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  1. yknok

    IU proved to be more efficient than the Govt during the virus epidemic

    Korea is now deeply in the virus epidemic. It is most severe in the city of Taegu( now spelled Daegu but I prefer the older spelling), which might have led Red Velvet's Irene and BTS' Suga, both from that city (a major transportation hub in southeast Korea), to donate a large sum. The...
  2. perspherspley

    [theqoo/knetizen] IU’s long hair vs IU’s short hair

    Long hair – Short hair
  3. perspherspley

    CHARTS Best Selling Digital Artists on Gaon (2012.03.29 - 2019.03.30)

    1.IU 2. BTS 3. Big Bang 4. Davichi 5. Bol4 6. EXO 7. Twice 8. Busker Busker 9. Akmu 10. 2NE1 http://newslabit.hankyung.com/article/201904083505G @kchartsmaster
  4. perspherspley

    [theqoo/knetizen]One of the celebrities who will be mentioned a lot later as a top star

    One of the celebrities who will be mentioned a lot later as a top star IU With the great success of “Good Day” 2010, IU became famous After that, she constantly has popular songs like ‘Friday’ 2014, ‘Night Through’ 2017 IU’s fashion in ‘YOU & I’ catches everyone’s...
  5. Flooffy Lights

    RUMOR IU to sing an OST for her drama Hotel Del Luna (Won't be released officially)

    also, if you didn't yet, check out the best OST of this drama aka DONE FOR ME!
  6. Bobo

    I wish i could donate my braincells

    and just leave one or 2 cause i want to be an IU sl*t zombie like i want to only think about her, i know that's why God brought me to the world for IU and IU only (i won't elaborate about IU being God) But instead i'm here struggling with boring real life problems like universtiy and worrying...
  7. Bobo

    INSTAGRAM The sad moment when IU is more active in her Finsta than her real one

    She's legit posting more there now But i don't want to follow her there cause of my ig's skinny ratio is still small
  8. lira

    [DONE! <3] The ♡ IU ♡ Badge Voting Thread

    No fantaken images Use HQ pictures No heavily edited images No extreme contrast, highlighted colours, or super light/dark images - Face should be centered Logos should only be used for groups and are not allowed for individuals in most cases Only screenshots from Music Videos, CFs and official...
  9. Bobo

    Can you hear God?

    So today i was playing some music on shuffle when suddenly, this started playing and i was speechless. God was talking to me right there in that moment. I wondered, "why me? i'm just another iuist in this big world" I had to replay it 1000x times to make sure i listened to it correctly and i...
  10. Bobo

    ⌜☆ Official IU (아이유) Thread #LovePoem #Blueming #HotelDelLuna ☆⌝

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