ARTICLES Is Twice in danger of disbanding? Will they be able to overcome the “7-Year Curse”?

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Jun 16, 2019
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Is Twice in danger of disbanding? Will they be able to overcome the “7-Year Curse”?


Article: Kimoto
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2021 will be a critical year for Twice.

Since October 2015, Twice has been a group for 6 long years, and it is almost time for the members to consider their contract renewal next year.


In South Korea, the maximum contract length is 7 years. Afterwards, the Fair-Trade Commission requires the contract parties to have the rights to review the contract terms again. These safeguards were implemented since 2009, and they were meant to improve the injustice in the entertainment industry.

Twice’s contract will be due for renewal in 2022. In other words, this year will be the time for the members to discuss whether they should extend their contracts.

The “7-Year Curse” that is feared by most Kpop fans

To a Kpop idol, it is not easy to maintain popularity for more than 7 years. And in the hearts of Kpop fans lie something unsettling – the “7-year curse.”

When the 7-year term limit is up, members won’t always leave the company because of dissatisfaction; some might continue to chase their dreams, and become a solo artist, become an actor, or participate in oversea activities etc.

There are many examples of idol groups who did not renew their contracts, such as Girls Generation, KARA, 2NE1, 4minute, Secret, 2Am, Beast. These groups all waited until the 7th year since their debut to disband.

A recent example is EXID. The group debuted in 2012, and all members ended their contract and announced the group’s disbandment (However, because the Japanese contract is effective for one more year, the group is still contracted to maintain activities in Japan in 2020).


Among groups that were partially dissolved in the 7th year, the group’s popularity is often not as strong as before, even if they are spared from full disbandment. There are many considering factors, for example, many fans might place a lot of emphasis on the overall feel of the group and the interaction among group members. 7 years of hard-working idol experience, and the rise of new generation groups are often contributing factors that lead to partial disbandment. No matter what, it is not easy to overcome the “7-year curse.”


On this note, BTS has been a hot topic since their 2013 debut. In 2018, all members renewed their contracts with management Big Hit Entertainment. At that time, there were still time for the members to reconsider. It is extremely rare for members to renew contracts this quickly, and this is evident of the mutual trust between the artists and the management company.

So, can Twice survive the “7-year curse”? Twice is a group that places a lot of emphasis on the member’s interdependence and trust. Fans are also attracted to this aspect of Twice. Even without conflict, the impact without all 9 members together will be huge, and the possibility is not small either.

This is because as of now, Twice members appear to be completely exhausted.

Since debut, Twice has been consistent with their comeback speed. Also, since debut, many members have existing health issues.


During certain events, the members have revealed their true feelings and how their hearts “felt tired.” In the December 2018 video “Twice TV 2018 Ep.14,” Jeongyeon admitted she was physically drained. Because of the overlap between the release of the Korean mini album and their tour in Japan, everyone has reached their limits….

Members understood the difficulties of their situation, yet they continued to endure it through tears. Members want to help each other, yet they feel sorry because they ran out of the energy to offer help. Even when the members tried to smile in front of their fans, they still can’t hide their pain.

Twice troubled by the actions of sasaeng fans

Twice members were also bothered by other issues, for example the trouble caused by fans’ extreme actions.

On Jan 10, 2019, Chaeyoung’s phone number was leaked by an anonymous person, and she was bothered by many unsolicited calls.

Chaeyoung left a message in the group’s official Instagram; she wrote, “nothing was said, just wish to quietly go away, but right now, I am almost reaching my personal limits.” She sternly explained that her phone numbers were leaked to the public and uploaded online in a disrespectful and heartless manner. Immediately, her phone exploded with calls and messages. Painfully, she expressed, “I shouldn’t have to be burdened with this type of pain.” Many fans felt very sympathetic towards her heartful confession.


Nayeon was especially bothered by the actions of sasaeng fans. There is a German sasaeng fan who believed he is Nayeon’s true love. He has been messaging Nayeon, even leaving Instagram messages for Nayeon’s mom. He would often leave comments like “I will come see you next month.” He claimed that he has been in love with Nayeon for 3 years, and he admitted Nayeon promised to meet him face to face. Many netizens claimed that they have seen this man near JYP headquarters, and sometimes near the members’ dorm.


These painful experiences can’t be inconsequential. Mina had to take a long hiatus in 2019, and Jeongyeon also took a long break in 2020 to recover her mental health. Mina has since returned, but Jeongyeon is still on hiatus.

Of course, Twice is fettered together through various events and activities, and they have received a lot of support from staff and fans. The group won’t be easily separated. What will Twice members decide next?

No matter what, fans can only quietly await their contract negotiations.

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Jun 26, 2019
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Most of them were freaking rich even before debut and now they have their own money, i bet the foreign members miss their familes, no more shit about their singing being bad, they can date whoever without people being in their business, eating whatever and no more aniexty, and the oldest is what 25-26? Id leave so hard.
JYP are gonna have to give them the deal of a lifetime


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Jun 16, 2019
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JYP's decision to make them only "one" as a whole and not letting anyone stand out too much will keep them along for 7 years BUT after that anything could happen

- Because some members probably wants to have their own stuffs
- Because they are rich, famous and have connexions in the industry so don't have to worry about their post-idol career
- Maybe moving on that's all, as they get older and being tired as an idol


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Jun 18, 2019
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I see them renewing next year at least, but after those three years are up who knows. Just wish they'd branch out for subunits, solos and dramas but that doesn't seem like a priority for them, as they said themselves.


May 28, 2021
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TWICE's songs really makes me happy...
I just hope they'll still be "active"😞


i love it when the skies can't sleep
Jun 24, 2019
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i want the members of twice to do what they want and live happily, but of course, i have to admit twice is my favorite girl group and i don't want to say goodbye yet

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