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    GFX The Addams Family/Wednesday Addams

    Signature Avatar Enjoy and always accept family rated movies. @Ackerman @kimsguardian @Seriously @ARandomFan
  2. E

    Hensuki was interesting...

    Girls who have 'fetishes' I can get with that. They were the typical ones you'd expect. But I thought the accurate portrayal was respectable. I kind of see myself with a bit of each of those kinks myself. lol Such is Hensuki The english dub was quite good too. The main dude, who was the...
  3. E

    Been playing Moero Crystal H for Switch (Reason why I haven't been active as much)

    It's a bit 'perverted' but the game mechanics are nice and the monster girls are so cute! If you don't believe me, check out the storyline LOL. Also people haven't posted a guide. I needed one for area 1 and 4. So 5 which I've done, now up to 6. I had to figure out on my own. This does not...
  4. Bellamy

    So yesterday, The Simpsons turned 30....

    ...since the new seasons aren't (that) funny anymore....wich is/are your(s) fav moment(s)/episode(s) from old seasons? Mine: Bart sells his soul. Bart After Dark. Lisa The Vegetarian. A Milhouse Divide. Bart's girlfriend. Itchy and Scratchy Land. Homer vs Dignity. Bart gets an elephant. Lisa's...
  5. Sailor Venus

    What are the funniest animes that u've ever seen?

    after watching gekkan shoujo nozaki kun, hataraku maou sama & daily lives of high school boys, i can't find any other funny anime to watch : /
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