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Hello everyone, and thank you for clicking on this new ICYMI article! Once more, the week was really busy, and our
team worked hard to be able to update you on all news, charts results, new releases and forum updates before
Monday starts! It's time for me (Galaxy) to stop chitchatting and for you to start reading. We hope you will enjoy!


#1- We start off the week with a few October group announcements. First, NU'EST has announced their comeback date - they will be releasing music
on October 21st
. The very next day,
JYP's Day6 will also be gracing us with something new! Monday kept on giving with the addition of Stray Kids to the
lineup for October
, with a new digital single titled "Double Knot". Last but certainly not least, rising FNC band N.Flying will drop their title track,
'Good Bam', along with their 6th mini-album "YAHO" on October 15th! Which comeback are you most excited about? We're anticipating all of them!

#2- A now-shaved
Lee Hongki was shown heading to the military recruitment center to begin his mandatory service! We wish him safety during his
enlistment period!

Ong Seungwoo has reportedly joined the cast of new musical movie "Life is Beautiful"! We are very happy to see his acting career bloom and we
cannot wait to see the future movie.

#4- Brother and sister musical duo
AKMU's busking event was estimated to have had 30,000 attendees! The two have, once again, proved their massive
popularity and we are extremely proud of them!

NCT Dream will be holding their first solo concert on November 16th-17th! The event will be held at Jangchung arena. We congratulate the boys and
are looking forward to their performances!

#1- UP10TION and Produce X's Lee Jinhyuk has announced his solo debut date, which is scheduled for November 4th! Speaking of solo debuts, Produce48's
Alex Christine will also be making hers
! She has decided to release music under the name 'AleXa'.

Paul Kim's 2nd full album titled "Heart One Part 1" will be released on October 7th! Are you ready for another masterpiece from the solo artist?

T-ARA's Jiyeon is preparing music for this late November! The idol stated that T-ARA unfortunately cannot make a comeback at the moment,
but we are very much looking forward to her solo songs!

#4- Oh My Girl will be releasing their 3rd Japanese album "Eternally" on January 8th of 2020! The group is truly on their game in announcing the album,
which will contain four original Japanese songs, 3 months early!

#5- Ano from the Japanese group "You'll Melt More" has withdrawn from the group. Unfortunately, this statement means that the group's future activities are
uncertain. We wish the best to all the members.

#6- Kimura Takuya announced through his radio show "Kimura Takuya Flow supported by GYAO" that
he will be starting his solo activities by releasing
his first solo album, "Go With The Flow", on January 8th! What kind of sound do you think he will go for?

#7- Idols never fail to amaze us:
Got7's BamBam has donated 100,000 Baht to the children caught in the floods at Ubon Province, in Thailand. We are
very proud and happy to see his great act of kindness!

BTS has appointed as the global model of brand FILA! Since the scope of the contract is global, we expect to see them not only in South Korea
but also in Europe, America and the rest of Asia! We congratulate them on such a partnership.

#9- Investigations on Produce X 101's rigging scandal continue. On Tuesday afternoon, it was announced that the police had conducted a search and seizure on
several of X1 members' companies
. After this, the police reported that they had found circumstantial evidence that PDX's final ranking was indeed rigged.
They went further and stated that votes were taken from eliminated trainees and were given to three members within the final lineup. To finish off the day,
MBK Entertainment confirmed the search and seizure was conducted at their office. Many One-It and Produce X fans are conflicted over the breaking news.
How do you feel about this situation?

#10- B.A.P's Jung Daehyun has been cast in the musical, "Grease"! It will be running from November 26, 2019 - February 2, 2020 at the D-Cube
Arts Center. Everyone has plenty of time to book their trip in order to see the idol live!

#11- JYP Entertainment has started auditions for their new boy group! They are looking for trainees born from 1995 to the startling year of
2008! Hallyuplusers, will you be trying out?

#12- Former KARA member Park Gyuri is dating Song Ja Ho! He is the eldest grandson of Dongwon Construction's Chairman Song Seung Heon. We
congratulate the new couple and wish them well!

#13- Famous Japanese actor and Singer Nishikido Ryo has opened an official Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube Channel! Fans must be very happy to
have a sudden influx of content. We can't wait to see what else is in store for the accounts.

