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    MV-C Justin (黄明昊) - 'PSYCHO' MV

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    Yuehua releases a statement + threatens legal action on NEXT's Justin stalker fan situation

    Some of the incidents in question:
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    REVIEW Album Review: Zhu Zhengting - "Chapter Z"

    ALBUM REVIEW: ZHU ZHENGTING – “CHAPTER Z” Written by: Polaris_Tae Zhu Zhengting is a Chinese idol under the management of Yuehua Entertainment (Chinese branch), who rose to prominence during the 2018 season of the IQIYI survival show "Idol Producer". He went on to debut in the resulting group...
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    MV-C Huang Xinchun《近你环行日记》BTS MV

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    PHOTOSHOOT 乐华NEXT's Bi Wenjun for Style Magazine

  6. Vanilla Cupcake

    LYRICS [NEXT] 樂華七子 - Blooming

    樂華七子 (NEXT) - Blooming Lyrics: 夏鸢 (Xia Yuan) Composition: Albin Nordqvist Translated by: Vanilla Cupcake @ 忘不了第一次 當你出現 那一刻心跳突然很強烈 Can’t forget the first time, when you appear From that moment, [my] heart beat suddenly increased 透過你的眼睛 我能看見 一個繁星點點奧秘無窮的世界 Just like magic...
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    PHOTOSHOOT Fan Chengcheng on the cover of ELLEMEN新青年

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    APPRECIATION 🥳 Happy Birthday Zhu Zhengting 🥳

    uwuwu bby is 24 today 🥳🥳🥳 Anticipate his birthday single which drops tonight! Also support my 乐华NEXT badge thread uwu
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    PHOTOSHOOT Zhu Zhengting on the cover of 风度Men's Uno

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    PHOTOSHOOT Justin for Harpers Bazaar Star

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    AUDIO-C Justin/Young Jack: Hibernation (眠冬)

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    PHOTOSHOOT Justin Huang for Neufmode

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    ARTICLE 10 C-Pop Recommendations For K-Pop Fans

    10 C-POP RECOMMENDATIONS FOR K-POP FANS Written by: Polaris_Tae Chinese pop music is often overlooked these days in favour of Japanese and Korean pop. In this playlist I'm going to recommend 10 songs that I hope just might convince you into adding a few Mandopop songs to your heavy rotations...
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    APPRECIATION One of Chengcheng's best looks imo

    oof, I'mma bow down to his stylist every damn day for giving him this god-tier look ~ I'm not 100% sold on the jacket though...
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    EVENT 乐华七子NEXT at the BTV Spring Festival Gala

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    APPRECIATION 🥳 Happy Birthday Li Quanzhe 🥳

    HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY 🥳🥳🥳 Now stream WYTB and stan NEXT!
  17. Vanilla Cupcake

    LYRICS [NEXT] - 不懂你说什么 | WYTB

    NEXT - 不懂你说什么 (WYTB) Lyrics: Mia Composition: ZICO, POP TIME Translated by: Vanilla Cupcake @ What you talking 'bout 現在正是從夢中醒來的時間 準備完畢 點亮燈 提高音量 xiànzài zhèng shì cóng mèngzhōng xǐng lái de shíjiān zhǔnbèi wánbì diǎn liàng dēng tígāo yīnliàng Now it’s time to wake up...
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    EVENT Fan Cheng Cheng from NEXT at a Jimmy Choo x YK Jeong launch in Seoul

    Also, Fan Bing Bing's younger brother
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    NEXT Badge Voting Thread [DESPERATELY NEED KEEPERS] ❖ Voting for Li Quanzhe ❖

    Guidelines: No fantaken images Use HQ pictures No heavily edited images No extreme contrast, highlighted colours, or super light/dark images Face should be centered Logos should only be used for groups and are not allowed for individuals in most cases Only screenshots from Music Videos, CFs and...
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