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Jun 20, 2019
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Welcome all back to another User Interview of the Month! This month, y'all voted for whoever you wanted and the user that got voted was... The one and only @Frandae!!!!
Without further ado, let's get started~​

  • How did you learn about H+? Why did you join?
A friend of mine told me they were opening this forum and I just followed them blindly since I trust and admire them a lot tbh; I already have been in other forums so yeah I just wanted to be with that one friend (and at that time I also wished to work with them, which at the end, I indeed did).

  • What is your favorite thing about H+?
It’s not specifically about H+ but more like forums as a whole: badges; since I was little I always collected stuff (small dolls, cards, stickers...etc.) so I guess collecting my favourite idols, videogames, and/or anime characters and displaying them with pretty pictures also adds to my “collector nature” lmao. +Cards, which were recently added into the forum, would fall into this category too.

  • Which section and/or thread do you spend the most time in (on H+)?
I mainly spend all the time in the Korean Entertainment Artists section updating the threads I OP (I also happen to OP one artist thread in the Chinese Entertainment Artists and one actor thread in Film, TV & Video too). So yeah, for now I’m just updating several threads with information about my favourite artists and stuff.

  • If you could be another user for a day who’d you be and why?
Tough one but I would say Stannie; I would give myself some orbs and/or plus coins to buy more +Cards to be honest lol. They also seem to be very kind and friendly so I’m sure we would get along and I wouldn’t mind being them for one day.

  • How did you come up with your username?
My username is just the combination of my usual nickname (Fran) + my first ult ever (Jongdae/Chen) so Fran + dae = Frandae; yeah pretty unoriginal I know lmao.

  • When did you get into kpop/Asian entertainment?
Summer of 2016! One of my friends introduced me to EXO (one of my ults) with the song “Call Me Baby” and they just went like: pick a member while listening to the song just for fun! (I obviously picked Chen lol); then some weeks later EXO released Monster (their best song tbh) and the rest is story!

  • Who is your bias and bias group?
I have a lot of bias and bias groups but the “main” ones would be:

EXO - Chen (obviously lol)
Girls’ Generation (SNSD) - Hyoyeon
ASTRO - Eunwoo
Weki Meki - Doyeon
EXID - Hani & Solji
SHINee - Minho
Red Velvet - Yeri

And for soloists I would say Ong Seongwu and Somi
I also bias Zhu Zhengting even though I don't keep up with his group that much, just with him alone tbh.

  • Favorite kpop/jpop/cpop mv?
For kpop it would be ASTRO’s “All Night”; I love flowers/spring aesthetics and it also uses a lot of different shades of greens, pinks and purples (my favourite colours). It also has this “angelic” (?) vibe I really like (plus obviously it also helps it’s my favourite ASTRO song of all time).

As for cpop it would be (shockingly I know lol) Zhu Zhengting’s “Flip”; it’s very chic, elegant and mysterious; I didn’t think he would go for this kind of concept so it surprised me and I liked it a lot. Plus the use of colours, lights and shadows there is really good imo.

And for jpop, I don’t follow any group or soloist so I can't choose any, sorry!

  • Favorite non-Asian artist?
As queen Yeri (Red Velvet) once said: “I love Ariana Grande and I really want to meet her before I die” lmao. So yup her; also this is additional extra information no one asked but my favourite song of hers is “Tattooed Heart”.

  • If you could make one wish, what wish would you make?
This is going to be a very boring (and predictable) wish I know but I would like for this pandemic to be over and that people in general could have more health and happiness in these hard times.

  • What superpower would you like to have?
At first I would have said Teleportation since I am very lazy to walk from one point to another, but then again if I had that superpower, it wouldn’t be very healthy for me soo I would pick Healing (if that could be considered as a superpower lol), as in being able to heal wounds and pain in general.

  • What is your go-to joke?
I don’t think I have a defined “go-to joke” but one thing that I always find myself doing is when someone says one specific word and/or sentence, I always try to link it with a song I know and sing it out loud just for the funsies (I only do this with people that know me and they are considered as friends for obvious reasons lol).
Thank you to Frandae for being wonderful interviewee! And thank you Hallyuplus for reading!
See ya next interview~



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Jun 16, 2019
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Nice interview!

I didn’t realize you’re a Chen fan Fran :poggers: I thought the dae stands for sundae this whole time fnfnnf

We should get Chen’s card added to the next card+ edition :munchlax:


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Jun 19, 2019
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Such a pleasant read- congrats Fran on getting this interview :heartublob: i have the same predictable wish too jdkslf

Thanks for keeping H+ active by updating various artists' threads :poggers:
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