1. ghostface

     Happy birthday VERIVERY Kangmin

  2. ghostface

    PERF-K Verivery - photo (Dance practice)

  3. ghostface

    PERF-K VERIVERY - 'Lay Back' Dance Practice Video

  4. ghostface

    Happy 1st debut anniversary VERIVERY

  5. givemeramyun

    Best selling boy group albums of 2019!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!! I've been so busy this holiday that I haven't had any time to be on the forums and make any videos. Anyways, here is the highly requested top boy group albums of 2019 video! Just a side note, I didn't include December sales because they weren't released yet when people...
  6. ghostface

    AUDIO-K VERIVERY FACE it ep. 01 3rd MINI ALBUM [FACE ME] Highlight Medley

    some sound good :]
  7. ghostface


  8. ghostface

    Guess who... it's VERIVERY!

    As we knew, the teaser of Mnet that said guess who was verivery! Donghan revelation soon
  9. ghostface

    The official VeriVery Kangmin Thread :Gasppepe:

  10. ghostface

    PERF-K Verivery Dongheon, Yongseung and Gyehyeon - Pull up Dance cover

    They are talented
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