shy" debuted at #3 on the Gaon Monthly Chart for August as it sold 206,280 copies making it by far their highest selling release yet. Their music video for "Wannabe" also surpassed the huge milestone of 200 million views on YouTube. Finally, Stray Kids have recorded over 300,000 copies in stock pre-orders for their upcoming 1st full album repackage "IN生".

#5. Dreamcatcher's " Dystopia: Lose Myself" is now the group's highest-selling album as per Gaon after debuting with 86,874 copies on the Monthly Chart for August.

ATEEZ is now a certified Million Seller group on Gaon Album Chart as they sold out a total of 1 Million+ albums. This comes after their latest mini-album "ZERO: Fever Part 1" took them over the line as it reached 347,207 total sales on Gaon.

#7. EXO-SC's "
1 Billion Views" has earned Double Platinum certification from Gaon as it surpassed 500,000 in album sales.

#8. Super Junior-D&E's "
BAD BLOOD" more than doubled the unit's previous first-week sales record (Danger — 71,738 copies) as it sold 166,249 copies in its first week since release.


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