Make a short synopsis about your fav group and its members


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Ujung Palace
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13 member joint korean-chinese girl group(Starship and Yuehua) founded in 2016,
focusing on highly aesthetic visual dream concepts with choreo and vocals to match.
-570k Album sales
-8 Music Show wins
-Various end of year awards
-Chocome Subunit
-Iconic MVS

Exy - 50+ song writing credits, top tier rapper, leader

Seola- Irresistable, beautiful, unique and devastating vocal

Bona- WUJU Actress, top tier visual, good singer and dancer

Soobin - Hilarious variety queen mini Yeonjung(also roommates), CHOCOME Main Vocal

Luda- Smol gamer visual Leader of CHOCOME, Hmph!

Dawon- Full Moon Singer/songwriter super sweet but hottest body, You will fall for her beautiful smoky main vocal in no time

Meiqi, Xuan Yi, Cheng Xiao- Legendary Queens of China

Eunseo- Lovable Variety star that is the most fun idol you will see lol, good dancer and singer.

Dayoung - Variety and drama magnet, great dancer and singer CHOCOME member, Maknae line

Yeoreum- Amazing dancer, quality singing CHOCOME member, Maknae super cutie

Yeonjung- Beautiful, great dancer, excellent stage presence, fun, cute, funny, perfect idol, V-1 Champion, IOI main vocal, OST queen(10?) 3rd gen vocal queen, Main Vocal and WJSN Maknae:heartublob:

Now it's your turn!
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엄지는 내 장미
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6 member girl group(Source Music).
Founded in 2015.
Established ongoing storyline in music videos.
Combined Korean/Japanese album sales of 914k and 69 music show wins.
Choreography queens and cd eaters.
Two subunits, World Peace and Hug Hug.

Sowon: Leader and modelesque visual. Possibly the tallest gg member as her height is unverified. Leader subunit World Peace.

Yerin: Vocalist, lead dancer and face of group as well as most beagley. Leader of Hug Hug subunit.

Eunha: Lead vocalist and smollest member. Most likely to have been a bunny in a previous life. Hug Hug subunit member.

Yuju: Main vocalist and most athletic member(pole dancer, skater). Member of World Peace subunit.

SinB: Main dancer and subvocalist. Member most likely bite you on the nose. Member and maknae of subunit World Peace.

Umji: Maknae and softeu subvocaiist. Sweet, kind and gentle. Member and maknae of subunit Hug Hug.

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Momoiro Clover Z
4-member girl group who mostly released uptempo songs with strange concepts early in their career but is more varied now. Japan's most popular idol girl group. Stands out for their concerts, different relationship to their fans and pristine image.

Reni: sweet and gets emotional easily, has out-of-body experiences, holds annual solo concerts
Kanako: leader and eternal center, very flexible, voice actress and Ayaka's dog apparently
Shiori: glutton, mischievous and outgoing
Ayaka: youngest, known as Momoclo's idol due to her idol persona and voice, very professional and thoughtful, Momoclo's hype-woman, self-professed cutest member, produces an idol group (JA Namie), models, has produced festivals to showcase smaller idol groups, loves dirty jokes and breasts.

3-member Taiwanese girl group with an unfortunate debut date in 2001. Has been active since and are loved for their funny interactions and strong relationship. They mainly sing ballads but some of their biggest hits are uptempo. Icons in the Chinese diaspora, China and particularly Taiwan.

Selina: Sweetheart, actress, occasional singer
Hebe: multi-award winning singer, environmentalist and frequent target of media speculation about her private life
Ella: Mom, TV personality, amateur comedian and tomboy


Seunghee's Eyebrows

그댄 나의 Angel
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Irene's left shoulder
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I'll keep it short and sweet since I stan many groups
Oh My Girl
8 members but currently 7 members
Known for fairy-dol concept
Lots of music show wins and those digital index stuff.
Hyojung- Cute leader often fake maknae
Seunghee- Great vocals. Immortal eyebrows. Very weird member
Binnie- Athletic member and rocks the short hair
Mimi- Incredible rapper with deep voice
Jiho- Handsome oppa
YooA- Our forest child and incredible dancer
Arin- Baby

Red Velvet
5 members and has one of the best discographies ever
Known for having very different comebacks each time.
Lots of music show wins and digital points stuff
Irene- Leader and visual
Wendy- Canada baby
Yeri- Maknae who learns English very quickly
Seulgi- A total bear whos softeu off stage

7 members reduced to 5 cos TS
Group with so much potential and what could've been if treated better
Euijin- New leader. Main dancer and killing it with her covers
Newsun- Baby rapper
Minjae- @hatfelt 's bae who has baby cheeks for days
High D- HD vocals
D.ANA- underrated visual who rarely updates her social media until recently


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fromis_9 :

Saerom : slow talking captain, romantic, bad at games but perfect leader for the group

Hayoung : baby face, very sensitive, talented at almost everything except for talking Korean, also vice captain even if she wasn't informed

Gyuri : the "dad" of the group, puppy-like face, growing actress, get teased a lot by her members and by her fans.

Jiwon : the loud and crazy member but off camera she's very professional and serious, also shameless when doing cute or cringe things in front of cameras or for fan service

Jisun : the "mom" of the group, caring and quiet but also very scary when gets annoyed or angry, often looked done with her members especially the loud ones

Seoyeon : our "swag" member, the smallest girl of the group, we miss her energy, her voice and her laugh

Chaeyoung : the strong member, a comedian, great variety skills, able to impersonate each of her member with accuracy

Nagyung : a ball of cuteness and full of aegyo, too much to handle for her members, when she's not killing us with her IG posts, lays on her bed on free times

Jiheon : giant maknae on top, the most homebody among the members, is afraid to go out alone, need to be protected at all cost
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