[theqoo] Netizens are disappointed with Aespa’s ‘Next Level’ comeback stage on Music Bank


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Aespa’s ‘Next Level’ comeback stage on Music Bank

original post : theqoo

1. Winter and NingNing did well on stage, the two of them are stable

2. I like Aespa, these days, I just listen to their songs every day

3. There is no member who can dominate the stage

4. Giselle suits her hair so well

5. The stage is boring

6. The choreography was a bit boring, so the stage was empty. I also like this song, so I was looking forward to the stage, but the choreography was a bit disappointing

7. The song is good but the stage is so boring,,

8. The stage is a bit boring but Karina is so pretty

9. The choreography is boring, the song and concept are good, but the performance is too weak

10. I think the kids have good skills, but the song itself is a bit slow so the choreography seems a bit slow


Aespa’s first “Next Level” stage is receiving divided opinions

There are people saying that the stage set up was a shame and that the dance was lackluster

original post : theqoo

1. The stage seems a bit empty

2. But did they lip sync??

3. The members’ skills are good, but the choreography and stage are too boring for the song

4. The stage is boring

5. The choreography seems somewhat boring. The song is good but the choreography is not good so the stage is not fun

6. The kids did well on stage, but the camera was disappointing..

7. There’s no member who can dance better than I thought

8. They dance well, but the stage is too big for the number of members so it looks empty

9. I was hoping for the choreography, but it was worse than I thought

10. Compared to the song, the choreography is boring