[Real Tea] Exposing the Targaryen fakes while I still can.

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DR. KπŸ’‰M πŸ‘„

I bringgeth you hot tea right from the Targaryen cord.
Get your cups ready as my kettle is bouts to spill.

ZikyungDerp: The stale tea is that the Targaryen khaleesi turned out to be a mudblood aang in a blonde wig. That's right, her blonde hair is phake.
But the pipping hot tea is that... earlier today, she got exposed playing Barbie games:youdontsay:.
Apparently it's supposed to be a 'health' workout.

WithJuyeon: I know how comfused ju's friends must've felt seeing her in house Targaryen. She's just too sweet and peaceful be one of them isn't it? Well you're wrong. Ju is an avid BABY HATER. And we all know where baby haters belong-

Chiharu: Ya'll might think chiharu is cold when it comes to romance, but she is actually very supportive of her wifeu(s) :LovePar:
at least the anime ones.

Aquamaraqua:.....what a thirstea ho e....prolly the biggest one I've seen. None of ya'll faves are safe! Actually, if you want someone to stan your hot faves, just show them to her (at your own cost).

Boo: lol this weird person. let's not get into her :brbdying:. Let's just say GOT would be a great show for her to watch.

Full Sun: Don't worry boo, I'll always keep you tea safe with me!! See what I did there....'boo'

sm maid: I don't want this 4-timer to ban me so....she's cLeAn.

Bobo: Bobo is actually a man. Perfect, flawless, champion slayer of house Targaryen. Bobo is as clean as my mind.

Thank you for coming to my Tea Talk :CupPar:

Stan hyuk


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Jun 30, 2019
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"Full Sun: Don't worry boo, I'll always keep you tea safe with me!! See what I did there....'boo'"
excuse me
where is my mind going
also, i don't know if i've talked to withjuyeon, but as a fellow baby hater, i support
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