Nov 24, 2020
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This is a band search, however everything is answered by the band themselves, so fun to read :)

ex-LAX HIDEKI and Chu-ya formed a mysterious mix-gender quartet born in the first year of Reiwa, coming from beyond the Showa era and transformed into a rock band.
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A mysterious mix-gender quartet born in the first year of Reiwa, coming from beyond the Showa era and transformed into a rock band.


Official start: May 2019
Formation: In February 2018 after the De-LAX 30 anniversary live, Hideki invited Chu-ya to join a session live.
Member encounter: Hideki and Chu-ya’s concept is “Our rhythm crew are beautiful woman“. And so white feather arrow Drums Mukai Reiko and bass ERY joined.
Highlight: Our highlight is “Next Future !“ Love, Beat & Peace !


Punk + Garage + Psychedelic + Pop + Chaos + Universe + Love = KYOKUTO FAROKI KICKER


Power: Earth domination

Strongest point: space, beauty, ugliness & love from the Far East

Goal: conquering the universe

Special point: strong beat and beautiful melody.


  • 極東ファロスキッカー → KYOKUTO FAROKI KICKER
  • Romaji Reading → FAR EAST PHALLUS KICKER
  • Japanese Reading → 極東陰茎蹴り→Kyokuto Inkei Keri
  • (Abbreviation: FAROKI (ファロキ))
  • 極東 (Kyokuto) → East end, when viewed from the West, it refers to Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and other East and Southeast Asian countries
  • PHALLUS → 男根 (Dankon), 陰茎 (Inkei)→ Penis
  • KICKER → 蹴る人 (Keru hito), → To kick = Unexpected happening/ending

PHALLUS origin: Quoted from Yayoi Kusama’s (草間彌生) novel “WOODSTOCK PHALLUS CUTTER(ウッドストック陰茎斬り)”

Founder of the bandname: Chu-ya


Vo. 宙也 (Chu-ya) (allergy、De-LAX、LOOPUS)
Gu. 榊原秀樹 (Hideki Sakakibara) (De-LAX、VERUTEUX、HIDEKI & HARD PUNCHERS, Let’s Go MAKOTOØ’S)
Ba. ERY (KiLLKiLLS、Raglaia)
Dr. ムカイレイコ (Mukai Reiko) (スリルラウンジ(HHR THRILL LOUNGE))

A word to express yourself

A swaying free soul with a firm wil

Hideki: 發 → ハツ (heart)
I pioneer ideas and inspiration. I’m also the first person to take action.
I want to stack and pull four things from this pattern.

Mahjong; From every tiles in this game are 4 pieces.
Mahjong; 發 green dragon tile

Complete mahjong set with explanations symbols. Fully editable.

ERY: Lucky person

Reiko: Ordinary

Express yourself with your favorite Kanji

心 (kokoro) → Heart
心 has a simple and mysterious body, with “heart” you also can expresses mental functions such as consciousness, knowledge, reason, emotion and will with just a single character.
Beside heart (心) I do have many other favorite Kanji;
愛 → Ai
志 → kokorozashi
念 → Nen
悲 → Hi
慈 → Ji
恩 → On
想 → sou
優 → Yuu / yasa
愁 → Shuu

(The meaning of the kanji depends on the context you use them)

Hideki: 申 (Saru) → Monkey
Because I am born in the year of the Monkey. (Chinese Zodiac)

ERY: 楽 (Raku) → easy
It’s used for 音楽(ongaku) Music
It’s used for 娯楽(goraku) Entertainment
Also it’s used in 楽しい(Tanoshii) which means “fun”

Reiko: 欅(Keyaki)
I’m stuck with “Keyaki” as in the band 欅坂46



  1. 極東LOVERS
  2. Candy Blue
  3. Love 2 Die
  4. Dead Road
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Song Description HIDEKI


At the time we formed, we hadn’t decided on a specific concept yet.
But we definitely needed a song that would represent FAR EAST PHALLUS KICKER.
When I imagined a scene of us four, the atmosphere of the song plopped up, which made me think, “Oh! This feeling is perfect!” From there it didn’t take a long time to finish the song.

2.candy Blue
For this song I wanted to try an experiment. I wanted to create a song with 3 chords, those who know Chu-ya’s music know that it’s not a common style/method for him… As a result it turned out really cool!! … A minor of 3 chords♬→ It was an absolute must♪

3.love 2 die
I needed a song that was gritty and fast with a sense of gravity for the overall balance. The feeling of the riffs are really nice!

4.dead road
Like “FAR EAST LOVERS” I wanted to create a song that would be suitable for the band. I wrote this song with the beauty of “JAPANESE LANGUAGE” and “ROCK in my mind, and I also wrote half of the lyrics. The words are very simple and easy to understand, but the music and lyrics are sad in some way. This song also represents FAR EAST PHALLUS KICKER!

Song Description Chu-ya

1. 極東LOVERS (Far East LOVERS)

風 (Kaze) Wind → As fast as the wind.
2. candy Blue
林 (Hayashi) Forest → As Quiet as the forest.
3. love 2 die
火 (Hi) Flame → As daring as fire.
4. dead road
山(Yama) Mountain → Immovable as the mountain.

The back-title of this mini-album is (風林火山 Furinkazan)
“As fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain
Move as swift as a wind, stay as silent as forest, attack as fierce as fire, undefeatable defense like a mountain“.

As「FAR EAST PHALLUS KICKER」we are hitting the indie scene with this spirit!
PLEASE Look forward to our future activities!


Chu-ya: It’s a miracle that Showa punks, born about 17 years after the World War II, forming a new band together in the new century and a new era. Well please enjoy our music!

Hideki: I’m counting on your support! m(_ _)m

ERY: FAR EAST PHALLUS KICKER is a band that will touch everyone’s heart, regardless of age or generation. I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

Reiko: I never expected to work with these people, the band has a worldview which I never had touched before. I’m going to enjoy this band which was born out of the blue with full power! I’m going to give my best and will make as many of you enjoying together with me as much as possible!


2019-07-21 Kichijoji ROCK JOINT GB [First Live]
2019-08-03 Shimokitazawa CLUB Que
2019-10-26 Shibuya CRAWL
2019-11-02 Shimokitazawa GARDEN
2020-06-06 Shinjuku LOFT [LIVE STREAMING ]
2020-07-25 Koenji LOFT X [LIVE STREAMING ]
2020-11-15 Shinjuku LOFT [LIVE STREAMING ]
2021-05-03 Shimokitazawa FlowersLoft [LIVE STREAMING]

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