RBW acquired management rights to WM Entertainment


Sep 19, 2019
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Interesting.. I wonder what this'll mean for Chaeyeon and the ngg
At the very least I think it might delay things. Even if the management didn't change there is now another upper layer of decision making that needs to happen. When companies grow bigger there is now more overhead in money and in decision making. The delay could be minimal as in just a few days or longer depending on the type of investment. Here are some of the aspects that could change.

1. Lineup change. We already more or less knew the lineup for the new WM GG. Now though there is at least a possibility that additional people will come in and others may get pushed out as a second training pool is now available to them. This may not happen but the possibility now exists to a larger degree than before.

2. Postponement. This could happen like I stated above. An additional layer of signatures for releasing new content could happen and cause some delays. Those who have been following GGUMNAMU have known that at least dancing wise the girls are 100% ready to go and were just really waiting on Chaeyeon.

3. Bigger debut. With additional resources due to overall more money a bigger debut could be planned. This is the best case scenario.

4. Cancellation. This is the worst case scenario and I know people don't want to think of it but it does need to be brought up. RBW just put out a GG and putting out a second GG may not be in the parent companies best interest. I'm very sure the two groups have nothing in common with each other except they are KPOP groups and they are female. But I'm sure there will be some discussion even if just to say we are going to go ahead with the group anyways that having two GG essentially at the exact same time in their carriers is not the best option.

Now for my "guess". i think we will have a small postponement but up to 3-6 months. We won't know for sure as that will be behind the scenes. As specifically for Chaeyeon I think it is slightly more probable now she will be in the group and not as a solosists. Still a chance at both. It is still to early to tell but the merger has definately caused more worry among the WM fans since they are aquired. Management may stay the same as they said but to be honest a layer above them has now appeared and it depends how much control RBW is wanting to take. The more control they want the more problematic it will be for the future of Chaeyeon and GGUMNAMU.

So why do I think this. I think Mammamo will have less comebacks and do more solo works. We have already started to see this and I think that will be a part of the contract renewal they are doing. Same for OMG if they continue which I think they will as they are finally getting recognition but more solos probably starting next year. Purple Kiss is a vocal heavy unit and whatever Chaeyeon's group will be called they will be a dance heavy group so they won't collide. It would be stupid to not have Chaeyeon in their lineup due to her popularity not just with the IZ*ONE people but also the ITZY one as well as she is a big blender for the two fandoms.
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