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    CF NMB48 for Joshin

    Members: Umeyama Cocona, Shibuya Nagisa, Kojima Karin
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    NMB48 announce love simulation game: mobile dating sim with the members

    NMB48's management agency Yoshimoto Kogyo just announced the groups first ever love simulation game. "NMB48 Koitako" is a mobile game in which the player can choose between a selection of members to date and it has some sort of food or restaurant theme. The current line up seems to be 16 members...
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    CF NMB48 advertise Joshin's summer sale

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    PERF-J Kyunmart (NMB48) - Erabareshi Monotachi [Dance Practice]

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    PV NMB48 - Shidare Yanagi (Shiroma Miru graduation single)

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    CONCEPT NMB48 as tarot cards

    NMB48 will be releasing their new single Shidare Yanagi soon! Member Ishizuka Akari started a series comparing her group mates to tarot cards to help you get to know them. Here are the first 4 tarots, translated by me and google translate and some context. The original tweets are linked...
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    PV Kyunmart (NMB48) - Aoi Lemon no Kisetsu

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    BREAKING NEWS NMB48 reveal details for Shiroma Miru's graduation single Shidare Yanagi (Weeping Willow)

    NMB48 just released the album details for their upcoming 25th single Shidare Yanagi! The single will be Shiroma Miru's last single and center as a member of NMB48 and the physical release comes in four different versions. The single additionally features for b-sides, including a Shiroma Miru...
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    °•°◇♡ Idol of the month: March 2021 ♡◇•°•

    Hallyuplus' Idol Of The Month sponsored by Fish Market for March is ... YAMAMOTO AYAKA (aka Aayan) Ayaka is an 18-year old former member of NMB48, graduating from the group last month to pursue a career as a nurse. Ayaka was the winner in a hard-fought contest for idol of the month...
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    APPRECIATION Sexy, stunning, cute: NMB48 walk the runway at Kansai Collection

    NMB48 was represented at the Kansai Collection fashion show by a trio of their most popular members. First up is the one and only Shiroma Miru I couldn't find more good press photos so here's a backstage shot Debuting on the runway was the "face genius" NMB member who's created a buzz for...
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    BREAKING NEWS Shiroma Miru to graduate from NMB48

    She'll hold her graduation concert some time in the early summer
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    BREAKING NEWS NMB48's Yamamoto Ayaka announces graduation, aims to become a nurse

    Today NMB48 ace Yamamoto "Aayan" Ayaka (18) announced her intentions to graduate from the group to focus on her dream of becoming a nurse. The announcement was made at the end of her solo concert at the NMB theatre, but a date for her graduation has not been decided yet. She explained that the...
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    Learn the UN's sustainable development goals with NMB48!

    Is JPN48 going sustainable? The signs started coming and they don't stop coming... The latest entry in this unexpected and ironic series of events is NMB48 performing promoting the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals during their Koi Nanka No Thank You performance on CDTV. The members...
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    SENSITIVE CONTENT NMB48's Yokono Sumire to release first photobook

    Today NMB48's Yokono Sumire announced her first ever photobook! The photobook, "Anata no Yokono" will be released on the 16th of December. Four teaser photos have been released so far:
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    Shiroma Miru talks about loving women, dating women and what women she wants to touch

    Fukada Kyoko: Sumire: Source: https://www.fanthology.me/entry/shiroma-miru
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    PERF-J NMB48 - Sotsugyou Ryoko & Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo @ Yoshida Akari graduation concert

    Zetsumetsu: Sotsugyou Ryoko:
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    APPRECIATION Old members return for NMB48's 10th anniversary concert!

    NMB48 held the first concert in their 10th anniversary celebrations today, and they were joined by a bunch of familiar faces. These included first-gen members like former centers Sayanee, Milky and Yamada Nana as well as Jonishi Kei, Kawakami Rena, Kinoshita Momoka and more. Milky came back...
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    PV NMB48 Teppoutai - Kokohaku no Kuuhou

    Members: Uno Mizuki, Yoshino Sumire, Yamamoto Mikana, Kawakami Chihiro, Shiotsuki Keito, Abe Wakana, Namba Hinata
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    Jonishi Rei announces first photobook!

    NMB48 member and rising gravure star Jonishi Rei just announced her first photobook, to be released on the 25th of November! The photobook, which has been a long-held dream of Rei's, was filmed in various locations around Japan including her home town in Shiga prefecture.
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    BREAKING NEWS Murase Sae will graduate from NMB48

    Murase Sae has announced her graduation from NMB48 after 9 years in the group. She will continue in the entertainment industry and focus on her fashion career. She hasn't decided on a graduation schedule yet
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