MINI+ [FINISHED] A Royal Journey


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Jun 10, 2019
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Many battles have been fought.

3 eggs have been found.
And now Valyria is so nearly in the houses' grasp.
But the journey is not over yet.
There is one final path you need to take to be a dragon master.
So who will it be?

It's time to find out.

This is a board game.

On the board that can be seen in the 2nd post, each house will start in the respective spot that holds the house flag (The spots were decided based on the alphabetical order of the houses.)
Their goal is to enter the Finish Square through the block containing their respective house colour. So for Lannister they need to go through F7, Martells through D6, Stark through G5, and Targaryen through E4.

They can move across the board using a number of moves won via the Game's Rounds.
You can only move horizontally (left or right) and vertically (up or down). You cannot move diagonally.
However, do take note, there are obstacles on the board. Where the obstacles are placed will be revealed to you 10 minutes before the game begins. When an obstacle (in the form of a rock or a soldier) or another house is occupying a space on the board, you cannot occupy or move through that spot. You need to go around them.

Winners for the game will be decided based on who reaches the finish square first.

Before the game begins, 4 players from each house will join a cord made by the gm and will have private channels to make their strategies and discuss where they are going to move on the board.

There will be 15 rounds.

Each round will be posted in the game thread.
And this is where players can submit their answers. Every player can submit an answer. The first correct answer will be counted.
The first 3 houses to submit the correct answer or complete the task given, can respectively move 3 spaces ahead, 2 spaces ahead and 1 space ahead on the board.

The houses that win the moves will be given 3 minutes to discuss what they are going to do in the cord.
And before the time is up one of the house members need to post the respective moves in the thread.
You need to mention all your moves. So if you win 3 moves and are moving from B2 towards the right. Then you need to say C2, E2 and D2.

Failure to send the moves on time will result in them not being allowed to move.

Spelling matters but punctuation, diacritical marks, etc don't matter.

Only Stage names or Full names are accepted. For names of people, Abbreviations are not allowed. E.g. F.D.R and F.D. Roosevelt will not be accepted. You need to say Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In case the name is for a place, it needs to be the full name and not an abbreviation. E.g. New York not NY.

Abbreviations for groups are allowed only if the Abbreviation is used more officially. Example BTS, NCT and EXO are accepted. RV for Red Velvet, SVT for Seventeen, SNSD for Girls' Generation are not accepted.

Good behaviour is expected.

Other house members are not allowed to discuss the game and answers with the players who sign up or instruct them what to do. This is not allowed on any platform.

Difficulty: Medium

1st Place - 3300 Gold, 2 orbs, 20k coins and 40 Ranking Points
2nd Place - 2700 Gold, 1.5 orbs, 15k coins and 30 Ranking Points
3rd Place - 2050 Gold, 1 orb, 10k coins and 20 Ranking Points
Participation - 500 Gold, 20k and 7 Ranking Points


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Best of Luck! :heartublob:

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Jul 26, 2019
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"Every player can submit an answer. The first correct answer will be counted. " Does this mean there are unlimited answers or no?
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