Japanese Voice Actors Share Their Appreciation of Animal Crossing: New Horizons


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons released last week, and over a million players around the world have been developing their island. Even Japanese voice actors have been getting in on the fun, with a number of them reporting their progress on Twitter.

Attack on Titan voice actor Yuuki Kaji started his island life on March 19 and has advertised when special events, like a meteor shower, are happening so his friends and colleagues can visit. Voice actor Daiki Yamashita dropped by Kaji's island to take in the sky display.

Yamashita is quite the traveler. He's also visited Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!'s Kōtarō Nishiyama and manga creator Yuta Taneda (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 4-panel version).

There are a lot of different activities to enjoy in the game. For instance, would you wear dresses designed by Fire Force and My Hero Academia voice actress Aoi Yūki? Yūki shared a pretty pink dress she made in the game on Monday.

STARMYU voice actor and singer Arthur Lounsbery is getting busy setting traps for the dangerous (but valuable) tarantulas.

IDOLiSH7 voice actor Toshiki Masuda is convinced there's some kind of ghost haunting his radio.

Demon Slayer voice actor Natsuki Hanae is live-streaming his Animal Crossing playthrough on YouTube. If you want to hear him voice all of the islanders, you can watch in the video below.