#1- Even more October releases were announced on Wednesday. Starting off, TXT will be making their long anticipated comeback this October 21st!
As if this announcement wasn't already good enough, they will release a full album titled "MAGIC"! Within the same week, Monsta X will be joining them
with their 7th mini-album titled 'FOLLOW: FIND YOU' - it will drop on October 28th! Both fandoms must be beyond excited and so are we!

#2- Two SNSD members are currently preparing to release new songs: Taeyeon has announced her comeback for mid-October, and Tiffany's new single,
"Run For Your Life", will be out on October 11th
! Sones, are you shaking with anticipation just like us?

#3- The Boyz will be making their Japanese debut on November 6th! They will be releasing a mini-album containing 6 songs along with the title
track "Tattoo"!

#4- 2019 is definitely very busy for EXO's Kai and Baekhyun. During SuperM's press conference, Kai confirmed that EXO plans to drop new music during
the year
! This comeback has been highly anticipated by fans and non-fans alike. We cannot wait for the release!

#5- YG Entertainment's new hip-hop variety show "My Major is Hip-Hop" has finished filming. The show includes the artists Paloalto, WINNER's Mino,
Coogie, Zion.T, and Okasian. The company is currently discussing with broadcasting networks. Will you be watching the show?

#6- Now for some sad news, Seventeen's Mingyu and actress Shin Eunsoo will reportedly be leaving their "SBS-Inkigayo" MC roles after this week. We are very
upset to see them go but we are looking forward to the new MCs. The idols filling the roles are NCT's Jaehyun, April's Naeun, and Monsta X's Minhyuk!

#1- Legendary rap pair Dynamic Duo will be making joining the fray in October! This month will continue to bless us with amazing releases back to back.

#2- Kang Daniel continues to flourish as he is now the new face/muse of Calvin Klein Jeans! He attended an event for the company on October 5th
in his hometown, Busan! We are looking forward to the future of this new partnership.

#1- Soloist Ha Sungwoon announced that he would be releasing a new song, "Dream of a Dream" - and it dropped on Saturday! It is produced
by Yoon Sang and is a part of the music project "Fever Music 2019". Have you listened to it yet?

#2- Under19's group 1THE9 will be making their comeback on October 17th with their 2nd official mini-album titled "Blah Blah"! We are looking forward
to what they will be releasing!

#3- You can now follow
Brown Eyed Girls on Instagram! The girls will be releasing new songs later this fall and are getting ready to share future teasers
on the platform! Instagram also welcomed another famous user on Friday, as Gugudan's Sejeong also created her own account.

#4- Actress Soo Hyun (Claudia Kim) is reportedly getting married to Matthew Shampine (Cha Min Guen), who is the general manager of WeWork Korea!
The two plan on marrying in mid-December. We congratulate the beautiful couple!

#5- Boy group Seven O' Clock has added 2 new members and will now be promoting as a five-member group! Louie and Eunkyeol will be joining
Hangyeom, TaeYoung and Andy to prepare new music that has been announced for later this fall!

#6- Former B.A.P member Zelo has terminated his contract with A Entertainment. The idol announced his time working under the company has come
to an end through a post on his Instagram account. We wish him all the best with his future endeavors!

#1- We start off the day with a celebration, as SF9 have reached their third anniversary! Fantasy, what are some of your favorite moments during
these three amazing years?

#2- Four year-old group VAV (they debuted in October 2015)
is the latest addition to the growing list of comebacks this month! Pentagon's Hui is said
to have produced one of their songs. Let's anticipate the release!

#3- Following f(x)'s disbandment last month, we've got some exciting news about Krystal!
She will soon make her acting debut in the film "Sweet and Sour"
directed by Lee Gye Byeok, who was an assistant director of the film "Old Boy". Looks like she will be quite busy later this year!

#4- Three years after the release of his last songs, singer-songwriter Yamazaki Masayoshi
is set to drop his newest studio album "Quarter Note" in
! In preparation, a movie PV of his song "Kagefumi" was uploaded on the 3rd! Be sure to check it out.

