Frustrated about CPOP and Nine Percent management


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CPOP is growing a lot since their new generation started with former line of EXO-M (Luhan, Kris, Tao, Lay) and boomed with Nine Percent and Rocket Girls success.
But I feel the same vibe with japanese music: their local market is so big and don't need overseas validation.
But at same time try to make overseas appealing with SEA pressence (Malaysia and Thailand) or travels to USA or fashion week (Paris, Milan, London).
But zero content for ifans don't make them a super powerhouse what competes with kpop popularity around the world.
Some old artists of 80 and 90s were famous in Asia and tried in USA but never with starring size of BTS for example. Maybe Fan BingBing can impact with her participation in next movie with Jessica Chastain and Liu Yifei as Mulan will be the chinese biggest ambassadors but in music they are still in fail.
But it's understanable the local focalization because chinese market are having young people from 12-40 years old with potential to buy merch of idols/young celebs.
And their group divided parts so soon because when each member start to make banking thanks individual pressences in varieties or dramas the group rarely have comeback. Each group only sees the individual progress feeded by their individual solo stans fans.
Example: Nine Percent or TF Boys are counted their pressence together during music promos. Maybe individual solos stans are satisfied of seeing individual progress of bias but group fans seem frustrated.
So the individual push of protect individuals activities instead of group first and local focalizated promotions are the reason why the wish of make cpop an overseas hit failed.
Final reflexion: about Nine Percent I followed IP season 1. I love their visuals and talents but frustrated me a lot as the boys preferes their individual progress than make bigger the boygroup inffluence. If they should be privileged the group maybe can compete with kpop at least around all Asia with fanmeeting and shows but their contracts as group are ending soon.
I loved this Nine Percent stage

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Also, I think this is why SM is struggling with WayV now in China. Individually, they're pretty good by putting Lucas and Winwin in major variety shows, but the gap of fame between those two and others locally are too big. I wonder if they'll send new member to a variety show next to spread the popularity. SM is obviously trying to market them as a group, but the individuality in the fandom culture is just so strong. I wonder how far SM and their group stans can keep the unity. At least the boys are united enough. If they succeed, this could be revolutionary, but SM is a mess too so...


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i've always thought that nine percent was a test subject for iqiyi to see how they'd handle a survival show group. not putting their foot down against yuehua pulling zhengting, justin, and chengcheng away for nex7 activities was probably their biggest mistake. like what happened to ioi with gugudan/wjsn, it cuts in a lot to what the rest of them could do as a group.

iqiyi themselves also fucked up by delaying the reality show to god knows when, which could've helped in gaining more group fans, and it definitely doesn't help that china's fandom culture is so strong individually. kinda sad that you can count on one hand how many times nine percent has been spotted together as a full nine-member group.

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I don't think there's much that can be done
Not everywhere (actually, pretty much nowhere else) the fandom culture is as strong and structured like it is in Korea and Japan
In the west we see many soloists and only a few groups (idol-like, not bands), even fewer that are successful
I feel like in China they care more about TV personalities than groups, so it's better to be promoting individually, going on varieties, doing CFs and solo songs
Like even in WayV, which is a cpop group with a bunch of kpop stans and people that are used to the kpop scene, the core of the c-fandom is still pretty much solo stans
I don't think that's changing anytime soon