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Wondering what in the world are +cards and how you can get a hold of them? Or do you already have some cards you would like to trade for ones of your liking? Or maybe you’re looking to sell off some of your inventory? Well, whatever it is, you have come to the right place! This is where you will be able to find out all you need to know about our +cards.


In June of this year, the Events team created and put together our first edition of +cards using feedback gathered from a few surveys. Each card either has an image of a celebrity or an anime character on it. The frames have been solely designed by our member @Bchip. The cards have been assigned different levels of rarity, ranging from 1 to 5 stars, based on various factors. In essence, these are cards that you can collect, buy, sell, and trade with other users. They will mostly be given out as prizes at our events and some other occasions. The 1-2 star and 1-3 star packs, however, can be purchased here in this thread.

Unless otherwise noted, the cards normally come in packs. Each pack has 3 cards in it. The cards will be randomized from our inventory whenever you want to redeem them, so duplicates are possible, especially on the ones of lower rarity levels. However, on every 5th purchase, you are guaranteed a celebrity/character from the pack you’re buying.


What are different ways I can get these +cards?

For the 1-2 star and 1-3 star packs, you can purchase them here by sending the payment to @Maginashi, completing the respective form listed in the Forms section, and posting it in this thread. For those packs of higher rank, they can be won, rewarded, and purchased via our events and special occasions when they happen.

How much do these cards cost?

The regular packs are priced as follows:

1-2 Star Pack - 5 orbs each.
1-3 Star Pack - 10 orbs each.
2-4 Star Pack - 15 orbs each.*
2-5 Star Pack - 25 orbs each.*
4-5 Star Pack - 40 orbs each.*

*Note that the 2-4, 2-5, and 4-5 star packs are only available during special occasions and wandering merchant days.

Special editions are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a limit on how many packs I can buy?

Yes, you can only purchase up to 2 packs per month (excluding what you may win via games and whatnot). However, there will be times when we will need to "close the shop" for various reasons (workload, real life, etc).

Can I choose which idol/character I want?

The pulls are randomized so which cards you get are entirely up to chance. However, there's an exception; that is, on every 5th pack you purchase, you get to pick an idol/character of your choice. The pick must be within the star range of that 5th pack you buy. For example, say you've already bought four 1-2 star packs previously (or it could be any star level here) and on your 5th purchase you get the 2-4 star pack, you're now allowed to choose any card that's within the 2-4 star range. You may also choose a card of a specific star level if you happen to pull a 'Wild Card'.

What is a "Wild Card"?

Effective 03/01/22, we’ll be including some “wild cards” when doing RNG for the orders. The only pack that does not contain wild cards is the 4-5 star one. Each star level will contain a wild card. If the RNG result of your order happens to land on one of these wild cards, you will get to choose a card from the corresponding star level. For example, if you buy a 1-3 star pack, the RNG pool will include 3 wild cards - one for each of the star levels (1, 2, and 3). If one of your RNG results is a 3-star wild card, you get a 3-star card of your choice.

I won a pack of +cards. How can I redeem it?

Simply complete the respective form listed in the Forms section and post it in this thread.

What are different ways I can display these cards?

Prior to 05/27/22, in the +Deck subsection, we had individual threads for users who have possession of these cards to display them there. In addition, users also had the option of converting them into shop items. However, from now and onwards, we will be removing the individual threads and will no longer accept conversions of cards into shop items. Instead, the cards will be displayed in your profile's deck. Feel free to also use the "Collection" tag and post threads in this section to show off your cards!

(Keep in mind that any cards that have been converted into shop items (these are highlighted in red in the inventory spreadsheet), they can no longer be traded, gifted, or sold. The conversion may not be reversed either once done.)

If/when there are other options, you will be informed.

Can I gift my cards to other users?

Yes, simply do so by completing the respective form listed in the Forms section and posting it in this thread. However, please do not gift cards unless you think the other users actually want them.

What do I do if I want to buy, sell, or trade my cards?

First of all, you must conduct all of your final dealings here in this thread and an Events member must confirm your transactions for them to be considered valid.

