Throne Wars


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"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die."

Welcome to the Game of Thrones.

Are you strong enough? Can you work together, gather your army and take over lands to overtake the throne?

Welcome to Hallyu+'s summer event, Throne Wars! With the end of the TV series Game of Thrones, viewers must be thirsting for more. We are happy to help you quench this thirst. Even if you aren't into the show or book, you can still participate. However we must warn you that there will probably be spoilers so please try to avoid the marked events to avoid final season spoilers. Get ready for a 2 and a half week long event!!

The rules are simple.

There will be four houses. These four houses are fighting for armies and land, to gather the best of the best to fight for the throne. Each team will start out with 0 soldiers in their armies and one land, however each game will give you a chance to build up your arsenal. In the end, the house with the most soldiers and land can claim the throne with their superior backing of resources. Here are the following houses and the events team member in charge of them.

House Lannister - “Hear Me Roar”
Claimed land: Westerlands
Overseen by @Akidoki

House Stark - “Winter is Coming”
Claimed land: The North
Overseen by @RenjunSlays

House Martell - “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”
Claimed land: Dorne
Overseen by @eunheart

House Targaryen - “Fire and Blood”
Claimed land: Crownlands
Overseen by @Dr. Sweetea

First take the quiz to see which house you belong in.
Your next step is to get the banner of your house. Either post here or PM me with your house so I can put you in it.
You can join a house at any time...however final prizes will only be rewarded to those who join by Week 2, Game 2 (August 8th, 11:59PM BST).
Your homes and the schedule will be revealed later today...

Each game has its own prizes for the house and the winners of the game.
In the end of the event there will be even more amazing prizes for the houses on top with the best reserved for the house that takes the throne.

So who will it be?
Who will win?
Join and find out.


Please be sure to abide by all Hallyu+ rules.
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