EVENT+ Week 3: Deadman's Wonderland + Raffle [Challenge Finished]


DR. KπŸ’‰M πŸ‘„


Here is where you live as the dead, and die as the living.

Are you in fear of losing your life?

But only as the dead shall you find the hidden treasure.

Not candy, not gold

Rather the gleaming gem to cleanse your soul.

The precious treasure of Davy Jones

Hidden deep inside this sinister island.


The travelers of the Island of Lost Dreams searched for days and days; where could the great reserve of candies that the Addams spoke of be hidden?
They found themselves lost in a sewer, fighting each other for survival, living the life of a dead detective, and latched onto by evil dolls. But where are the candies??

At last they found a light at the end of the tunnel, or some did. On their way back to their ship, a group of 15 found themselves stuck in a swamp of quicksand. The others pitied them as they sunk beneath. Little did they know that what waited beneath was not death, it was a hidden tomb full of candies and secret maps. The first to sink snatched most of the candies they could find:

1. 444
2. 400
3. 375
4. 350
5. 300
6. 275
7. 250
8. 200
9. 175
10. 150
11. 130
12. 100
13. 75
14. 50
15. 30

So who were the lucky 15?


Everyone who participated in the week 2 games were added to the raffle.


Upon finding their way out of the tomb, the group presented a secret scripture to the rest. The scripture spoke of the adventures of 4 pirates who hid candies in four different mini islands around the Deadman's Wonderland. The group decides to immediately head out to these islands. However, in order to find the hidden candies, you must fist analyse and solve the clues.

The first person to solve this challenge will earn 444 candies.
Anyone can participate, and you can PM me the full answer(list) up to two times.


There were 4 Pirates: Captain Ren, Rose-eye, Dr. Beard and Akido. Each of these pirates had their own pet parrots of the colours Green, Red, Blue and Black. Legend has it that these 4 pirates traveled to 4 different lands where they spent the rest of their grumpy lives: Magizon, Frostinq, Riritaly and Soozerica. While they were there, they also hid rare candies of different amounts: 50, 60, 70 and 80.

You must analyse the hints from the scripture below and submit a list of the 4 pirates containing:
The pirate’s name – the colour of their parrot – which land they went to – amount of candy they hid.


1. The pirate with a blue parrot was either in Riritaly or Soozerica, and hid either 50 or 60 candies.

2. Magizon had 10 less candies hidden than Soozerica.

3. Dr. Beard hid 20 candies less than the pirate with the black parrot.

4. Akido hid either 70 or 80 candies. He was either in Magizon or Frostinq.

5. Among Captain Ren and the pirate from Soozerica, one hid 70 candies and the other has the blue parrot.

6. The Red Parrot either belongs to Rose-eye or to the pirate of Frostinq.

7. Riritaly doesn’t have 60 candies hidden and Rose-eye is not its pirate.

8. Captain Ren hid 10 candies more than Rose-eye.

We have the first 10 people to complete the challenge!
1. @boo - 444
2. @rosie - 300
3. @Chomiczewska - 200
4. @meltrosz - 100
5. @Aeri_Panda - 100
6. @Yuki - 100
7. @Baymax - 50
8. @bobo - 50
9. @ウィスキー23 - 50
10. @BlueNose - 50


Captain Ren – Black – Riritaly – 70 candies

Dr. Beard – Green – Magizon – 50 candies

Rose-eye – Blue – Soozerica – 60 candies

Akido – Red – Frostinq – 80 Candies

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Congrats to the lucky winners!

DR. KπŸ’‰M πŸ‘„


We have found our top 3 already! They will receive 444, 300 and 200 candies respectively.

The next 3 to solve will receive 100 candies.

The next and last 4 to solve will receive 50 candies.


DR. KπŸ’‰M πŸ‘„

We have found the next 3 winners who will all receive 100 candies!

The last 4 spots remaining​

DR. KπŸ’‰M πŸ‘„


The challenge has been completed by 10 people before time! Please check the OP for our winners.
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