#5- Great news for Dal Shabet fans: the six members of the group reunited and performed
at their photo exhibition "Be Ambitious"!
Do you foresee a comeback with all six members in the future?

#6- Last but not least, WINNER
will be encouraging travel to Korea this fall, as appointed by South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism!
Will you be traveling to/in Korea anytime soon?

#1- Lee Ahreum, formerly of T-ara, has announced her pregnancy and upcoming due date to be of May next year! She was originally going to get
married in February but has since moved her wedding day to the 20th of this month. Congratulations on all fronts, Ahreum!


The "Avengers of Kpop", as described by SM Entertainment, have finally made their long-awaited debut with "Jopping" on Friday! The anticipation for this
release was huge and we were certainly not let down! SuperM put SM's finest vocalists, rappers, dancers and visuals in one group, and "Jopping"
perfectly showcased each member's talents. An ear-worm chorus, powerful rapping, breathtaking vocals and alluring dance moves are only a part of
what you can expect with this release, so make sure you check it out!

Rainbow Bridge World's promising rookies came back in a somewhat different suit than we are used to! After "Valkyrie" and "Twillight", ONEUS succeeded
in winning our hearts with "
Lit", which dropped on Tuesday. The group struck our attention with traditional Korean instruments playing in the background,
and a music video and lyrics paying respect to the beauty of Korean culture, traditional looks, clothes and music sound. See for yourself how ONEUS did it!

After his successful solo debut that filled Korean charts for weeks, EXO's lead vocalist started off our week with his first solo comeback and lead single
Shall We?". In this heartfelt ballad, Chen touched our hearts with his mesmerizing voice accompanied by soothening piano instrumentals and a simplistic,
yet beautiful music video. Check out this release and let Chen take you down the love road!

Solo singer Lucia came back on Wednesday with a full album and its title track "Wuthering Heights". The artist stayed true to her distinctive, heartbreaking,
ballad-style with this release. She even managed to bring tears to our eyes with her powerful voice, which forever impresses us. Let "Wuthering Heights"
bring you on a rollercoaster of emotions!

After their debut in early May, the 7th unit of Japanese boy group Exile, Ballistik Boyz, came back with their new single "44 raiders" on Tuesday!
While their debut song showed us the group's dance pop side, "44 Raiders" went more on the hip hop route. Check out the release and decide what
side of this rising group you like better - as far as we're concerned, we enjoy both!

After 3 years of waiting, veteran Japanese rock band Spitz is coming back with their 16th album, "Mikke". After such a long break, Spitz made sure to
keep fans entertained with the pre-release track "
Arigatosan". Given the quality of the song, fans have much to anticipate, and we do too!
Get hyped for the album release by giving a listen to "Arigatosan"!

Zico, who parted ways with Block B, released the first part of his studio album "Thinking" on Tuesday. The album is set with two title songs, "Human" and
Daredevil". In "Human", Zico shows off how well rounded of an idol he is, surprising us with his beautiful singing voice - while "Daredevil" is a proof of his
bright and playful side! We enjoyed both songs and encourage you to listen to them!

Rookie group Limesoda is back with their 3rd single "Wave"! This is a special release for the girls, as this is the first time their new member Jangmi gets to
record with them since she joined the group in February of this year. The song is unmistakably true to the girls' "fresh as lime, sweet as soda" image,
which is perfect to lift our spirits up during fall. It's time to get refreshed with Limesoda!

Ahead of their album release on October 14, Super Junior continues to tease fans with pre-releases. This week, they chose to drop a music video for "I Think I",
which mixes Kpop and Latin sounds - a recipe they already tried over the past year and a half with "Lo Siento" and "One More Time". Check out this song
and get prepared for Super Junior's comeback!

Wanna One and Hotshot's vocalist Ha Sungwoon continues his rapid growth and continues to reach for the stars in yet another release this year! "Dream Of A Dream",
which came out on Saturday, proves that the idol is set on establishing his promising solo career and will only settle for the best. He touches the
hearts of his fans with his powerful voice, and we are sure you won't be disappointed when you give this song a listen!


#1 - Two weeks before their official comeback, Super Junior has already sold more than 150,000 copies of their album in pre-orders on Ktown4u!
It is now the 7th highest-selling album on the site.

