1. Stori

    Barbie Discord

    Hi~ I tried making a server based around Barbie (like the films and all), Bratz, and other similar concepts like Monster High, etc. for people that are interested in these things to hangout and interact with each other. If you'd be interested, please come check it out! :heartublob...
  2. Ackerman

    ANNOUNCEMENT Join Our Discord!

    Hello everyone, just a quick announcement. We have a Discord with a couple of channels for our users to come in and keep up with the things going on with H+ This will be another venue for our users to follow us in much like our social media accounts. Feel free to drop in! Please keep in mind...
  3. M

    I changed my discord name after quite some time.

    Idk if y'all read others profiles that much. But my disicord is now OnlyHappyMews :) Thanks for listening and taking the time to hear this one out Love you all! @kimsguardian @Ackerman @Idol Killer @Nara @Chococo @Vampire @ARandomFan
  4. K-CITY

    Introducing Pream Radio!

    K-CITY brings you Pream Radio, an interactive platform where our hosts discuss what is currently happening in the Kpop scene with the community! Disclaimer: All opinions and views coming from the hosts aren't meant to offend the viewers. Link to the first episode: Come join our discord...
  5. Dakk

    Hello from THE9 / QCYN2 Discord server

    Hello everyone, I'm the admin of THE9 / QCYN2 Discord server đź‘‹ We aim to maintain an organized and friendly space for anyone to discuss or to find the latest updates on Cpop girl group - THE9 as well as any other girls from the survival show they came from - QCYN2 (Youth With You 2). Although we...
  6. K-CITY

    Hi! We are K-CITY a kpop discord community!

    Hello, we are K-CITY! We are a kpop community based on discord. Our goal is to gather many kpop fans from all over the world to share their experiences, fav groups, and just hang-out :love: Our attractions: Weekly activities, always up-to-date kpop news, kpop games and many more. Come join...
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