ANNOUNCEMENT User of the Month - October 2019!


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As we've done last month, we would like to keep celebrating members who contribute to our community.
The user selected each month is someone the staff has chosen who contributes to the community in standout ways, be it by helping other members, answering questions, promoting H+, donating, or anything that makes this person stand out in a positive way.
THIS MONTH, however, we also let you pick your user of the month!

To show how thankful we are, being user of the month comes with perks as well!

Any of the 3 User Of The Month banners below:


A special trophy (2,500 points)
10,000 Plus Coins

Before we get to our new user of the month, we would like to once again thank the selected user of August, @Nara !
Thank you for being such a great addition to our community and a delightful presence.

Now, our new user of the month is a user who has been standing out in various aspects on the forum the past month. Counting your votes, along with the Moderators' assessments, we picked our user of the month for October 2019!

Please congratulate

During the past month, @ByulHarangBona has shown dedication to the community by keeping it up do date constantly, while being extremely helpful and friendly to users around the forum. Byul's threads often get featured on HallyuPlus' twitter account, and has recently become a part of our Social Media team and a VIP+ member.
The HallyuPlus staff, along with the rest of the community, would like to acknowledge your efforts and thank you for your contributions to the community!