1. Stan BiSH

    SCANDAL to postpone concerts in Seoul, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok and Hong Kong due to Coronavirus Outbreak

    they are not canceled just postponed (at least for now!) they also had to postpone several of their dates in japan
  2. Stan BiSH

    AUDIO-J SCANDAL Feat Kubotakai & Rin音 - Shingetsu (Lyric Video)

    "Tsuki" (moon) was a song released by SCANDAL not much ago, Kubotakai and Rin音 are artists in the same label as them, the group recorded the song again with them and since lots of things got changed they decided to rename the song "Shingetsu" (new moon) this is the original version Tsuki
  3. Stan BiSH

    PV SCANDAL - Tsuki

    since they had to cancel the first dates of the tour because the coronavirus, SCANDAL decided to gift fans a new Mv Scandal :heartpar: Tomomi and Mami haven't posted yet but if they do i'm gonna try to update the post
  4. Stan BiSH

    PV SCANDAL -「Tonight」

    their album "Kiss from the darkness" goes out tomorrow!
  5. Stan BiSH

    PV SCANDAL -「A.M.D.K.J.」

    A.M.D.K.J. stands for Amidakuji Lyrics:RINA Music & Arrangement:MAMI from all their new singles this is definitely my favorite :love: btw the song is also the new ending song for the anime “GeGeGe no Kitaro” their new album "Kiss from the darkness" goes out on February 12th previous...
  6. Lurkette

    LYRICS [SCANDAL]最終兵器、君 (Saishuuheiki, Kimi)

    SCANDAL - 最終兵器、君 (Saishuuheiki, Kimi)/SCANDAL - The Ultimate Weapon, You Lyrics: RINA Composition: MAMI Arrangement: MAMI Requested by @meltrosz Translated by Lurkette @ Original Lyrics/Romanization 四六時中 人生ゲーム 目を逸らしても 逃げられない Shirokujichuu jinsei game Me o sorashitemo...
  7. Stan BiSH

    SCANDAL announce new album "Kiss from the darkness" along with world tour

    this is their first album since they started their own label new album titled 『Kiss from the darkness』 on February 12th! ⠀ -The album will come in 4 editions: Regular, DVD, Magazine, DVD+T-Shirt ⠀ -There is a difference between the DVDs included in the DVD Edition and the DVD+T-Shirt Edition...
  8. Stan BiSH

    PV SCANDAL - Saishuheiki Kimi [MUSIC VIDEO]

    Digital Single "Saishuuheiki, Kimi" ("You're the Ultimate Weapon"), lyrics by Rina and music by Mami next week they are going to appear on AbemaTV were they are going to make an announcement (which most likely is their new album)
  9. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    'Produce x 101' & 'Idol School' trainees allege unfair advantages were given to some competitors

    'Produce x 101' and 'Idol School' trainees are alleging some competitors were given unfair advantages over other trainees. Mnet's 'Produce x 101' is currently undergoing an investigation for allegedly rigging votes for the final project team X1, and other 'Produce' series as well as 'Idol...
  10. Stan BiSH

    PV SCANDAL - Fuzzy (Music Video)

    previous singles hallyu+ thread
  11. Stan BiSH

    SCANDAL music is back on spotify and apple music! (this time for real)

    finally :sejeongcry: Spotify link Apple music link scandal thread on hallyu+
  12. whisky23

    What Do Koreans Think Of The YG Scandals? | ASIAN BOSS

    The comments weren't unexpected, but I was surprised that certain rumors were brought up.
  13. Stan BiSH

    SCANDAL the biggest female rock band in japan! New album "Kiss From The Darkness" out!

    update 1: i updated the first page with a index of scandal discography, all their songs, albums etc,etc worth checking for anyone interested in knowing about their music update 2: spotify and apple music links are up! part 1 part 2 part 3 Scandal (Japanese: スキャンダル, Sukyandaru, stylized as...
  14. Stan BiSH

    SCANDAL videos are back in youtube + spotify and apple music

    Scandal music and videos were taken down when they changed labels but are back online :sejeongcry:
  15. Snowdrop

    [NB] IZ*ONE Yuri under fire for her rude behaviour towards a child at a public setting

    Article: Netizens furious over Jo Yuri's behavior in a supermarket, GAY*ZONE "canceled" Source: Yenzuz News via Nate 1. [+4566, -20] Was she drunk? Her mouth was totally talking all on its own! 2. [+4089, -75] Yah, she never had manners. She repeatedly makes fun of a fellow member's face. And...