Ranking the songs in my ult's latest album, AKA a clapped review


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The amount of headaches this attempt at ranking has caused me is displeasing, this album is such quality.

Hebe released her whole album on the 25th, and it was a good thing she had already released 6 of them as singles so I had the chance to not explode over my fickleness in thinking every new song was absolutely going to be my favourite.

11. Intro

This is a cop out an easy last, because it is only about 1.45mins long and is from A Song For You anyway.

10. 田 Crop Circles

This was a very distressing tenth ranking, because it's such an interesting song and I have never heard her try something like this before? I also really enjoyed the dimensions to this song, and the use of instrumentals. But this is a competition, okay, and she just did better in songs that developed from her existing discography in comparison, in my sad opinion.

9. 悬日 Let it...

... I might hate myself for this, because it has grown on me SO. MUCH. and it's just a great song to get ready to and organise my thoughts to in the morning. But when I first heard this song, I did think boring ballad and on an album as interesting as this, I have to give points for that! I just have to! Even if the lyrics are so emotive and heartbreaking!

8. 讽刺的情书 Irony of Love

Sad whimpers I don't think this song deserves to be 8 anywhere on any list! I kinda love it actually. But I just can't get over the other songs on the album either.

7. 先知 You Should Know About It

I can't believe I'm putting this song at 7, either. I love when Hebe does this kind of electronic songs, but they may not be her forte, but this is an improvement, and also it makes me feel so gleeful, I just...

6. 人什么的最麻烦了 People Are The Worst

A really light-hearted song for the title, originally I had it closer to the bottom, but it's just so... chill that I found myself repeating it... I mean I found myself repeating the whole album, which is usually my style anyway, but I was paying attention to this song each time it played... also that delicious guitar...

5. 或是一首歌 A Song For You

I loved this song from the moment I heard it, and here I am ranking it at 5th. Fml. I docked points because I feel that it's closer to deca joins' style than her own really, as much as I love this beachside lazing vibe, and am so excited for this song to be sung at music festivals, because I can already imagine the atmosphere. But I can't give it to a song that feels more like an amazing cover!

4. 一一 One After Another

This galaxy-brained song is just very... Hebe. I will hear this song anytime and know it's a Hebe song. I'm a big fan of such songs and singers, who have a strong personal style. Aside from that, the melody is interesting, and the production is so good.

3. 底里歇斯 Hysteria

I canNOT believe I ranked this song 3rd, I have been wanting Hebe to do an indie rock song for AGES, A G E S. I also actually love the way she interpreted this song actually. I have nothing to say about this other than that I love it although not enough to make it first.

2. 皆可 Anything Goes

I... just... this instrumental, this voice. When I heard this for the first time, I had the same feeling I got with Insignificance, the feeling of witnessing a great leap forward. The way this song is sung.... the layers, the cohesion with the instrumentals...

1. 无人知晓 Nobody Knows

I did not know this song was going to be the first on my list, but it surely deserves the position of titular single despite the fact that this whole album could be released as 10 singles, and probably deserves to be. This song is just, a combination of Hebe's best. And as Hebe's best songs do, they tug at the heartstrings, and yet it is not a simple ballad. It could be a song from a musical. It's a fully developed story of its own. Gotta respect that.
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