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since they had to cancel the first dates of the tour because the coronavirus, SCANDAL decided to gift fans a new Mv

I'm sure that all of the news recently—the sudden cancellation of things you were looking forward to, closures of schools, having to work from home—fills everyone with uneasiness.

It's times like these when I'd like to blast away these gloomy feelings by playing a live show—which is something that we cannot do right now. I feel so frustrated.

At any rate, I hope that everything is resolved as soon as possible. In order to do so, let's work on preventing infection together.

As we considered if there was a way we could cheer you guys up even a little, we decided to release a special movie today, the day when we would have been celebrating opening day of our tour together with our fans.

This is the song called "Tsuki" from our new album Kiss from the darkness.

We hope it'll help you regain a little bit of peace, and that it can "light up each and every day"!

Let's have a blast when our tour starts! This will, without a doubt, be our best tour ever! We're looking forward to seeing you soon!
Today would have been the opening day of our tour,
A performance in Atsugi.

Although we cannot play live shows right now,
The number of things we can do right now are infinite

We made a special movie
For a precious song from our album!

We hope it cheers you up
Scandal :heartpar:

Tomomi and Mami haven't posted yet but if they do i'm gonna try to update the post