1. Lurkette

    LYRICS [NMB48] NMB48

    NMB48 - NMB48 Lyrics: 秋元康 (Akimoto Yasushi) Composition: 渡辺未来 (Watanabe Miki) Arrangement: 高梨康治 (Takanishi Masaharu) Requested by @abra Translated by Lurkette @ hallyuplus.net Original Lyrics/Romanization 愛しのNAMBAは グランド花月 居酒屋「たこしげ」 二見の豚まん 兄ちゃんも歩け!歩け! 戎橋 ぶらり ぶらり 自由軒 あれは グリコの看板 りくろーおじさんはそこ...
  2. abra

    Watch the most popular AKB, NMB & STU virtual handshakes

    Inspired by a tweet, I decided to list the most popular (liked/RT'd/commented) videos from AKB48's, NMB48's and STU48's recent handshake videos. The videos are meant for fans who aren't able to meet the idols now that Japan is in a state of emergency, and can help you get a feeling of what it's...
  3. abra

    CF NMB48 (Miru, Nagisa, Aayan) for Joshin

    Individual cfs Group
  4. abra

    Why does the sun set?

  5. kimsguardian

    PV NMB48 / datte datte datte

  6. abra

    BREAKING NEWS NMB48 reveal details + covers of their next single "Datte datte datte"

    NMB48 just released the details of their 23rd single "Datte datte datte", which will be released on the 23rd of May. The single will include solo songs for members Shiroma Miru and Murase Sae. Miru's solo "Ikeinai koto" will be in every version of the single, while Sae's "Imifu" is her first...
  7. abra

    PERF-J NMB48 next gen ace performance "LAPIS ARCH"

    LAPIS ARCH is a new 3-member subgroup of NMB48 made out of Yamamoto Ayaka (17), Jonishi Rei (18) and Umeyama Cocona (16). Ayaka and Cocona are expected to become the next aces/centers of NMB48 after Shiroma Miru and Rei has been gaining popularity lately.
  8. abra

    COVER-J Who covered it better?

    Milky's Yasashiku Suru Yori Kiss wo Shite Ota Yuuri Shibuya Nagisa Yahagi Moeka Kojima Haruna Personally, Nagisa's is my favourite
  9. Riri

    NMB48 opens 7th Generation recruitment and 17 research students get promoted

    NMB48 Official tweeted that 17 research students have been promoted to regular group members in addition to opening recruitment for the group's 7th Generation. Congrats to the girls!
  10. Riri

    Best Hits Kayousai 2019 announces line-up: all 46G sister groups to be present plus many more

    Held on November 13th from 7pm JST. Don't miss it! Bids are open for which song Keyaki will enlighten us with :jinjudge:
  11. bobo

    PV Ota Yuuri's NMB48 graduation songs

    I think they haven't been posted yet :feelsblankie:
  12. niyin


    NMB48 team B II setlist M1 Tokonoma Seiza Musume M2 Hotei Sokudo to Yuuetsukan M3 Seishun no RAPPUTAIMU M4 Bokou e Kaere! M5 Nagiichi M6 Bokura no Eureka M7 Durian Shounen M8 Warota People
  13. mocha

    48G badge voting thread! ~ ♡ ON HOLD!

    Welcome to the official 48G badge voting thread! RULES - No fantaken images - To protect the content creators rights as well as ourselves fantaken images are not allowed to be used as badges. - Use HQ pictures - For quality purposes, the higher quality the better an image will look as a...
  14. abra

    PV NMB48 - Bokou e kaere!

  15. abra

    A story in 5 pictures

  16. abra

    BREAKING NEWS NMB48 reveal line up + details for 21st single, Shiroma Miru centers

    At today's hand shake event, NMB48 announced details regarding the groups next single (21st overall). The single will be released on the 14th of August and the title song will be centered by Shiroma Miru. The full line-up is as follows: Shiroma Miru (center) :ohmygod: , Ota Yuuri, Yoshida...
  17. ejjuri

    NMB48 "Mirurun" Shiroma Miru (白間美瑠) Official Thread ♡

    -- To be updated --