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Jun 20, 2019
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Hello everyone and welcome to 2022~ And what better way to kick it off than for me to interview...
That's right! The first interview of 2022 is yours truly!

(We need to learn to read... I said pick Ren... Does my name look like REN to you??)
Without further ado, let's get started~​
  • Introduce yourselves
Hiya! I'm ✧your friendly alien✧ ARandomFan~

  • How did you learn about H+? Why did you join?
I learned about H+ like a lot of people here. OH was ded and the people on the Lurkercrawl discord were coming here so I decide to make an account. Tbh I wasn't really on OH that much. I found it confusing to use and I was scared that H+ would be the same way. I'm glad it's not lol.
  • What is your favorite thing about H+?
I love interacting with the other user here~ and it's a nice way for me to see what I missed without having to go on twitter and finding out:yoosmile:
  • Which section and/or thread do you spend the most time in (on H+)?
Mainly Union... in the Musketeers Club (and sometimes I pop into NCT gif spammers). I'll try to attempt to update some threads if I see something. But I usually just lurk around and take a peek in all the sections if something looks interesting:lurk2::lurk1:
  • If you could be another user for a day who’d you be and why?
Probably @Baymax. She's always so nice and helping others out while giving us fun things to do like keeping this place alive. Plus she's Events and Mod
tHe PoWeR
  • How did you come up with your username?
I had no idea what I wanted my name to be on OH. It's kinda a play on my tumblr account and I didn't think I'd stick to using forums so I didn't put much effort into it. Then, when I moved over here I'd figure I'd keep the name since like two people knew me by that name.
  • Who’s your favorite PlusPal? And why? (a debut question for 2022 lol)
Minus~ So cute and needs more love :minusjump:
Petition for more Minus and Magis emotes!!
  • When did you get into kpop/Asian entertainment?
It was around 2015 when I started listening to BigBang. I only listened to them in terms of kpop for about half a year? (timeline a bit wonky to me ngl). I knew about other groups but I didn't want to be "one of those people". Then, I came across the MV for Run by BTS like a month after it dropped... I became an ARMY. (I never really consider myself a VIP when I was just listening to BigBang cause I was trying my best to refuse.) After I found my love for BTS I binged e v e r y t h i n g they had. Fast forward to fall of 2016 I met my now best friend, who tried to start talking to me cause of my BTS lanyard I had. I did my best to ignore her like I do to most people but, she kept pushing. Eventually, I caved and we started talking and she made me listen to more groups. Everything became a slippery slope and now I'm here.
What a ride, I didn't mean for it to be that long lmao. Sorry~
  • Who is your bias and bias group?
... I only have myself to blame for this question...

This is trAGIC.
okay... Imma do it... taeminandnct

Lmaoo! However, If I was to make a list it'd probably be:
Taemin (fun fact: I was learning about EXO and SHINee at the same time and I was confident that Taemin was from EXO... then a picture of SHINee appeared.... I felt like a fOOL), Mark from NCT (tho I do like Mark from GOT7 as well), Jaemin, Ten, Johnny, (iswearitshardtohaveonebiasinnctbecausetheres100000000membersillstopnow), Hwasa, Lisa, Felix, and before I decided to list all the members from all the groups I like, Imma stop

For groups...
I'll keep it to two (no matter how much it hurts me):
NCT (as a whole... 4+ for the price of 1! a great deal :tears:), and for the second one I'll say BLACKPINK. I need people to know that I do in fact like ggs as well~
A shock to all I know... I know...
  • Favorite kpop/jpop/cpop mv?


  • Favorite non-Asian artist?
:partydogo:MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE BABAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:partydogo:
  • What superpower would you like to have?
Teleportation! 100000% yes please I'd like to be anywhere I wanted, whenever.
Another one I'd like is to know and be fluent every language. I've been trying to learn different languages and I just wish I knew them all already lol.

  • Why did you say you were just going to the store to get some milk and then never came back? *sad face emoji* then post this gif:

this only works for ren, from me XD

Uh… I see Ren gave multiple people abandonment issues...

  • Since it's December, what's one of your favorite Christmas/winter-themed songs? Alternatively, you can tell us one of your favorite Christmas/winter-themed movies.
Shall I force everyone to listen to Christmas EveL and 24 to 25? Jk, jk... I've already done that. I think I'll go with... White Christmas for my song AND movie :pandasantacookie:~Classic~
  • What would be your scandal if you was an idol? Why did you become a member of Content+? Do you think Content+ will venture into streaming?
1. If I was an idol my scandal would probably because I did something really dumb in public… That or I finally snapped at someone

2. I became a member of Content+ because I’ve always wanted to give back to this lil forum of ours. Also, I was asked to do so… yah know…
3. What type of content would y'all like to see if we did start streaming? I think that’d be fun~
  • Since you don't seem to realize how great of a person you are, I'd like you to proudly name 3 best things about yourself :gasppepe:
Oh no... my weakness! Talking about myself in a positive light! Uh… give me a sec... I have to... uh - think - about it…

  • If you were to fight a normal size human would you rather be 100 duck-sized Rens or one horse-sized Ren?
I know this question was meant for Ren but since I’m here and this is a fun question I’m gonna answer it xD (Imma be the normal sized human in question cause I do what I want)
I feel like 100 duck sized Ren’s could do massive damage. Ducks are already violent things so 100 of them that are Ren? I’d be scared that’s for sure.
But a horse sized Ren? :squirtlechristmas: I'm running and not figuring out if I even have a chance.
  • Why on God's earth did you marry Ren... and I guess, uhh, favourite game character and why?
#1 Ren loves me for who I am >: (( (unless you’re offering eye-)
#2 I made a thread about this already… It had a nice banner on the home page and everything :judgingyou: But, just for you, I’ll give a new character~
Let’s go with… Cullen Rutherford from the Dragon Age series.

He’s one of a couple characters that’s we see and can interact with all three games. He goes through a lot and over the games we can see him grow and change as a person. It's also interesting to see people opinions about him.
Whether they want to romance him or think that he's just as responsible for what happened with the mages because he is/was a templar.
You can also impact his character GREATLY in the third game. It's fun to see that your choice through the games affect him.
  • Who is your favorite Kpop band? What is your favorite song?
I always have a hard time answering this question because I’m the type of person to like what I like because I like it if that makes sense?
But if I have to pick... I guesss my favorites right now is NCT and Stray Kids. And my favorite song is definitely View by SHINee~
  • How much did you get paid for your interviews on H+?
We’re still working out the details of payments. IRL stuff keeps getting in the way... Why? Wanna join Content+? :darkkermit:
  • Anything I ask would be questionable.
Interesting… Interesting indeed... You're not wrong...:catpopcorn:
Questions are questionable, aren't they?
  • ARandomQuestion
ARandomAnswer :yagotit:

  1. I like to think I'm helpful
  2. My hair is 👌(when I actually do more than throw it in a ponytail or bun lol)
  3. I have GREAT taste in music
Thank you... Me for being an interviewee...ig:doge:
And thank you HallyuPlus for reading!
See ya next interview~

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loved it!:christmasblob: i am enjoying getting to know you more :p

  • Why did you say you were just going to the store to get some milk and then never came back? *sad face emoji* then post this gif:

this only works for ren, from me XD

Uh… I see Ren gave multiple people abandonment issues...

i forgot i posed this question and for a second i thought you posted a fany gif xD
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this is so weird. and yet amusing, how could you possible interview yourself? who's asking? who's answering? kinda creepy isn't :munchlax:
anw, thanks for this interview. love it, so entertaining!! :minusjump:
ps. indeed you have great hair :yagotit:
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