#2 - IZ*ONE beat their personal record for Billboard Japan Weekly Singles Chart with “Vampire” as they
sold more than 340,000 copies in the first week,
beating their previous record of 320,000 copies for Buenos Aires! The single also landed at
#1 in the Oricon Singles Chart this week, making it their 3rd
consecutive single to do so!
IZ*ONE also
topped Billboard Japan Hot 100! At #2 is Kenshi Yonezu’s “Uma to Shika”, leading downloads for the 7th week, and at #4 is TWICE’s
Korean single “Feel Special”!

#3 - Speaking of TWICE, the girls broke another personal record as "Feel Special" has dethroned "Fancy You" as their
highest-selling Korean album
in Oricon
on the first week!

#4 - Chen's 2nd mini-album
"Dear My Dear" sold more than 66,000 copies on its first day! It was able to outdo his debut album's record by 20,000 copies.
We are proud of his growth as a solo artist in just a few months!

#5 - In just 10 days, Jackson Wang’s first solo digital album “Mirrors” has now sold more than 450k copies in pre-order, making it the 3rd best-selling
album of 2019 just behind Taylor Swift’s "Lover" and BTS’s "Map of the Soul: Persona"!

#6 -
Mnet Music Chart is no longer in service, and has now been bought over by Genie. It has also been removed from iChart.


Administrators made it possible for users to set a cover photo in their profile! Don't forget to choose something that best represents you!

Here are all the awards that were added to the system this week. You can request them here (don't forget to follow the instructions in the OP)!

Events Team Leader, roseychu, hosted two sessions of Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls, where users competed against each other to see who was
the worst best artist and guesser! Baymax dominated both games!

Shop+ staff have now made it possible for you to manage your shop item order! Don't hesitate to ask!
As usual, here is a recap of all the new items you can now find in the
shop! Don't hesitate to visit it anytime!

The Social Media Team worked hard and have published reviews and editorials on a variety of topics!

Nara started the week by sharing her thoughts on AKDONG MUSICIAN's latest album "Sailing"!

On Tuesday, yooamygirls reviewed
RED VELVET's "The Reve Festival Day 1"! Anticipate her opinion on the second part of the trilogy.

Saint Renjun (from Events Team) collaborated with our Press Division for the second time - she wrote an editorial about the future of SUPER M,
which was posted on Friday, a few hours before their debut.

Only a few moments later, ByulHarangBona published the forum's first gaming review! Our League of Legends enthusiast evaluated
chances of winning this year's World Championship

On Saturday, our owner Wonkru shared his review of the manga "
A Town Where You Live (Kimi no Iru Machi)".

Another article dropped on that day, as meltrosz reviewed
TWICE's eight EP "Feel Special".

Last but not least, BlueNose posted an article on
YOGA LIN's latest single "Otomen" a few hours ago!

To celebrate TWICE's comeback, our translator Vivi worked on the lyrics of "Get Loud"!

Hallyu+ is actively recruiting for staff. If you want to contribute to the forum's growth and join our amazing team, don't hesitate and apply now!
We are searching for new Tech Admins, and for video makers for our Press Division.

And... that's it for today! Thank you again for reading. Please drop a comment before you close the tab, as the
team is really anticipating your feedback. We will see you next week!


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Thanks to everyone involved in this :heartublob:
I'm looking forward to all the comebacks that are happening this month.

#11- JYP Entertainment has started auditions for their new boy group! They are looking for trainees born from 1995 to the startling year of
! Hallyuplusers, will you be trying out?
:omgwhat: gosh, I feel so old just reading that...

#4- 2019 is definitely very busy for EXO's Kai and Beakhyun. During SuperM's press conference, Kai confirmed that EXO plans to drop new music during
the year
! This comeback has been highly anticipated by fans and non-fans alike. We cannot wait for the release!
There is a small typo here, other than that everything is good :peepopbirthday:
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Thanks to everyone involved in this :heartublob:
I'm looking forward to all the comebacks that are happening this month.

:omgwhat: gosh, I feel so old just reading that...

There is a small typo here, other than that everything is good :peepopbirthday:
Thank you for pointing it out, it's corrected now ^^
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