1. anh

    PHOTOSHOOT WayV for NeufMode

    visual kings wbk :sejeongcry:
  2. Lemon Detox

    APPRECIATION One year ago these trainees were introduced!

    WayV's Yangyang , Xiaojun and Hendery From SM Rookies to WayV members they really grew a lot and achieved many things in the past year. Thank you boys for always doing your best, let's hope for many more successful years to come ❤
  3. Lemon Detox

    PHOTOSHOOT WayV for TheG

    [TheG视觉 weibo]
  4. Lemon Detox

    PHOTOSHOOT WayV for Leon Young

  5. Lemon Detox

    PHOTOSHOOT WayV for Nylon China July Issue

    [full article]
  6. Panda

    🆅 The Official WayV Hendery Thread 🦄

  7. Lemon Detox

    EVENT 190617 WayV @ AACTA Gala Dinner in Shanghai

    They were invited as AACTA's asian unit ambassadors and also had a performance there
  8. Polaris_Tae

    🆅 WayV (威神V) Official Thread 🆅

    WAYV ORIGINAL CONTENT Rainbow V [subbed] EP. 01 | EP. 02 | EP. 03 | EP. 04 | EP. 05 | EP. 06 | TEN x WINWIN Performance | KUN x XIAOJUN Performance | LUCAS x HENDERY x YANGYANG Performance WayV-ariety: Research Note [subbed] Teaser [raw] [subbed] | Research Note_TEN | Research Note_HENDERY |...
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