1. abra

    Shiroma Miru talks about loving women, dating women and what women she wants to touch

    Fukada Kyoko: Sumire: Source: https://www.fanthology.me/entry/shiroma-miru
  2. abra

    APPRECIATION Shiroma Miru

  3. abra

    BREAKING NEWS NMB48 reveal line up + details for 21st single, Shiroma Miru centers

    At today's hand shake event, NMB48 announced details regarding the groups next single (21st overall). The single will be released on the 14th of August and the title song will be centered by Shiroma Miru. The full line-up is as follows: Shiroma Miru (center) :ohmygod: , Ota Yuuri, Yoshida...
  4. kimsguardian

    Shiroma "MIRURUN" Miru (白間美瑠) Official Thread ♡

    -- under construction --
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