[Sportschosun]Multinational groups Z-Boys and Z-Girls release single vol.2(translated by V Today)


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On August 8, the showcase and the fan concert celebrating the release of the second single "Singing for You" of groups Z-Boys and Z-Girls were held at Ilchi Art Hall, Cheongdam Ward, Seoul.

This single contains Z-Boys' new track "Holla Holla", Z-Girls' "Street of Gold" and "Fire Flame" by Z-Girls' T.P.I unit.

Z-Boys and Z-Girls are the projects to create the brand new Z-pop genre and to discover new Asian stars who were born after 1995 and belong to Generation Z. The two groups debuted in February with the members chosen through the auditions in 7 countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, India, Taiwan, and Japan.

Mavin (Z-Boys) said while smiling brightly, "I feel very joyful and happy to be able to make a comeback." Then, Josh introduced "Holla Holla" by saying, "We want to move towards the dream with our own unique way. This is a song full of charm on the hip-hop platform." The group chose the dance break by main dancer Josh and the choreography in the second half of the song as the most attractive point of the track. Besides, Roy revealed a shy story, "During the filming of the MV, there was a scene where we stood on a tall building. But only I felt scared. In the end, I had to sit to film the MV."

Mavin shared, "I want to get the 'passionate idol' title like senior U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)." Roy expressed his wish, "I want to hear people call the group as 'performance idol'." Youngest Blink boldly expressed his feelings, "Like many others, I really like BTS. They are my role model."

Leader Carlyn of Z-Girls shared, "I'm happy to meet Galaxy fan club. 'Streets Of Gold' contains the heart for sincere love and impresses with the elegant theme and synth sounds. Hope everyone will add this song to the playlist of the summer vacation." Bell continued, "This song's MV is much more splendid and sparkling than the debut song's. We filmed the party scene cheerfully as if we were enjoying a real party." Talking about the unit track "Fire Flame", member Vanya said, "At first, only Carlyn and I were suggested to form a unit. Then, Bell - the member exuding energetic charm, was added. This is an exciting track with rock vibes."

Joanne explained, "In the process of communicating with the translation app or body language, we were very happy with each other and gradually became close." Carlyn expressed her wish, "Our distinct characteristic is the members are from different countries. I want the whole group to become an Asian idol group that connects Asia as one." Priyanka also confided, "I want to create a great influence on the new generation."

That day, the Z-Girls members Joanne and Priyanka showed the Korean language skills adequate to communicate comfortably. Joanne expressed, "I want to collaborate with K-pop seniors, especially SNSD's senior Taeyeon whom I like the most." She emphasized, "Carlyn has performed senior Taeyeon's 'You Are' on the show 'V-1' (tvN), I practiced with her and felt the song was really great."

Carlyn made everyone exclaim when immersing in the performance of the song ''You Are'' right at the seat. Meanwhile, Josh (Z-Boys) also received hearty applause when covering the choreography of EXO's ''Love Shot''.

Joanne - the tallest members in the group - expressed her difficulty, "My height is 173cm. This is an advantage given by my parents, but due to the height difference with the other member is quite huge so it's not easy for me to practice choreography." Joanne confessed, "I learned Korean hard at the center." Priyanka cracked everyone up with her fluent Korean, ''I learned Korean naturally through Korean dramas. In particular, I'm really into the drama 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?'.''

When asked about the entertainment program she wanted to join, Priyanka chose "Idol Room", saying, "I really like Doni Coni". Meanwhile, Vanya chose "Running Man" and "Salty Tour" on the grounds that "I want to introduce my country".

Zenith Media's director Kang Joon, who takes on the role of the main producer, explained, "Z-Pop is an idea for the Asian idol project based on the basis of K-pop. Z-Boys will follow hip-hop genre and Z-Girls will deliver electronic music genre."

Next, he gave a detailed plan, "These are friends who have come to Korea to learn about K-pop as representatives of their country. Currently, the 1st generation members come from 7 countries. In the future, we will raise the number of countries to 10, 12 and continue to conduct 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations." He also added, "If there is any Korean member, it may be misunderstood that the other members are just the background. Therefore, the 1st generation only includes members from Asia."

Z-Boys and Z-Girls are expected to be active both in Korea and abroad with the single vol.2 "Singing for You".

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