LYRICS [Jacky Cheung] 張學友 - 白自在 | Carefree

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Jun 16, 2019
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張學友 (Jacky Cheung) - 白自在 (Carefree)

林若寧 (Riley Pong)
Composition: 雅禰而 (Amir Masoh)

Translated by: Vanilla Cupcake @

我在 故我在 不為別人感受而存在
失敗 不失敗 比賽不為萬人的喝彩
坦坦白白的胸懷 熙來攘往的人海 我可以置身事外
Wo oh oh Wo oh oh

I am, therefore I am, living without caring for others’ feelings
Failing, not failing, competing not for the crowd’s cheers
An honest and open mind, a crowdy sea of people, I can stay out of it
Wo oh oh Wo oh oh

我的路在我心頭 忘了擁擠的十字路口
樹葉在河流任意漂流 為何還追究 上流下流
放棄了追逐鏡頭 還有什麼事值得回頭
我的影子也不在背後 一無所求 便自在自由

My journey is in my heart, forgetting about the congested crossroads
The leaf is floating carefreely in the river, what’s the point of pursuit, upstream and downstream
Letting go of chasing cameras, is there anything else worth turning back
My shadow is not behind {my} back, {I} expect nothing, then {I will be} free

崇拜 不崇拜 反正名字最後也忘懷
獨往 與獨來 命運按照自己的安排
留下來便留下來 要離開自然離開 帶不走一點塵埃
Wo oh oh Wo oh oh

Idolizing, not idolizing, after in the end the name has been forgotten
Going alone, and coming alone, fate will be determined by myself
If {you} want to stay, then stay, if {you} want to leave, then leave, can’t take away the dust
Wo oh oh Wo oh oh

往後的事留在以後 活在當下的順從自己走
還有追求也不會要求 逃離羊群的 不需要理由
無邊無際 無牽無掛 有何需要任何隱憂

The matters here on after will stay in the future, living in the present and following my own path
Also to chase, but don’t request, escape the bandwagon, no need to reason
No boundaries, carefree, is there a need for any hidden sorrow?
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