1. demasta

    PV Hinatazaka46 - Seishun no Uma

  2. Riri

    Best Hits Kayousai 2019 announces line-up: all 46G sister groups to be present plus many more

    Held on November 13th from 7pm JST. Don't miss it! Bids are open for which song Keyaki will enlighten us with :jinjudge:
  3. demasta

    PV Hinatazaka46 - Mama no Dress

  4. demasta

    PV Hinatazaka46 - Ichiban sukida to minna ni itte ita shōsetsu no taitoru o omoidasenai (Kamimura Hinano Solo)

    Such a long title, it translates to "I can't remember the title of the novel I told everyone I liked the most"
  5. demasta

    PV Hinatazaka46 - Honto no Jikan

  6. demasta

    CONCEPT Hinatazaka46 3rd Single "Konnani suki ni natchatte ii no?" Jacket Covers

    Type A Type B Type C Regular Artist Profile
  7. Riri

    BREAKING NEWS Hinatazaka46 Iguchi Mao apologizes for breaking the dating ban

    Rumors of a Sakamichi group member dating a renewed "world class" actor have been circulating lately. A news site has released this photo, teasing who the member might be Today, Hinatazaka46 Iguchi Mao has come forward in her blog to apologize for her actions, confirming she is the woman in...
  8. Riri

    Hinatazaka46 reveals 3rd single title and release date

    Hinatazaka46 3rd Single title was revealed today, title is こんなに好きになっちゃっていいの? / Konanni Suki ni Nachatte Ii no? The release date is October 2nd 2019.
  9. Riri

    Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, and Hinatazaka46 will participate Rakuten GIRLS AWARD 2019 Autumn/Winter

    Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, and Hinatazaka46 will participate Rakuten GIRLS AWARD 2019 Autumn/Winter which held at Makuhari Messe Hall on September 28th 2019 Nogizaka46 represent by : Umezawa Minami, Endo Sakura, Kaki Haruka, Kitano Hinako, Kubo Shiori, Saito Asuka, Sato Kaede, Shiraishi Mai...
  10. Riri

    Hinatazaka46 to release a TBS program called "Self Documentary of Hinatazaka46"

    Hinatazaka46 will have their new program on TBS called "Self Documentary of Hinatazaka46" This program will aired on 29th September and every time 3 members of Hinatazaka and they will share their life story. Credit x
  11. niyin

    PERF-J Tohoshinki / Hot Hot Hot

    at FNS music fes. in summer 2019
  12. Baal

    TVXQ x Hinatazaka46 collab for FNS

    They will perform "Hot Hot Hot" and "Why(Keep Your Head Down)"
  13. Riri

    46G Badge Voting Thread // Final Graduated members round

    Keepers and Supporters Name Hashimoto Nanami Nagahama Neru Shida Manaka Kakizaki Memi Eto Misa Sakurai Reika +Uemura Rina Keepers 2 2 1 2 1 1 2 Supporters 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 Needing 5 Supporters and 2 Keepers for each badge so please post below if you are interested in being a Keeper and/or...
  14. demasta

    PV Hinatazaka46 - Kitsune

    If anyone is able to access the official mv, here it is too