MINI+ I Choo Choo Choose You! | Feb 15th @ 3PM EST [Finished]


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Jun 11, 2019
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Every round a player will recieve a Valentine's card from all of the other players.
Each player must write a message they wish to write inside their card.
This message will be sent in a PM to me.
All messages will be kept anonymous until the results are revealed for the round.
The player receiving the cards must then choose the messages they like best.
There will be different points given out depending on which item the player gives to the winners.
Each player will recieve a card, so there will be 15 rounds.
Each round will last roughly 10 minutes (5 minutes to write, 5 minutes to pick)
The game will last roughly 2.5 hours in total.
The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!~


Each round, the player will give the following to the top 5 messages:

Wedding Ring (+5 points)
A Dozen Roses (+4 points)
Teddy Bear (+3 points)
Box of Chocolates (+2 points)
A Single Rose (+1 point)


You may not reveal which message you wrote until the results are revealed for that round.
Do not communicate with other players outside of the thread during the game.
Don't leave hints which message belongs to you.
Sometimes less is more, please don't make your messages too long.
Make sure the messages follow the forum's rules, that means nothing too inappropriate!~


1st place - 30 elite points, 30K PC, 3 orbs, 22 Tickets, GIF Stamp and Love Journal
2nd place - 20 elite points, 20K PC, 2 orb, 20 Tickets
3rd place- 10 elite points, 10K PC, 1 orb, 17 Tickets

Participation - 5 elite points, 2.5K PC, no orbs, 7 Tickets


1.) @Bot
2.) @miatheikonic
3.) @sm maid
4.) @Baymax
5.) @Turtle
6.) @Kyon
7.) @OutroTearTheFirst
8.) @BlueNose
9.) @Chomiczewska
10.) @Yuna
11.) @AStan
12.) @Saint Renjun
13.) @Bchip
14.) @Nara
15.) @Chiharu

1.) @AKID❀KI

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