ANNOUNCEMENT Introducing: User Of The Month (August)


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To celebrate members who contribute to our community , we will be picking a rock star member every month. The selected person is someone the staff has chosen who contributes to the community in standout ways, be it by helping other members, answering questions, promoting H+, donating, or anything that makes this person stand out in a positive way.

In the future we might create events or make the selection process more inclusive, but for right now we want to keep this within the staff while we work things out.

Obviously, becoming user of the month comes with some perks as our thanks!

Any of the 3 User Of The Month banners below:

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A special trophy (2,500 points)
10,000 Plus Coins

To start, our first user of the month is actually someone who became part of our staff a short while ago. Please congratulate @B612 who places first in referrals, bringing us 104 members into our community! She is also a donor who helped us when we needed to move servers, and is working in the Awards and Social Media teams. Though she may be currently busy with some things right now, we still wanted to acknowledge her efforts and thank her for believing in H+