It's Sunday... and it's time for a new ICYMI article! Once more, this week was eventful in the Asian
Entertainment industry, with notable departures, comeback announcements, and some new releases to check out.
We (roseychu and Galaxy) hope you will enjoy!

#1- The day started with some good news for DalShabet's fans, as the group will reunite for the first time in three years for a photo exhibition and a
mini concert on October 5!

#2- Following their release of 'Bomb Bomb', it was reported that KARD would make their comeback at the end of September, which was later confirmed. Anticipating!

#3- BoA also made her fans happy by announcing her next solo concert, "BoA LIVE TOUR 2019 - #mood in Seoul", on October 26 and 27!

#4- After turning her scandal into a public matter, Goo Hye Sun revealed that her entertainment activities are now temporarily suspended. The actress is
preparing to return to college.

#5- Debuting in only 2017, girl group MARMELLO unfortunately announced their disbandment. We hope the best for the each of the members!

#6- We got to learn more about NPIO Entertainment, as they took over JYP's former Youtube channel for actors and posted an introduction video featuring
their new stars

#7- MNET's troubles seem never ending: Police declared that they would investigate all four seasons of the Produce series, to check if votes were manipulated.
We learnt a few days later that an investigation on Idol School would also be conducted.

#1- WM Entertainment announced on Tuesday that Oh My Girl's solo concert "BLACKLABEL" has been postponed. Some members being currently sick and
injured, fans were hoping for a change of plans. We hope the girls will be able to get some rest!

#2- X1 keeps suffering from MNET's rigged votes' controversy,
as the group's contract with Subway has been cancelled. A CF had already been filmed.

#3- Japanese singer and actress Miwa was announced to have gotten married to Olympic swimmer Kosuge Hagino! She is also expecting her first child this
. Congratulations to the couple!

#- Big Hit and Source Music are still working together to create a new girl group, and gave more details: their debut is planned for 2021, and the companies
will hold global auditions in 16 cities to find the future members!

G.Soul has been discharged from the military! The singer had enlisted in December 2017 and served as an active soldier for 21 months.

#3- Akdong Musician's comeback is around the corner! The siblings are getting ready to release new songs in late September. It will be their first comeback
since Chanhyuk's release from the army.

#4- Kara's former member Goo Hara has decided to put the past behind her and
will release her new Japanese single, "Midnight Queen", on November 13.

#5- AB6IX also announced good news: after completing their first fan-meeting tour,
the members will prepare for a comeback, which is planned for October!

#1- On F(x)'s 10th anniversary, SM Entertainment let everyone know that both Luna and Amber's contracts had expired, confirming the announcement Amber
had posted on her SNS accounts on Sunday. They added that Krystal is still
under contract for a little while, and that Victoria is under discussions for a renewal.

#2 However, SM forgot to take something important into account: earlier on that day,
Victoria had already said goodbye to the company and thanked her fans
in a heartfelt Weibo post
, encouraging them to continue to "walk with her". Her studio confirmed that her contract had expired.

We wonder what the future holds for these ladies!

#3- Longtime member of Johnny's, actor and Kanjani8's Nishikido Ryo told everyone
he would be resigning from the company at the end of the month,
stating he wanted to "re-think what his presentation of entertainment is." We hope the best for whatever he decides for the future!

#4- Produce X 101 contestant Kim Sunghyun is
said to have left his group IN2IT. In an Instagram statement, he shared his personal and financial struggles,
stating that his company MMO had not paid them for any activities and requested a heavy sum for his termination of contract. MMO later responded.

#1- After her not-so-shocking departure from SM Entertainment, Amber signed with Steel Wool Entertainment and her first album is already in the works!
She will apparently focus on activities in the US. We're looking forward to this!

#2- Some sad but potentially happy news, it was reported that
I.O.I's comeback would be delayed to December in order to complete the album. The bright side
is that the possibility of seeing Yeonjung and Somi join became higher!

#3- Big Hit Entertainment shared an update on TXT,
letting us know that most of the members have healed from conjunctivitis, even though Yeonjun was
not able to participate in The 29th Tokyo Girls Collection on September 7th. However, they are on track for their October comeback! Get well Yeonjun!

#4- GFriend will release their first Japanese full album "Fallin' Light" on November 13! Its limited edition will contain ten songs, including four new ones,
and a bonus track.

