EVENT+ [Finished] Spirited Puppets | Oct. 19th @12AM KST / Oct. 18th @11AM EDT


DR. KπŸ’‰M πŸ‘„


Welcome tourists: to The Museum of Puppets. I, the Puppet Master, will give you a tour around the museum where you will meet my iconic puppets. Iconic? Yes, they are no ordinary dollies. Perhaps you recognize them from somewhere? After all, some say that the horrifying souls of our famous guests are trapped within them.

1. There will be 19 rounds in this game, and in each round you will be given a drawing of my black-button-eyed puppets. This drawing maybe either of a character or a particular scene.

2. Once the round is posted, you will have 3 minutes to guess which movie/TV series/animation or anime the drawing is representing. Remember, you don't have to guess the character's name but the name of the show it's from.

3. If no one has guessed the drawing after 3 minutes, I will ask everyone to stop posting and then post a hint at a random time. You will have 2 more minutes to guess. If everyone fails to guess again, a second and final hint will be dropped and you will again be given 2 minutes to guess.

4. You may only post once per round (until I drop the next hint), so be careful about posting the title correctly.

5. You must name the title correctly with no missing words. Symbols and capitalization do not matter but spelling does.

6. The first person to guess correctly will be given 4 points, and the next 2 people will be given 2 points each. After the first hint, the points will drop to 3 and 1 respectively. Only the first place will receive 2 points after the second hint is dropped.


1. Do not edit your posts and merged posts will not count.

2. If you post more than once in a round, your answer will not count.

3. You must stop posting when asked to.

4. This is an individual game, any discussion or cheating will result in penalties.

5. Be respectful to the GM and all other players. All H+ rules will be applied throughout this game.


1st Place - 40K Plus Coins + 40 Elite Points + Candies

2nd Place - 25K Plus Coins + 30 Elite Points + Candies

3rd Place - 10K Plus Coins + 20 Elite Points + Candies

Participants - 5k Plus Coins + 5 Elite Points + Candies

The candy amount will be announced at the end of the game depending on the duration of the game.


1. Aeri_Panda
2. OutroTearTheFirst
3. Baymax
4. Kim's Guardian
5. Full Sun
6. AStan
7. Beefy
8. wonwoo
9. miatheikonic
10. meltrosz
11. Chomiczewska
12. emma
13. iususchrist
14. Bchip
15. Stinkerbell
16. BlueNose
17. ByulHarangBona
18. rosie

(no player limit)

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Pls smu for participation points :TzuyuKek:

Are there any themes to the movie/show etc

sexy cutie

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smu. why yall gotta put sign up threads while im away :sejeongcry:
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