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Jun 17, 2019
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Hello Hallyuplussers and welcome to another great edition of In Case You Missed It! This week we saw some fantastic releases! Some of our favourites included new releases from both Golden Child & Day6's Young K. We also received news related to numerous rookie groups planning their first comeback throughout the final weeks of September. Are you keeping an eye out for any of these new groups, while finally, a number of idols have finally begun to recover from Covid-19 after the diseases continued grip, not just on the Korean Entertainment Industry, but also on society as a whole. All of this and more will be covered in this week's wrap-up. Now with that said, let's dive in!



#1- We begin the week yet again with various comeback announcements! Lee Woo, formerly of MADTOWN announced plans to release a new single on the 10th of September. The single has since been released. Did you manage to check it out yet? The following day, AB6IX announced their intentions to release the groups' second official album on the 27th of September. Meanwhile, on the Jpop side of things, TXT will be releasing their very first Japanese EP, 'Chaotic Wonderland' on the 10th of November. We can't wait!

SEVENTEEN has announced that they'll be partnering with the health platform 'Cigna' in order to help people achieve their personal health & fitness goals. This is such an admirable initiative to work towards. Meanwhile, ED LIVE Artist will be collaborating with DREAMCATCHER's SuA & JiU in order to host a choreography class to their latest release, 'BEcause'.

#3- Now onto SNS announcements!
fromis_9 have officially announced the launch of their official weverse account! This makes them the latest artist to join the fandom-centric platform. Will you be keeping up with their updates?

NiziU has gained a new sponsorship this week after it was announced that the group would be the newest brand muses for the cosmetics brand Visée. Congrats! Meanwhile, Song Joongki has been chosen as the brand ambassador for the Indonesian cosmetic brand, Scarlett Whitening. We hope this leads to even more great opportunities for them!

#5- Sadly, there were a few medical-related updates to start off the week as well. Former KARA member,
Heo Youngji was shared to have contracted coronavirus on Monday. Her agency, DSP Media stated that their artist had recently felt unwell and ultimately tested positive for Covid-19. Youngji is currently taking the necessary measures in order to recover and prevent the spread of the virus. We wish her a speedy recovery!

#1- Great news of SHINee's Minho! The idol launched his brand new sports-themed audio show, 'Best Choice' on Naver NOW. The show officially premiered on the 8th of September. Did you catch the first episode yet?

#2- Mnet
has officially set a date for the upcoming 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards. The awards ceremony will be held in South Korea on the 11th of December. It's been speculated that the ceremony will take place at the CJENM Content World in Paju. We can't wait!

#3- For our final piece of news for Tuesday, some congratulations are in order for Japanese voice actor
Miyu Irino. The voice actor has just revealed -- via his management agency -- that he has officially tied the knot! The actor is most renowned for his voice work as Sora in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, as well as his portrayal of Yuichiro Hyakuya (Yuu) in Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign. We congratulate him on his marriage and wish only the best things for him and his new wife!

#1- On Wednesday we learned that CIIPHER would be making their first comeback at the end of September. The following day, two more artists revealed their intentions to come back during the end of September as well. VICTON's Do Hanse will be making his solo debut on the 25th of September, CIIPHER will return on the 28th of September with their new mini-album, 'BLIND', while HOT ISSUE will make their first comeback on the 29h of September with their latest single album, 'ICONS'. Meanwhile, Japanese soloist Ano will be returning on the 15th of September with her new single 'Apathy'. Which release are you most excited to see?

#2- Now moving onto SNS announcements for the latter half of the week and we've learned that both
GHOST9 and former IZ*ONE member Kim Minju will be opening new social media accounts! GHOST9 are the latest artists to be joining UNIVERSE, a fandom content sharing platform. They will officially open their page on the 15th of September. Meanwhile, Kim Minju announced that she would be officially joining the DearU Bubble artist interaction platform. She will officially launch her page on the 13th of September, so make sure to sign up for an account if you want to keep up with all of these artists' future content!

#3- We received various announcements related to ambassadorship and hosting opportunities this week! Firstly,
TXT participated in the 'Ralph Lauren x ZEPETO' event as featured special hosts. Later, Weeekly's Soojin was revealed as the honorary ambassador for the 2021 Busan International Film Festival. Then to cap things off, STAYC will be joining hands with Samantha Tavasa and My Shell as the brand's newest muses. Congrats!

