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Jun 20, 2019
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Hello HallyuPlus and welcome to the User Interview of this month! This month's *requirement* was a "User who had over 5,000 posts". And while do we have a handful of user who meet this requirement, there can only be one. So, please give a warm welcome to this months interviewee... @Jibang!
Without further ado, let's get started~​
Introduce yourselves
Hello my name is Jibang. I think it means ‘Fat’ in Korean. I’m not fat. Only slightly around the waist.

How did you learn about H+? Why did you join?
Luckily I was told by a fellow Buddy who was staff, just as H+ was being set up. My faves were about to have a comeback and I was heartbroken about what happened to OHU with the potential loss of threads and all our hard work updating them. Other Kpop forums were not appealing to me for many reasons. Hallyu+ was a new beginning. A good looking forum with a fast server and other Buddies were here too.

What is your favorite thing about H+?
I like the users of course, and the lack of bad ones which plague other sites. There are no negative emojis here so users can only respond positively to posts. This together with good moderators removes a lot of trolling/neg-stalking. It has become a relaxing place to spend my time. I also love the Xenforo software and the design of H+. I post a lot of updates and a fast, responsive server with search really helps.

Which section and/or thread do you spend the most time in (on H+)?
The Gfriend thread and I am OP for Umji and Yerin’s threads.

How often are you on H+?
All day really. I wake up and check for new posts on my phone in bed. Then I have to work, but I’ll check my phone now and then and during lunch. When I get home at night I will update threads and catch up on everything. I used to log on anonymously but it’s nicer if everyone can see eachother online so I’m visible nowadays.

If you could be another user for a day who’d you be and why?
I would be Kimsguardian just to see what posting so much content per day feels like. I think Kimgu is in a better timezone than me for getting Asian news as it happens. A friendly and generous user.

How did you come up with your username?
One of my biases is Yerin from Gfriend. She went through a phase of collecting 'Jibang dolls'. These are strange looking (but cute?) dolls from a Korean advertising campaign. I ordered one online and although it looks dumb, its face makes me smile for some reason.

When did you get into kpop/Asian entertainment?
My musical taste was mostly dance music. I had no knowledge of anything Kpop at all. I used to kill time in the evenings looking at funny videos and GIFs. One day I came across a clip of Eunha and Sowon in an airport. The comments said they were from ‘GFriend’. They really made me laugh but I didn’t know they made music. The members were hilarious and good natured - I couldn’t get enough of their reality shows and Vlives. Once I found their MVs and how well they performed live, I was a kpop fan in no time.

Who is your bias and bias group?
Umji from Gfriend (now in Viviz), and Yerin who is starting her acting career after Gfriend.

Favorite kpop/jpop/cpop mv?
Rather than pick a Gfriend video I will choose Weeekly 'Tag Me' (Performance version). Such a great tune and performance.

Favorite non-Asian artist?
Staying within the Pop genre I quite like Gwen Stefani and Robyn.

What superpower would you like to have?
I saw an X-men clip and one character could freeze time for a while. That sounds the most fun, with opportunity for righting wrongs or mischief.

What is your go-to joke?
The only jokes I seem to remember would be too rude to post on here.
(I hate being photographed, and find it hard to smile naturally. It doesn’t look good. Someone told me the trick is to have a funny joke that always makes you giggle, then tell it to yourself as you’re being photographed.)

And lastly...
You've made some of our most beloved emojis here on H+ (and some that are hidden :HidePar:), What inspired you make them? And do you have plans to make more?

I like 3D art but I’m not great at it. Shapes like logos are easier than complex scenes, so each Gfriend comeback I would do something with their new logo and post it on my twitter.


Then a while back OHU had an emoji contest, and I was fortunate to win with this emoji:


When I saw the Plus pals, I fell in love with Par and made some attempts at emojis for the Hallyu+ contest with permission from their creator Moue. It was later during Covid lockdown when I had more spare time that I made the animated ones.
I don’t have plans to make any more at the moment and the large H+ emoji list takes a while to load as it is, without adding more to it. If I do anything in the future I’ll post it here for sure.


Thank you to Jibang for being wonderful interviewee! And thank you Hallyuplus for reading!
See ya next interview~

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Jun 16, 2019
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To be honest, I usually keep so much in my own world here that's Events that anyone outside of it would seem like bots to me, especially the updaters :sweat: So reading through these interviews have been really nice and made other users seem more human to me :poggers:

Nice work, Randie!

And Jibang, I'm a fan of your work :RunPar:


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Jun 15, 2019
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so that doll's name is jibang & this is our jibang, both are so cute :hehe:
master jibang has great taste indeed & we're lucky to have you here!
thanks for the interview masternim, you're one of the best users on this forum :LovePar:

and randy you did great job as always! :yagotit:


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Jun 16, 2019
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Yay. Jibang! It feels like it's been a lifetime since I've seen you after the upvote thread was closed but I hope all is well :peepopbirthday:

I don’t have plans to make any more at the moment and the large H+ emoji list takes a while to load as it is, without adding more to it. If I do anything in the future I’ll post it here for sure.
Thank you as always for providing us with the Plus Pal emojis!!
I'd love to have more on the emoji list... maybe we could consider some kind of emoji purge to make space for it... maybe...

and that Jibang plush is so cute; reminds me of a smilier version of Baymax sdfbsafs :poggers:
Thanks for the interview!
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Jun 24, 2019
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It was great getting to know you better, @Jibang! You're right about those "Jibang Dolls"—they look very dumb, but in the best way possible! I also smiled when I saw the photos... :hehe:

I can't believe I didn't know there was a thread for your Par emojis! I love your work! :poggers:
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