1. SLY

    Visuals of Jellyfish Entertainment

    VIXX - Hongbin Gugudan - Hana VERIVERY - Minchan Kim Minkyu Anyways, they are the official 'visual' members of their respective groups except Minkyu. But when Minkyu debuts, come on, there's no question he will be the visual. Here are non-visual members that are also praised for...
  2. BlessMeAchoo

    MV-K [Performance MV] 홍빈 (HONGBIN) X 형원 (HYUNGWON) - COOL LOVE (Prod. dress)

    I liked seeing Hyungwon and Hongbin as a unit, they should perform together again in future :shablob:
  3. jindori

    MV-K 혁(HYUK) (VIXX) - 'way to you' (Official Lyric Video)

  4. nebula

    VIXX's Ravi posts on his IG story that EXO's Kai forgot his password

    Are we surprised lmao
  5. Leo

    MV-K Hongbin (VIXX) x Hyungwon (Monsta X) - Cool Love (Prod. dress) [PEPSI X STARSHIP PROJECT]

  6. Leo

    TEASER-K [Making Film] Hongbin (VIXX) x Hyungwon (Monsta X) - Cool Love(Prod. dress) [PEPSI X STARSHIP PROJECT]

    with subtitles: Hongbin's vocals oooh
  7. Leo

    PERF-K LEO - Tight

  8. Dr. Mew ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    Official VIXX Badge Voting Thread - Finished

    Welcome to the VIXX badge voting thread! Click on link for Guidelines to Awards Click on link regarding any questions you may have Click on link for Award Pre-approval Click on link for Requesting a Mock Schedule Phase 1: Supporter and keeper phase Duration: This phase will be ongoing. You...
  9. Leo

    TEASER-K Hongbin (VIXX) x Hyungwon (Monsta X) - Cool Love [PEPSI X STARSHIP PROJECT]

  10. Leo

    CONCEPT Hongbin (VIXX) x Hyungwon (Monsta X) - Cool Love [PEPSI X STARSHIP PROJECT]

  11. A

    ★ VIXX (빅스) Official Thread ★

    ~ ~ OP under construction ~ Members whereabouts these days: N - military service : see letters (translated to English) on his youtube channel Leo - made a comeback with 2nd mini album, finished promoting on music shows; In near future: musical Marie Antoinette Ken - musical Mephisto Ravi -...
  12. Astro

    Rookies thought VIXX members were gay due to their lack of dating scandals

    V IXX's Ken appeared on the June 18 broadcast of 'Video Star' where he cleared a rumor that had been circling regarding the group's lack of dating scandals. In a segment on the show were members talked about the positives and negatives sides of a public relationship, Ken revealed that he was...
  13. Leo

    MV-K LEO (VIXX) - Romanticism