Battle of Wits - 10th July 2pm EDT/7pm BST (11th July 3am KST)


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Jun 10, 2019
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Some battles are won with swords and spears, others with quills and ravens. But not Crows. Never Crows.

Wit is mankind's greatest tool.
Even if some choose to drink bleach, eat tidepods and swallow tablespoons of cinnamon powder.
The truth is, wit is an inherent quality that everyone is capable of using.
The best of the lot can use wit to their benefit,
They will use it to win.
Can you win?

It's time to find out.

There will be 10 rounds.

Each of them will give you a situation with three possible actions to choose from.

One of these actions will be the right choice. It will give you 2 points.
One will be neutral. You gain nothing but you lose nothing.
The last action is the choice of ignorance. You will lose two points.

You will be given a form when the situation and choices are presented.
State your username and the letter of your choice E.g. A, B or C, in the form.
You will have 5 minutes to make a decision and submit your choice.
Any submissions sent after the time is up will not be counted.

All scores will be tallied individually. And at the end of all rounds, the user with the highest score will become the winner.

However that's not all.
There will be two surprise rounds presenting a challenge with special prizes to be won.
The first player to complete this challenge will win the prize.


Only submissions via the form given for the round will be accepted.

If you forget to mention your username, your answer will not be counted.

Failure to submit on time for a round will automatically give you the choice of ignorance and you will lose points.

Do not quarrel on the thread.

The repercussion of a choice is predetermined by me based off my understanding and how I have decided the action to be. So even if you think another choice is more suitable, it won't change the outcome.

Good behaviour is expected.

If you need clarifications or have any doubts please quote/@me and ask me, as I may not always be able to keep up with the thread after the game begins.


Difficulty: Medium

Individual Prizes

1st Place - 4 orbs, 40k coins, 40 Elite Gamer Points
2nd Place - 3 orbs, 30k coins, 30 Elite Gamer Points
3rd Place - 2 orbs. 20k coins, 20 Elite Gamer Points
Participation - 40k, 7 Elite Gamer Points



1. @AStannie
2. @Ⓞⓜⓑⓡⓔ́
3. @Chiharu
4. @Dragon of the West
5. @Bchip
6. @Baymax
7. @yongfilms
8. @sm maid
9. @Dr. Mew ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
10. @ARandomFan
11. @wonwoo
12. @Belrockangel
13. @Chomiczewska
14. @Power Renger

Best of Luck!

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