1. Stan BiSH

    PV BiS - STUPiD

    warning: don't eat chocolate while watching this :doge: they are doing two releases this and next week tomorrow "Brand-new idol Society (NEW TYPE Ver)" which is a repackage of their first album but with new songs and the 5th they are releasing their 2nd album "LOOKiE" previous single...
  2. Stan BiSH

    PV BiS - DEAD or A LiME

    their previous MV their 1st single「DEAD or A LiME」goes out on november 20 they are the group on my signature, stan them :fab:
  3. Stan BiSH

    PV CARRY LOOSE -「CARRY LOOSE」(Official Video) [Debut] +free album download for 1 week

    from left to right: yuina, uruuru, pan luna and yumeka they are a new group under WACK (BiSH is their sister group) they were formed from the remains of BiS along with 2 new members, after some delays (and unnecessary name changes :doge:) they are finally debuting. live performance...
  4. Stan BiSH

    PV BiS - Douyara Zombie o Demashi (Apparently Zombies) [Music Video]

    the single can be downloaded for free too :fab: their debut album "Brand-new idol Society " out on august 14
  5. Sasori

    The Official WACK Thread - BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE, and EMPiRE

    *Under Construction* Current MVs BiSH BiS GANG PARADE EMPiRE