#5- Another group is preparing for a Japanese release: Twice will drop their second Japanese album "&Twice" on November 20. The title track is called
"Fake & True"!

#6- MLD Entertainment came forward and
denied MOMOLAND JooE's dating rumors, after pictures of the girl linking arms with a boy appeared on the internet.
The two have apparently been friends for more than a decade.

#7- To end the day on a sad note,
iMe KOREA announced Habin and Hanbyeol's departure from DreamNote. The former will seek treatment for her ankle,
and the latter decided to leave the entertainment industry. We wish the both of them good luck in their future endeavours!

#1- Rapper NO:EL (Jang Yongjoon) is in trouble: it was reported that he caused a minor accident at 1AM, as he was driving under the influence of alcohol.
He lost his driver's license and Police will call him for further investigation.

B.A.P's Daehyun announced the name of his solo fandom, "IY", which expresses his love for his fans, whom he considers "precious" and "irreplaceable".
He also revealed that he's currently preparing for the release of a new album!

#1 - Rookie group CIX is preparing for a debut in Japan! The boys will release their first Japanese EP "HELLO Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger" on October 23!

Three months after the release of their digital single "Me", CLC came back on Friday with "Devil"! The girls go back to their roots with this new song that
instantly reminded many fans of "Pepe", their very first title track. "Devil" smoothly showcases the girls' strong vocals and comes with a colorful music video
that you can watch below!

It's showtime... again! If you are a fan of the Produce series, then you can rejoice and look forward to the Japanese version of the show, which will be
broadcastvery soon. The theme song for this season, "It's Coming", is everything you can expect from a "Produce" track: it is catchy, cheerful, full of EDM and
made for the trainees to show their talent in both singing and dancing. Will you find a favourite among the 101 trainees performing on stage?

In celebration of her debut single "Escape," Suzuki Airi goes in a completely different direction and shows us her rock side in this "Identity." The music
video is a mix of a rock performance and animation that takes you on a journey of a girl who seeks her own identity...or perhaps a lover? Watch and decide
for yourself!

If you are a fan of dramas, you might have heard of "Strangers From Hell", OCN's new dark and disturbing masterpiece. For its OST, "Strangers", the members
of The Rose decided to stick to the drama's atmosphere as much as possible - and the result is so impressive that it made many fans wish for the group to keep
this concept for their next comeback!

The members of Mamamoo are known for their amazing singing abilities, and they leave their audience in awe everytime they drop a new release.
Wheein's latest solo song "Goodbye" isn't the exception to the rule, and the powerful ballad reached the top of Melon's Daily Charts pretty quickly.
It is time to let her bless your ears by clicking on the video below!

Admins announced that many new media sites were added for support, including the highly requested gfycat!
The founders' team also chose
Nara to be our user of the month for September, to thank her for her amazing contribution to the forum!

Awards Team is still adding new badges to the forum's system - here are all the ones that became available this week!
As usual,
you can request your badges here (don't forget to read the instructions in the OP)!

Events' Plus Pals event continues! Game Night 2, which was held by roseychu early on Monday, was as successful as the first one!
On Saturday, Riri hosted a fun
Scavenger Hunt to make you rescue the poor Pals that got lost around the forum!
Earlier today, it was Lavender's turn to make you
solve puzzles to find our Pals again!

Here are all items that were added to the shop earlier this week! You can purchase them here!

Our new recruit Idol Killer wrote a review of the Korean Movie "After My Death", that you can read here!

Here are the new lyrics available on Hallyu+, brought to you by our hard-working translator pullava!
- Everglow's "You Don't Know Me"
- GWSN's "Total Eclipse (Black Out)"
- Red Velvet's "Love Is The Way"

Hallyu+ is actively recruiting for staff. If you want to contribute to the forum's growth and join our amazing team, don't hesitate and apply now!
We are searching for new
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We will see you next week! ;)

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Once again, thanks for this Galaxy and rosey, I really appreciate these!
Your ICYMI from last week actually helped me with one of the questions for Scavenger Hunts ajfhdasf

so happy this made it on the list

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Thank you for compiling this, Gal and Rosey :peepopbirthday:

I usually miss out on a few things, given my timezone, so this is really helpful!
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