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Jun 20, 2019
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Hallyu+’s Content+ is hosting a giveaway on Zepeto!
The winner of the giveaway will be receiving 200 zems worth of items.

The winner will be randomly drawn from the participants who follow these instructions:
  • Create an account on Hallyuplus.net
  • Post a thread in the new member section with your zepeto code + your bio
  • Post at least 5 valid contributions to the forum (basically, post in threads but it cannot be spam.) Union will not be counted. Threads will be counted in your 5.
  • React to this thread.
These are the rules:
  • You must be over 15 years old.
  • Only ONE code per submission per person. Duplicate accounts will be checked.
  • Cheating of any kind will result in you being removed from the drawing.
  • Do not break any of the Hallyu+ rules. Make sure you read them before you begin these tasks.
If you are found to be violating any of these rules, the prize will be void and another winner will be selected.

Naturally, one might ask about H+ users who have Zepetos and want to participate:
  • H+ users satisfy most of the rules, therefore as long as you like this thread and post your code here - you will be entered in the drawing.
  • Existing Users must post the promotional video

If you are not comfortable with sharing your code publicly, you can PM the code to either ARandomFan or Saint Ren.

You will have until July 31st to satisfy all of the conditions to enter the drawing.

The winner you will be instructed to select 200 zems worth of items that can be gifted within a week of confirmation of your winning (once we send you a message saying you have won, the countdown starts once you reply.) You can gift some items to your friends, but this will be at our discretion.

The rules as well as this thread are subject to change.
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Jun 16, 2019
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Big DISLIKE on Zepeto dumping gifts I did NOT accept into my item inventory. I didn't accept those gifts for a reason: The items are either ugly or don't fit my character's persona. More junk to scroll through to get to what I want.
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