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Jun 15, 2019
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Hello Hallyu+,

We have an exciting and thrilling opportunity lying ahead. We are building a Public Relations Team! The PR Team will be in charge of reaching out to various outlets in order to form partnerships with content creators, artists, and new members to the site. We hope to get interview requests with artists and create video content for reviews and unboxing, and many other things relating to expanding the brand of H+ and its community.

The PR Team will compose of two units; Outreachers, Video Producers.

The 4 main duties for Outreachers will be:

  • Seeking new leads.
  • Promptly sending and responding to Emails or messages.
  • Reaching out to a vast majority of different avenues for publicity and partnerships.
  • Brainstorming new and creative ways to attract new members and form partnerships.

The 4 main positions for Video Producers will be:

  • Scriptwriting- The scriptwriter will come up with ideas for video content and plan a script for the narrator and editor to follow, e.g. writing for playlists, music analysis, etc.
  • Resource Management- Videos such as reviews/analysis require the use of many short clips or gifs. The resource manager will find and organise fitting gifs and such.
  • Narration- The narrator will lend us their voice for our videos.The accent does not matter, as long as it’s understandable.
  • Video Editing- The editor uses editing applications to produce the final video. You only need to know the basics of video editing and we can guide you!

Features we are looking for:

  • Someone with an engaging personality.
  • Showing professionalism at all times.
  • Detailed in taking notes and maintaining clear communication within the team.
  • Having time management skills.

  • Salaries

  • Monthly Pay Rate

    100k Base Salary

    75k for on board Clients
    1 orb for every interview

    75K Base Salary
    25k for Leads
    50k for onboard clients

    Depending on the length/type of video
    Script: 200k-350K
    Editing: 250k-500K
    Narration: 250K or 1 orb

    Resource (voluntary): 1 orb per cycle

To apply, please fill this form(s) as thoroughly as possible and send it in a PM titled "PR Team Application" to @Golden and @Dr. Mew ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
All questions and concerns should also be directed to PM

Outreacher Application


Name two reasons why you would like to be on the PR team?

What will be your greatest asset coming to the team?

Any experience with outreach?

Writing Exercise
Write a mock up email proposal for a small Korean pop Group named Windrose, that you would be reaching out to do an Interview with.`

If you are selected, you'll be contacted shortly for a 2nd round.

Video Production Application


Which position(s) are you applying for?

For video editors- What application do you currently use for editing?

Why would you like to join the video production unit (reasons for chosen role)?

Your strengths and weaknesses?

Have you had any prior experience relating to the role you’re applying for?

If you are selected, you’ll be contacted shortly for a 2nd round

Looking forward to all those who want to apply!
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