#4- As we move on to the news regarding the contract negotiations of various artists we saw a number of artists part ways with their respective groups or company this week. Former SISTAR member
Soyou has officially left Starship Entertainment after 11 years with the company. SONAMOO has lost three more of their members this week following the departure of Euijin, Newsun & Minjae from TS Entertainment. This brings the groups' member count down to only two. The three departing SONAMOO members reportedly came to an agreement with TS Entertainment to terminate their contracts early. They are expected to sign with new labels and start solo activities. In fact, it was announced that one of the departing members, Hong Euijin, has signed a contract with Mellow Entertainment for her future activities. Meanwhile, Laboum's Yujeong has officially parted ways with the group following the expiration of her contract. While on the topic of the group, it's been shared that they have officially left NHemg/Nega Network and will now be managed by Interpark Music Plus as a 4-member group.

#5- Sadly we also received a few hiatus notices this week too. Ayuni D's band,
PEDRO will be going on an indefinite hiatus. The group has stated that while discussing Ayuni's continued activities with both BiSH & PEDRO they've concluded that it was best to put the group on hold for the time being. Later we sadly learnt that Japanese musician GACKT has had to put his career on hold temporarily in order to focus on treatment for an early-onset neurological disease, which is now said to have progressed into a "life-threatening condition" which has resulted in dysphonia (a disorder of the voice). The artist has plans to pursue treatment so that he can resume activities as soon as possible. We wish him the best throughout his road to recovery.

#1- Sadly, it was announced that ATEEZ's Jongho is currently mourning the recent passing of his grandfather. We wish t=him the best during such a difficult time.

#1- TXT will be holding their very first online concert, 'TOMORROW X TOGETHER LIVE' on the 3rd of October at 5 pm KST. The concert will be broadcast live via weverse, while fans can purchase tickets for the show through the weverse shop, so make sure to purchase tickets as soon as they're available!

#2- Now, we have some happier news to end the week with!
Jang Wonyoung has thankfully recovered from Covid-19 and is officially allowed out of self-quarantine as of Friday. Her agency has stated that she will be taking a break now that she has recovered and following the guidelines of quarantine authorities. We hope she enjoys her short break and look forward to seeing her back to promoting soon!

#1- Following the expiration of his contract, it's been announced that Block B's P.O will be leaving Seven Seasons after seven years with the company. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours!

B.I has officially had a sentence handed down to him in relation to his previous drug charges. It's been announced that the former iKON member has been given a 4-year probation sentence. This will be served through 80 hours of community service, along with a 40-hour drug treatment course. In regards to jail-time, the artist has received a three-year suspended sentence, which means he luckily skips out on imprisonment, but if he re-offends or breaks any of the pre-determined conditions set by the court during his parole period, his sentence may be re-activated and will be at risk of officially serving a prison sentence. What are your thoughts on this sentence, is it too lenient? Or do you think this is an appropriate sentence?

#1- Now for this months' brand reputation rankings! For September's boy group brand reputation rankings we saw BTS reign supreme at number one for another month! STRAY KIDS & NCT rounded out the top three positions for the month, while The Boyz just missed out on making the top three. We wish them luck next month! As for the girl group brand reputation rankings, BLACKPINK took the top position, followed by SNSD & Red Velvet in 2nd & 3rd place respectively. Did any of your favourite groups manage to rank this month?




Throughout the past week, Golden Child was busy dropping a number of solo releases, 'Singing In The Rain' is one such release. This single features the talents of Bomin & Joochan. The song is a soothing coffeehouse sounding release where the two express their desires to be with the one they love the most, that even on a dreary rainy day they'd want to go outside and get drenched as long as they have their loved ones with them. The two voices pair very well with each other and create a soothing atmosphere to the song.

The music video for 'Singing In The Rain' is particularly interesting, as just like K.Will's 'Please Don't...' it bends the tropes that one would expect to see within a Kpop music video. The music video begins with the pair lounging around inside with what looks to be a love interest that the two are fighting over, only for it to be the exact opposite -- that all of Bomin's affections that were presumed to be for the female lead were actually not for her, but instead focused on Joochan (the blonde). It is only through the director's successful use of diversion and camera angle that they were able to fool us for so long. 'Singing In The Rain' may be similar to 'Please Don't...' in terms of its overall plot structure, but the one thing that differentiates the two is that Golden Child's is far less overt in terms of the two leads relationship together. It's a 'blink and you'll miss it' type of affection, where you'll only notice the other's affection if you pay close attention to the other's eye contact and body language. Overall, 'Singing In The Rain' is a great song and we can't wait to hear even more great music from Golden Child.

