[Arama Japan] HiHi Jets members Ryo Hashimoto & Ryuto Sakuma punished for leaked photos with female


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HiHi Jets is a is a group under Johnny’s Jr, the talent agencies training/pre-debut program. Two of the members have recently made headlines, but not for the best of reasons. Two of the members, Ryo Hashimoto and Ryuto Sakuma, were involved in some leaked photos.

A photos were apparently leaked from a female fan. In the photos, a man who appears to be Ryo is sleeping in bed while an unknown woman stares at him. The next photos shows Ryuto, who is sleeping on the floor. Due to how he looks, netizens have questioned whether or not he was intoxicated. Check out the photos in question below:

Ryo is 18 years old, while Ryuto is 16. While there was some speculation whether or not these were actually the two, Johnny’s officially released a statement confirming that it was them in the photos.

In the statement Johnny’s deeply apologized for causing concern among the fans, and everyone else who supported them. Management talked to the boys and reprimanded them for their of care that comes with being a talent. All of their entertainment activities will be halted until December 2019, and while inactive school and community service will be their highest priority.

Johnny’s acknowledged that their guidance failed and will take more care with Johnny’s Jr talent. Regular meetings will be held, and they will also strengthen the cooperation between management and the talents parents.

It’s been alleged that over the years, many Johnny’s Jr talents have quietly quit over scandals with women, drinking, and smoking.

(via otapol)

As for the female fan in question, it’s alledged that she is actually a “sasaeng” on a mission for revenge.

Various gossip sites have stated that the fan who leaked the photos, is actually a “sasaeng”, which has made her a big target for fans of HiHi Jets.

The term “sasaeng” originally comes from South Korea, the term is in reference to a deranged fan who stalks their favorite celebrities and encourages others to do the same. In many cases some of them will almost commit crimes just if it means they can get attention, or become “closer” to the celebrity.

Johnny’s in particular have been a target of these fans over the course of history. In the past those fans have been described as “Yarakashi“.

They went on to allege that the “fan” leaked these photos as an act of revenge. She apparently previously tried to pursue the group, but was ignored. In response to this she received extensive plastic surgery, and once healed began her conquest. She was evidently successful in her revenge mission.

Some gossip websites allege that Ryo Hashimoto is still in communication with the fan.

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......can they just call them Stalker? And wow, these boys and this "fan" currently living what usually Y/N stalker storyline from fanfiction.

I... :jinjudge: