1. ScarletRose

    TEASER-K SOMI - 'What You Waiting For' D-DAY!

  2. ScarletRose

    TEASER-K SOMI - 'What You Waiting For' M/V TEASER 3

  3. ScarletRose

    TEASER-K SOMI - 'What You Waiting For' M/V TEASER 2

  4. ScarletRose

    CONCEPT SOMI - 'What You Waiting For' COVER

  5. MVSica

    Post IOI Group Analysis (Year 4) *SALES UPDATE

    Post IOI Group Analysis (Year 4) *SALES ADDED So here in year 4 of the Produce experiment I think we have seen great post IOI success as well as some very sad heart break. Lets talk a little about what happened: IOI (9 Music Show Wins) Album Sales: 10/2016 MISS ME? — 106,439 08/2016 Whatta...
  6. BlueNose

    CF Jeon Somi - Animal Crossing: New Horizons CF

  7. ScarletRose


  8. neojasnee

    Which Produce contestant solo debut did you like better?

    Somi or Alexa Me personally I love Alexa debut
  9. Frandae

    Jeon Somi and her father Matthew Douma will reportedly join the cast of SBS 'Law of the Jungle - Chuuk and Pohnpei, Micronesia'

    I'm glad we are getting more Somi content :sejeongcry:
  10. jindori

    ♡ Official I.O.I. Badge Voting Thread ♡ FINISHED! ♡

    Welcome to the Official H+ I.O.I. Badge Voting Thread! Due to the fact that some members' badges have already been created (or are in the process of being created), in this thread we will only be creating badges for the group, an alternative group badge if the majority of the fandom wishes for...
  11. ScarletRose

    INSTAGRAM Happy 100 Days with Somi!!!

  12. ScarletRose

    INSTAGRAM Somi for #legend magazine

  13. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    I think Somi can blow up in the west like BTS and BlackPink

    She has the look that fits western standard. I think she can reach the same level of fame as Zara Larsson. Not top tier, but between second and third tier.
  14. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    I showed this picture of Somi to my friends

    And they said she looks spanish. I told them she was half-korean and they couldn't believe it.
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