A bit of forewarning, despite the fact that we try to remain at least impartial to most releases published in our weekly reviews, this is not one of them. On Friday, BLACKPINK's Lisa dropped her first official solo release. 'LALISA' from the single of the same name. This release has two singles, her lead single, 'LALISA' along with its accompanying B-side, 'MONEY'. This release was... interesting, to say the least. This song, just like a number of BLACKPINK's previous group releases continues its theme of experimentalism, and not in a good way. It's a Trap-dominated release that utilises interesting sound effects while also pairing these beats with distinctly South-East Asian-influenced beats, that boasts about her high self-confidence and feels somewhat reminiscent of their earlier release, "Pretty Savage" in terms of delivery, but fails in terms of memorability.

The best aspect of Lisa's solo debut by far has to be the music video, which displays an over the top budget. Meanwhile, her b-side, 'Money', which was released entirely in English further reiterates why Blackpink shouldn't release English songs. The instrumental in itself is fine, and actually sounds like something that I could find myself enjoying, it's just that the cringe-inducing lyrics fall flat entirely. Overall, I felt that this release was disappointing in comparison to how much attention to detail was put into the marketing of Lisa's first solo release. If there was one thing I'd tell YG it would be for them to invest more into the songwriting and production less into the marketing budget. In order to sell a song, it needs to be decent. Now I just pray that we don't get torn apart in the comments for this review...

Just as Young K prepares to enlist in the military he's shared a parting gift with us in the form of 'Guard You', which is one of my favourite releases from the past week. 'Guard You', which was both written and composed by the Day6 member shows us yet again why his composition talent remains supreme. Despite the fact that 'Guard You' doesn't have an overall catchy hook to take hold of, which often are more of a detriment to pop songs as it more often than not leads to irritation than enjoyment, 'Guard You' still manages to hold its own through the wonderful composition and simplistic, but also cinematic, video to accompany it. All in all, I felt like this was a fantastic solo debut that showcases his strengths as both a producer, as well as a singer. Hopefully, military life doesn't push him too much and we'll see him back and better than ever with the other Day6 members soon!



#1- BLACKPINK has become the #1 artist with the most subscribers on YouTube worldwide with over 65.2 million subscribers! Congrats to the ladies for this grand achievement! In addition, their MV for 'Whistle' has surpassed 700 million views on YouTube!

#2- On a related note, BLACKPINK's Lisa made her solo debut this week, and her title track,
'LALISA' became the fastest video by a soloist to surpass 100 million YouTube views! She made this milestone in just 2 days and broke the record previously set by Psy's 'Gentleman'!

#3- Congratulations to TWICE for their three milestones this week: their MV for
'TT' has reached 600 million views on YouTube, and their iconic tracks 'Fancy' and 'What Is Love' have surpassed 250 million and 200 million streams on Spotify respectively!

#4- Check out this week's YouTube milestones in views: BTS MV for
'Fake Love' has surpassed 1 billion views, Red Velvet's MV for 'Psycho' has surpassed 300 million views, and (G)I-DLE Yuqi's MV for 'Giant' reached 10 million views within 6 months after its release! Congrats to all the artists!

#5- ATEEZ upcoming mini album 'ZERO: FEVER Part.3' has surpassed 810,000 pre-orders! This is more than double the number of pre-orders for their previous album. We're excited to see their tremendous growth in sales!

#6- STAYC has surpassed 100,000 sales on Hanteo for the first time with their 1st mini album: STEREOTYPE! Massive congrats to the monster rookies, and we look forward to seeing their future growth in numbers!




The Events Team is hosting the September Orbs & +Card giveaway! The giveaway will be open until the 29th of September, so make sure to participate soon if you want your name in the running for any of these exciting prizes!


The Content+ Team has brought us another interview this month. This time our users have voted to learn some fun and interesting facts about Frandae! Did you check out their
interview yet?



Hallyu+ is actively recruiting for staff. If you want to contribute to the forum's growth and join our amazing team, don't hesitate and apply now!
We are searching for new members for the following teams Translations and SM Team - Press Division.

This brings us to the end of ICYMI for another week! We hope to see you again next week for more great news and updates. What did you find to be the most memorable feature from the past week? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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