1. lusobr

    MBC's girl group survival show My Teenage Girl reveals contestants and pre-show episode

    They divided the girls in 4 classes by Korean age groups. You can check their profiles in Korean on their official website. 1st class: 12-14 years old. Park Boeun: 13, profile says main vocal. Instagram pictorial. Yoon Seungju: 11, maknae. Pic. Jung Siwoo: 12, dance queen. Pic. Bohme Sara: 12...
  2. Katniss

    2018 debuted Kpop GGs: who is still holding on?

    After doing one for 2019 and 2020, I now go back to see how many girl groups from 2018 are still active. I was surprised by how many from 2019 were already inactive or disbanded, so I expect lots of sad stories. Still hoping for some successful ones as well :) I put one MV if they still did...
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