Feel free to use this thread or make a thread with the "Searching" tag to find your prospective buyers, sellers, or traders. Once you have come into an agreement with another user, be sure to follow the instructions to complete the respective form and post it in this thread. When selling or trading, be sure to follow the imposed limits (see the next FAQ for details).

Can I give or ask for extra payment when trading cards?

Yes, you can either trade a card for a card or couple it up with some additional payment; but keep in mind that the additional payment may not be more than the sell limit for that card's star level, or 20 orbs or 2M plus coins, whichever is less. For example, if you have a 1-star card that you wish to trade for a 2-star card (or vice versa), you can do a straight-up trade (a card for a card with no extra payment) as long as both parties agree to it. If additional payment is involved, it must not be more than 20 orbs/2M plus coins. In this example, however, since the max sell limit for a 2-star card is 10 orbs/1M plus coins, the additional payment also may not be more than 10 orbs/1M plus coins.

Is there a limit on how much I can sell a card for?

Yes. While there is no minimum, the maximum orbs/coins you can sell a card for based on its rarity level are as follows:

1-star card - 5 orbs or 500K plus coins each.
2-star card - 10 orbs or 1M plus coins each.
3-star card - 15 orbs or 1.5M plus coins each.
4-star card - 25 orbs or 2.5M plus coins each.
5-star card - 35 orbs or 3.5M plus coins each.

Anyone selling or buying these cards above the imposed limits will face repercussions.

***Currently, there is no resale cap for the special edition cards. However, this can change if we monitor and feel that those cards are being resold at unreasonable prices.

How can I check to see which cards I or other users have?

You can either check the spreadsheet posted in the +Cards Inventory section below, go to any respective user's profile, or visit the +Cardsino index HERE and click on "Total Awarded." We will make an effort to update the users' decks and the spreadsheet as often as we can, but please be patient otherwise.

Will new cards be added to the inventory?

Yes, our goal is to come out with a new edition every 6-12 months. When we do, we will also give you the chance to nominate some new celebrities and characters to be added that aren’t currently in the inventory. In between, there could be some special editions being released as well. So stay tuned!


To redeem a pack won or purchased from a certain event or occasion:

Name/link of event or occasion:
Other details:

To buy a pack:

The pack(s) you wish to purchase (star, idol/anime and edition):
Proof of payment to @Maginashi:

To sell a card:

Buyer’s username:
Name/code of the card you’re selling:
The amount you’re selling for:

The buyer then must quote the seller’s post and provide proof of payment.

To trade a card:

The other trader’s username:
Name/code of the card being traded to the other user:
Name/code of the card you’re getting from the other user:
Amount of extra payment (if applicable):
Proof of payment if you’re the one responsible for the extra payment:

The other trader then must quote your post to confirm their approval (and provide their proof of additional payment, if applicable).

To gift a card:

Name/code of card being gifted:
The user you’re gifting this to:
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I am broke but if you are selling Liu Yu, Byungchan, Kyuhyun and Heiji Hattori cheaply, I will buy them :poggers:

these are their codes i think:
1stIdol144 liu yu
1stIdol071 byungchan
1stIdol068 kyuhyun
1stAnime037 heiji
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@Bchip lmk if you’re giving your nogi cards, i can offer all my coins (which is what u see) and i could bug stannie more to know which cards i got from our packs ;;;

I can also do any orbs under 10 cause I’m broke ;;
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@Bchip lmk if you’re giving your nogi cards, i can offer all my coins (which is what u see) and i could bug stannie more to know which cards i got from our packs ;;;

I can also do any orbs under 10 cause I’m broke ;;
I can give them to you tomorrow, however i love your second idea :sanapray: There's something in our packs i really want.
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@Stannie @sm maid the nct cards will be 3 orbs since they are 3 stars :poggers:
you have to post a selling form here so we can buy:poggers: the max amount you can charge for a 3 stars is like 25 orbs so you don't need to sell them so cheap

edit: oh we are already in the +card thread fklghfdkl I thought this was still the reveal one
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