Iwai Shunji director's latest work "Last Letter" released official trailer.


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Matsu Takako as Kishibeno Yuri.
Mori Nana as Fuka (Yuri's daughter) / Young Kishibeno Yuri
Hirose Suzu as Ayumi (Misaki's daughter) / Young Tono Misaki
Fukuyama Masahara as Osotaka Kyoshiro
Kamimi Ryunosuke as young Osotaka Kyoshiro
Air date: January 17, 2020
Plot: Yuri Kishibeno (Takako Matsu) is a housewife. She lives with her husband (Hideaki Anno) and their two children. Yuri Kishibeno then attends her sister Misaki Tono's funeral. There, she meets her niece Ayumi (Suzu Hirose) for the first time in many years. Ayumi is still unable to accept her mother's death and, because of this, she can't open a letter left behind by her mother. Yuri Kishibeno attends her sister's reunion to inform them about her sister's death. A misunderstanding occurs at the reunion and Yuri Kishibeno is mistaken for her late sister Misaki Tono. Yuri Kishibeno meets her first love Kyoshiro Otosaka (Masaharu Fukuyama) who mistakenly believes she is Misaki Tono. Kyoshiro Otosaka is now a novelist. They exchange contact information. One day, Yuri receives a message from Kyoshiro that says "can you believe that I am still in love with you?"