ANNOUNCEMENT Contribute to Press Team's "Singles Day Playlist" Article (Win Plus Coins)!

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Hallyu+ users, are you sick of everyone but you being in a relationship? Well, fear not. As you now have the chance to flex 💪 being single in the form of our upcoming Singles Day Playlist! Let's listen to some great music and watch each other blow all our money on 11/11 sales this November!

Our Press Team members are ready to
receive your recommendations!
Just like we did for Spring & Summer, we would like everyone to suggest ONE song to include in this new playlist
(Kpop, Jpop or Cpop).

All songs will be sent to the four writers anonymously, which is why this thread is locked.
If you have any question about this contest, please head here.

Between 8 and 12 of these suggested songs will be featured in a special article that will be posted on November the 11th.
If your song is selected, you will receive ⨭50,000 Plus Coins & 2 Ørbs!
All songs (minus troll suggestions... but we know our users wouldn't dare!) will be added to the playlist we will create on Spotify and Youtube.
We look forward to receiving your suggestions!

Not open for further replies.