Zenith Media Contents shows diversity can win over Kpop aestethics

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ZMC has tried for years before with Kpop looks and they failed utterly! While Z-Stars condemned by many as not good looking are now their most popular groups. Achievements:

-297k subscribers

- Z-Girls video views: Streets of Gold 3 million , What you waiting for 5.9 million

- Z-Boys video views: Holla Holla 2 million, No Limit 3.3 million

Carlyn was amongst the last 24 contestants to enter V-1 show. Unfortunately she didn't but it proves our fandom GalaxZ is a force to be reckon in the future.

Wanna.B, Zest-Z and LipBubble are typical Kpop aesthetic and they couldn't be successful. Their looks are better than Z-Stars I admit, but Z-POP shows not always looks can get success. Z-Stars has many features deemed ugly by knetz. Vanya flat big nose, Priyanka dark skin, Bell crooked teeth, round faces like Mavin, Roy and Josh are condemned by knetz. But still we win over past groups my more views, subscribers and fans!